Weird Designs Of Furniture And Home Decore

by Tashia J. Hansen

We have a huge collection of the weirdest pieces of furniture. Let’s take a look at these weird designs…

#1 A 2, 4 Meter (7,8 Feet) Carved Giraffe

#2 Rocking Chair

#3 This Giant Sea Slug Plush, He Hasn’t Arrived Yet But I Got Him Instead Of A Beanbag He’s 120 Cm All Round 😂

#4 My Beautiful “Not-Destroyed” Book Bench I Made From Left Over And Recycle Bits And Pieces Of Other Projects.

#5 Wooden Bud. It’s Really Heavy.

#6 The Doom + Streaming Service, Circa 1885.

#7 “Ugly” Bust My Daughter Made.

#8 This Statue I Found On The Street, That Scares My Cat.

#9 Kitchen Island Counter Top From An Old Door With Trim On The Outside Edges. Photo Pre-Install.

#10 This Weird Bookworm Gnome My Family Has.

#11 This Majestic Carving Of A graceful Leopard, What I Bought In Namibia.

#12 Not Weird, Just Love This Painting. Found It At A Flea Market In Ca.

#13 look At The Ceiling, Yep It’s A Real Propeller…

#14 Found This Gem At IKEA And Decided To Buy It Because Why Not?


#15 This Take On The Scream Called The Meep 😄

#16 One Of My Mums Weirdest Works…

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