16 people who surprised everyone with their extreme weight loss transformation!

by Helen C. Forrester

Have you ever looked at someone and thought they needed to lose the excess weight? If yes, then let me tell you that it isn’t as easy as it might seem to some people. It is harder than one can ever imagine. That’s why we love to bring you the stories of real men and women who have worked hard to shed those pounds and get into the right shape. The main purpose of this article is to motivate all those who have been struggling with being overweight and need that extra motivation to start their journey towards fitness. 

No matter the approach, their extreme weight loss transformation results are proof that feeling the best is always worth the effort we put in. 

From lifting weights to eating the right nutrients, there are plenty of ways to shed that extra weight. The amount of effort and persistence these people had to go through for the sake of becoming a better version of themselves is truly inspiring. In this list, you’ll find people who opted for keto, worked out twice a day, but and gave up everything to develop that healthier lifestyle. 

Here are 20 people who truly deserve all the appreciation for their effort: 

Took her 8 years: 

This woman revealed that almost 8 years ago, she couldn’t even get out of bed properly. Now she is proudly running 8.7 miles in 1.5 hours at a marathon. 

90 pounds Down: 

Not only did this handsome man shed a significant amount of weight, but he also transformed his entire appearance. From being soft and bloated to defined and muscly in just a couple of years is extremely inspiring. 

3 years in the making: 

It nearly took this man 3 years to overcome his weaknesses, but she finally achieved his ultimate goal. The guy stated that he is “half the man he used to be”. 

Losing the Love handles:

From being loose and puffy to svelte, this girl is the proof of what losing those extra 100 pounds can do for a person’s physical appearance and mental health. 

She lost 90 pounds: 

Just look at that slim and slender figure she got now! The woman told that it took wild determination to reach this stage. 

She lost 104 pounds: 

It’s so incredible to see how much difference losing weight can actually make. She looks like a completely new person! 

Down 222 pounds: 

This man looks extremely handsome after losing the extra pounds. Even his head looks not so round anymore, don’t you think? Quite the transformation we must say! 

Down 250 pounds: 

Just imagine the struggle behind losing this much weight for so many consecutive years. Her initial weight used to be 526lbs, but after she lost so much weight, she looks extremely happy and healthy. 

A whole new man! 

It is so stunning to see what a difference of 4 years has made on this man. Same shirt, same guy, but indeed, a whole new person. 

Incredible transformation: 

It takes people 3 to 4 years to lose over a hundred pounds, but this man has made the impossible, possible. He shed 125 pounds in less than 7 months! 

Down 170 pounds: 

We can certainly see from her smile how confident and beautiful she must be feeling after losing all that weight. She seems so proud of her massive achievement? 

Down 141 pounds: 

At first, we were having a hard time believing that this is the same girl! Although he says that it is very hard to stay committed and motivated all the time, she did it. 

Dropped almost 110 pounds: 

Not only did this beautiful woman lose 110 pounds, but she also did all that in just one year. Here are the before and after shots of her inspiring transformation! 

Down 107 pounds: 

Just take a look at how she has completely transformed herself into an entirely new person. This ever-so gorgeous woman told that her vacation this year felt a little different, and we can see why! 

86 pounds: 

Over but years but his girl decided to become a better version of herself. She says that she feels more confident and exceptional than she ever did. And by the way, we can’t help but notice the stunning hair transformation as well. I mean, how lovely is this ash-blonde shade on her!

So incredible! 

We all can see how happy she looks with her transformation. After all, she dropped from size 340 pounds to 199 pounds. She told the public that she is not stopping yet and is just a little far from reaching her ultimate goal. 

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