Artist Creates Very Detailed Scary Images And The More You Look, The More Frightening They Become

by heatfeed

Some images drawn or taken by the artist are mysterious. These pictures have some detective aspects.

Jeff Lee Johnson is a person who grew up a few miles away from the town by watching his mother who drew pictures. She drew the thoughts that came to her mind after reading the book. According to her, the picture explains the story in a better way rather than in words.

Years later, Jeff himself started painting and has drawn some scariest hidden scenes that made the picture more interesting. Because the one who is focusing and sees the picture with proper concentration and focus will find the scariest scenes that cannot be seen in the first look. 

Here are some pictures

1- Scary cafe craft

Here it is looking like a normal cafe. People having their food and chilling. A lady posing by holding her coffee with the skull image on it. It doesn’t feel scariest at first sight. Let’s move to another photo.

This is the zoom-in scene of the photo. Where a woman holding the hand of the little boy but focused on her hand. Isn’t it scary? Her hand is like the hand of an octopus.

It is another scary scene. It also looks like the hands of an octopus or some scary soul. The artist drew it with such great technique.

It is another scary scene from the picture. By focusing, we come to know that the lady isn’t cutting the pie rather she is reflecting a haunted character having a knife in hand with blood on it.

2- Beautiful deadly beach

The artist of this picture said, whenever he visits the place he absorbs all the beauty and positivity about the scene. Then he decided to draw these pictures with his own thoughts.

This picture shows the playful, crowdy beach where everyone is enjoying and having a relaxing time.

This cameraman is taking a picture of the lady with her child. But the scary thing is the cameraman is not a normal person as well as he is not capturing the normal child. Both have some abnormal features.

In this picture, he drew a boy drowning in the sea and not being noticed by the audience on the beach.

This girl is playing on the beach and while playing she got stuck by some wondrous creature. On the other hand, at the front of the picture is a man standing with a bloody towel on his shoulder. 

3- Executive hotel view

It is a scene of the busiest hotel where people come and go or they are sitting in the lobby.

It is the first scene that was noticed by the audience. The cat is caught by some creature and that cat groans at it.

Jeff said some people feel fear from these images while some have a detective sense they want to find that weird activity.

Is it really a hotel or just a trap for the people? The picture shows it is a trap. You can see the man is falling after opening the door.

Smoke isn’t creating a scary scene but the scenes at the back are more dreadful. The reflection of the hanging man and the stain of blood on the door behind creates fear among the observers.

4- Scary street in Pari

It is a lovely busy street full of vendors and people who are enjoying their leisure time.

With a little or more focused observation, we came to know about the scariest scenes. This picture is showing a dog with red eyes looking dreadful. A man holding a drinking bottle but wait! Look at the hands of the salesman. They are weird. 

Here a man is serving the drink with a disclaimer mentioned on it “ Toxic”. 

Here the mirror is showing the background view and shows the prevailing scary souls or creatures in the city. 

The artist added, my pictures make the people attentive and make them active to see the pictures with more interest and focused observation.