5 Tips for a Fast-Paced Career as an Android Developer

by heatfeed

Today, the demand for Android developers exceeds the supply. If you have been thinking about developing applications for smartphones, now is the time to realize your desire. There are different paths to Android programming: below you will see tips for Android Developer that will shorten any chosen path.

What Android Developers Do?

Android app developers are a type of IT professionals who create software for mobile devices. Everything you have ever opened on your smartphone or tablet screen is the result of their labor. Namely: games, apps, mobile versions of browsers, and more.

Many aspire to become app developers in 2023 and look for remote Android developer jobs. There are several reasons for this:

  • high value in the labor market;
  • a lot of opportunities for career growth;
  • the opportunity to get a full-time position or to work for yourself;
  • good salary;
  • many opportunities for remote work and relocation.

6 Tips for a Fast-Paced Career as an Android Developer

These are just the main benefits that a mobile developer gets most often. So, if you want  a quick development in this sphere, these tips will help you get started:

1. Focus on Multiple Devices

One of the features of Android, unlike other mobile platforms, is the variety of devices running on this operating system. For you, as a developer, this feature should be a decisive factor. While developing your app, take into account such things as different device speeds, different capabilities, screen sizes, etc.

2. Learn Android Studio

This is the development environment where you will spend all your working hours. The more efficiently you use it, the more efficient you will be. You don’t realize how much time you can save in a month if you use only the keyboard, no mouse! Start using keyboard shortcuts: there are shortcuts for almost everything. If you don’t have keyboard shortcuts for something, assign them.

3. Stick to General Guidelines

Google offers a set of guidelines that every developer should follow when creating apps. These guidelines depend on the style, templates, and layout of the app. Before you start developing your app, familiarize yourself with these guidelines.

4. Make It a Habit to Constantly Learn

Learn something new or interesting every week. It doesn’t have to be something big, important, or complicated. Just something new. Or make a list of what you don’t know and cross something off of it every week, or subscribe to some channels.

5. Make an Exemplary Application

You are often asked to show some of your code, if you have any, before the interview. Because a lot of questions will go away by themselves if you see it – the interview may not be necessary or it will be formal. A couple of apps on Github will always be good for you. So if you want to become an Android developer, start with an app, because practice is everything.

6. Assist Your Users

One of the keys to an app’s success is having satisfied users and good feedback. One way to achieve this is to provide users with fast and efficient support. Write a simple but detailed description of the app, accompanying it with pictures and screenshots, and create an FAQ section to cover frequently asked questions. Don’t forget to regularly read user reviews and answer questions related to the app.