Funny And Unique Cultural Differences Between The US And Canada

by Helen C. Forrester

The United States and Canada are always rivals to each other. People might think that these two countries are the same, but there are a lot of differences. The residents of both countries think that the other country is bad. In this article; we are going to throw light on cultural differences between people of two countries.

Canadians Take Graffiti As Insult

Canadians are not rude by nature, but they also show disrespect in some way. They use graffiti to dish out disrespect for someone. The person writing this graffiti must be so desperate, but it must be different if it was from a US citizen.

Canadians Possess More Manners

You are not Canadian if you have not apologized to anyone, they have some superior manners than US citizens. Americans assume their neighbors to be so friendly that they would never burst into rage and anger. On the contrary, Americans get angry and lash out at other people immediately.

Different Pronunciations

As England once ruled over Canada, they learned most of British English. They pronounced words differently than US citizens.

Canadians Love Moose

There is speculation that Canadians love moose, they do share a unique bond with such creatures.

Slangs On Different Levels

Every country has its distinct slang in its language. Like in America, people say things “y’all, howdy” and other words. Canadians have confusing slang that is hard to understand by non-Canadians.

Canadians Bans Hockey Sticks On Trips

In Canada, Hockey sticks are banned in public places and trips. The reason why they ban is that these sticks can be used for violence.

Western Shootout

An interesting thing about Canadians is that they would compete with each other, to see who has better manners. They don’t feel shy to have standoffs, even in the asylum and offices. Canadians can go to any extent to prove that they are more polite and kind.

Canadians Can Not Be Rude

When Canada comes into existence, Americans see them as they come from another world. As compared to Americans, they are more humble and have soft degrees the Both nations can learn manners from each other, but Americans lash out on pretty much everything.

Borders Are Somewhat Different Than Displayed On Internet

Canadians are polite in nature, they do ask their neighbor McDonald’s whether they are okay. But Americans don’t seem to like that a lot. They do have issues like Americans, like moose getting into the house.

When Canadians Turn Savage

In America, people file so many lawsuits that companies have to put labels on everything. This is Canada’s version of being savage, that if it was another country they had to mention that coffee is hot.

Tim Hortons, Canada’s Favourite Fast Food Brand

Americans have their fast food brands such as McDonald’s and Burger King etc. But Canadiansarehink Tim Hortons is better than all the brands the US can offer, Americans just know about Tim Hortons from memes.

Canada Would Choose to Attach to Greenland

It’s obvious that Canadians hate America, but what if they decide to attach their country to Greenland.

Canadians and Americans Have Different Accent

If you put people from both countries in a group and try to look for who belongs to which country. They might look the same in appearance, but you can spot the clear difference when Canadians start speaking.

Strange Concept of Heat Wave In Canada

Some US states experience harsh weather conditions, and piles of snow sometimes halt life. But it is different in Canada, they consider it summer when there are only a few inches of snow. We wonder what they will do when the Sun shines and melts the snow.

Distance Seems Different In Canada

Even though US citizens are used to traveling for long hours. It is nothing in comparison to Canada, where people from major cities live so far away that they have to go hundreds of miles to grab bread and eggs.

Canadian Money Has Different Colours

If you are a US citizen, you must have got confused because all the money looks the same. But in Canada, it is different as money is not colorless degrees.

Canadians Manage Winters Better

In the northern US states and Canadian region on the same side, it is a constant struggle for people to see whether they should take out Winter coats or just keep wearing shorts. Canadians are known to get out of this struggle more easily.

Canadians Kids Are Tough

Canadians are known to make their children strong. Can you imagine that you have to play as a kid outside even if it is -19 degrees outside, and you just get a few rest breaks? Things are quite the opposite for kids in America.

Canadians Are Lucky To Get  Amazing Postal Service

The US postal service received mixed reviews from people when they failed to deliver the mail. But it is not the case in Canada, people are so good that the postal service makes extra effort to deliver the mail to people.

Both US and Canadian Citizens Appreciate Hockey

Both nations find a common ground, that they love ice hockey. Canadians play hockey best, they even found a way in the NHL. The difference is that Canadians see the gameplay as a game and show sportsmanship, while Americans love to see physical fights.

Canadians Love To Apologize

If any nation can get an award for apologizing so much, Canada is the first in line to grab the award.

Tim Hortons is Some Mystical Land of Food In Canada

Americans love Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, Canadians can die to eat from Tim Hortons. Canadians take it as an insult if you tell them you don’t like Tim Hortons. They also hate anything other than Tim Hortons when they visit the United States.

Epitome Of Politeness

Canadians are so polite that they would do anything even if you just say ‘please’. They are so polite that they don’t indulge in a lot of questions like people ask in the States.

Canadians are As Patriotic As Americans

Americans think themselves of as superior patriots when it comes to their country. They print their flag on any other thing, but Canadians don’t do that. Canadians love their country and identity, they feel the pride to be born in Canada.

Canada’s version Of Tinder

In America, you might find odd profile pictures of men on dating apps like Tinder. Canada has their version, men have their profile picture in which they went fishing, posing by truck, or any picture with a celebrity.

Don’t Play With Maple Syrup

Both nations love maple syrup, but Canadians love it to a whole new level. They love this to the extent that Americans don’t have that approach towards maple syrup.

Different Measurement Systems In Both Countries

Like the whole world, America uses the metric system. But on the other hand, Canada uses different measurement systems. It gets confusing sometimes for the people who visit these countries.

Canadians Has A Unique Sense Of Humor

Canadians think that they have a more unique sense of humor than Americans. They say that Americans are still into dirty jokes, and crack them most often.

Canadians and Moose, a Bond

When Americans see their neighbors chilling with moose, they wonder how they can stay calm in the presence of such a big animal. Moose can go anywhere in Canada, whether it is a shopping mall or any playground.

Politeness Is Power In Canada

Politeness is a thing that stays with Canadian people throughout their lives. They can go an extra mile in showing love and politeness to their loved ones, which might be surprising as Americans don’t view politeness as such.

Canada does not Have An Interesting Attraction Site

Canada is a big country, but they don’t have exciting and interesting tourist sites to visit. They just have a clock tower which is recommended by Canadians to tourists, else there are not many tourist spots.

Canadians Extract Pure Maple Syrup

Americans think that maple syrup is made up of milk that comes from cows. But in Canada, they extract maple syrup from the woods. They have to rely on their neighbors to get pure maple syrup till they figure out the secret.

A Common Problem

One problem that both Americans and Canadians face is the never-ending road work. In many areas, roads are never completely fixed and you have to drive with the fear of getting caught in an accident.

A Whole Level Of Courtesy

Canadians think that Americans need to learn some manners, but Americans think they need to stop being overly nice.

Canada Is Too Polite To Indulge In War

It is highly unlikely that someone has heard the name of Canada in the wars because they don’t like to take steps towards war. On the contrary, Americans have a whole different level of initiating wars on many different nations.

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