I Love Nature And The Sea, So I Upcycle Old Surfboards And Create Art On Them

by heatfeed

Painting is itself meditation and an anti-stress process, but painting nature is the most relaxing thing anyone can do. Many artists and art therapists claim the same thing. 

In fact, painting “water” like waves and oceans is used in many mental health therapies. For example, many psychologists recommend using this when you are stressed.

It is more helpful if you are a nature lover, or you love to sit beside an ocean, like Claire Marie, the West Australian surfboard artist, who is a nature lover and loves to paint the sea and underwater creatures on some old surfboards. 

Claire Marie took some old surfboards that were almost unable to be used for their actual purpose and started creating art on them. She creates a custom piece of art on surfboards. That is entirely unique and different work from all other artists. 

Creating a masterpiece from memories on a surfboard canvas is much more than art. Painting the ocean and its creature is a defined manner by covering all tiny details of everything, needs deep inside connection and love for the waves.


Claire usually creates that artwork on a commission basis for clients. Every commissioned surfboard is not only made with some colors and brushes but also made with memories of a beautiful moment.

The artist is not just adding colors to a lifeless surfboard; she is saving some precious moments for a lifetime.



The details of her work show her affection for underwater sea life. For example, the way of showing sunbeams underwater is really admirable. 



Creating custom paintings on surfboards is more fun. It’s not only about artwork or painting beautiful scenery, but it also has someone’s life story. The moment’s people do not want to forget. 

Recreating the moment where life becomes still for a while or maybe the moment where someone left something important behind, or maybe someone found the meaning of his life. It could be anything that is attached to someone’s heart.







Standing at the shore of the sea, watching waves coming toward you. And then that waves reach you, the moment when you feel the sensation of the ocean is the most peaceful experience. 



Many people believe that ocean waves have healing power. They have the power to drown all the worries and tensions. And also have the power to make you realize the never-ending opportunities. 

Maybe it is one of the reasons why Claire Marie started painting the ocean. It is a sign of positivity, and people forget all their worries and stress when they are around the waves. 





The most loveable thing Claire Marie does with these boards is adding a small handwritten note on the back of all painted surfboards.

Which reveals the secret story behind the scenes.







Final thoughts:

Adding life to a lifeless surfboard or bringing back the lost moments, Claire Marie is at number 1. She is not only creating art; she is creating happiness. 

And one more benefit of this surfboard art is that it delivers the message of recycling or up-cycling all the things that have lost their worth. Making useless things beautiful is another type of saving the world.