Turns out the cast of “The Big Bang Theory” doesn’t match what you thought

by Emilia

During The Big Bang Theory’s 12 seasons, fans have known and loved the characters that have evolved before our eyes learned. While some of the actors had careers prior to the show, many of them became popular thanks to those roles. This group of nerds found love, got married, and started families, but have you ever wondered what they’re like in real life? To Mrs. Wolowitz. See how drastically these actors are different in real life from the characters they play on the show. We promise you will not be what you expected. 

Jim Parsons 

Sheldon Cooper has had a great IQ since childhood, but little to no social skills. He looked robotic and crazy at the beginning of the series, but his mother once had him tested. It became clear that he was a genius who found it difficult to get in touch with us “normal” people. As the series progresses, Sheldon learns to be more human and empathize with others. 

Jim Parsons in actual life 

 Jim Parsons got the role of Dr. Sheldon Cooper in 2007. Parsons became the highest-paid actor on television at the end of the series, making $ 900,000 per episode. 

John Galecki 

 When fans first met Leonard Hofstadter in the first season, the experimental physicist was known as Sheldon Cooper’s roommate and best friend. She endured the ridiculous terms of Sheldon’s “roommate agreement” but was easily annoyed by his eccentric personality. 

John Galecki in actual life 

 Behind Leonard Hofstadter stands the excellent John Galecki. Although his acting career began long before the show, he is best known for his role in The Big Bang Theory. Galecki received an Emmy and many other awards for her performance. 

 Most people don’t know that Galecki started out with a role in Roseanne in the ’90s and, like his co-star, made $ 900,000 per episode over the last three seasons of the show, making him one of the highest-paid actors. When Galecki did not film, he played in a duet band and welcomes his first child at the end of 2019. 

Kunal Nayyar 

 Although he is a beautiful man, the bright astrophysics with love was not happy if he introduced him in the show in the one season. From the first to the sixth season, Raj is plagued by social fear, and cannot speak when women are around him. Use your best friend Howard to communicate when a woman is present. 

Kunal Nayyar in actual life 

 Like his character, Kunal Nayyar grew in New Delhi, but the similarity ends there. In real life, Nayyar is soft and has a beautiful fashion designer woman, Neha Kapur Nayyar, who would certainly agree with the parents of his character. Hansard, Sheldon, and Leonard, the character Nayyar appeared in each episode of the series. 

 At the end of the show, Nayyar made a rich $ 750,000 per episode. Although he had an acting career prior to the show, the role of Raj made him a star. Originally, Nayyar had planned to study business administration at the University of Portland, but her passion for acting took over and paid off.

Simon Helberg  

 Howard Wolowitz could have graduated from MIT as an aerospace engineer and an astronaut, but Sheldon likes to point out that he is not a doctor like the rest of his friends. Despite being treated like a child by his bossy mother all his life, Howard proves to be a confident man. 

 Despite being considered creepy when it came to courting women, Howard finally calmed down when he met Bernadette. Over the course of twelve seasons, fans watched Howard grow up, become a husband and father, and live out his dream of space. it turned out to be her worst nightmare. 

Simon Helberg in actual life 

 Although many of us associate Simon Helberg with the old-fashioned style of his figure and tight pants, he’s a lot less silly in real life. Helberg’s career began after he landed the role in The Big Bang Theory, and one of his most recent projects was with Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant for the film Florence Foster Jenkins.

Kaley Cuoco 

 As an aspiring but mostly unsuccessful actress, Penny introduces herself in the first season as a new neighbor who moves from Leonard and Sheldon across the hall. She immediately piques Leonards’ interest, and the gang begins to spend more time at the Cheesecake Factory, where Penny is a waitress. 

 Nebraska-born girl tries to grow up in Hollywood but has to be a waitress to make ends meet. In a group of scientists, Penny is the stereotypical “stupid blonde” but asks all the questions so that she and the audience understand the progress. Theoretical physics. Fans watched her grow into a responsible adult and watched her and Leonard handle their complicated relationship.

Kaley Cuoco in actual life

Kaley Cuoco had already made a name for herself in Hollywood with her appearance in 8 Simple Rules before getting the role of Penny in 8 Simple Rules. Aside from Parsons and Galecki on The Big Bang Theory, she became one of the highest-paid actresses on television thanks to the show.

While Cuoco’s relationship with John Galecki didn’t work out like her character’s, Cuoco stated they stayed on good terms. Cuoco is a tennis and horse enthusiast in addition to her acting career. It was actually at a horse show that she met her husband Karl Cook.