Top 4 Cheap Dream Destinations

by heatfeed

Traveling is not a part of amusement for many people. It is rather a way of life, a need to endure the everyday chores of life. Yet, the budget is the most important thing when deciding on the next holiday destination.

Everything depends on it–whether foreign or regional, in particular. International travel has its share of suspense, fun and, above all, a lot of fantasy. One is that it is incredibly expensive to travel abroad. 

Let’s make you free from all kinds of delusions by simply presenting the list of the cheapest travel destination around the world. 

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As far as the famous Beaches are concerned, the farther you go, the better it gets. Go all the way to the Chiang Mai city of Northern Thailand, and you will be flying the top within your budget. There is also good value of lodging, whether you are searching for a backpack dorm bed (for $5), or a spacious hotel with a swimming pool (for $30) in the middle of the rice fields.

You will also come across the famous Buddhist temples and hill tribes. It isn’t shocking that Chiang Mai is still the regional destination for digital nomads and ex-pats chasing super-low living costs in tandem with a high quality of life.


Pakistan had once been deemed as one of the most violent countries in the world.  But with the passing years, it has become a popular tourist destination in the world. Pakistan has long been drawn by visitors to the country with its impressive natural beauty, cultural riches, and unmatched hospitality.

But Pakistan’s massive tourism potential–from the highest mountains in the world to impressive archeological ruins from the 10th century–has been overshadowed by security concerns and regional instability. After Prince William and Kate Middleton’s visit, the country has been highly publicized. It is indeed investing huge for the growing tourism in recent years.


Guatemala isn’t only significantly cheaper (by at least half the price of Costa Rica), but if you ask me, there is a surprise element that really can’t match any other nation in Central America. The Mayan temples of Tikal, especially at sunrise, are concealed in its north jungles.

The highland lake of Atitlan, in the south, surrounded by volcanoes and small villages, is just as beautiful where the pace of life is sluggish. And do not forget Semuc Champey, a great place for discovering candlelight river caves and floating across the jungle’s cascading lakes. And the best part of the lace is that a number of tourists in Guatemala pay less than $25 a day.


Vietnam remains an extremely beautiful and hand-down food destination in Southeastern Asia (pipe picked, Thailand). If you are able, you can get by for £ 10 per day with friends, lodging, transportation, and a few beverages–a pint from the most famous brewery in Vietnam, Bia Hoi, costs only 20p. But you can manage to swank things up a bit at around £ 20 for a good double space and air-condition. A double of £ 17 a night costs at Hanoi Serenity Hotel 2, fill up tasty salty broth and rice noodles on the street for £ 1-2 before you visit the sights.


Delhi is a glorious place to begin your Indian adventure from the exciting old quarter bases to the thriving New Delhi skyscrapers–to say nothing more than penny-filled eats. It is used by other tourists for the Golden Triangle, which comprises of the three most visited cities of northwestern India.

The other two are Agra, the origin of the famous Taj Mahal marble, and Jaipur, the city of Rajasthan, known for its vibrant bazaars and the Fort Mehrangarh. Organized tours are available, but hiring a guide’s car is cheaper and much more enjoyable. Of searching, clean and comfortable hotels for peanuts are available (about £ 6 a night)