Three Couples That Didn’t Let Corona Virus

by heatfeed

The pandemic of a novel coronavirus, which has spread all over the world, has stopped the routine life of the people. In this lockdown period, there have been many important works and scheduled gatherings that have been canceled due to nationwide lockdown. Some of us who have reached our family and the loved ones, while there are people who could not reach their homes to their loved ones and were grounded wherever they were facing the pandemic, here are some of the stories of the nationwide lockdown effect:

Marriage With Masks:

Lockdown and social distancing have reduced the flair of gatherings in Indian marriages. In the middle of this marriage of two couples took place in Mohali, where there were less than ten people, including the two couples. It was also reported that the two couples and the close relatives wore masks at the marriage ceremony.

Marriage With Masks

Scamming Couple: 

An Indian-origin couple based in Toronto was accused of running a telephonic scam in which the black hats acted as tax officials and baffled people with around 90.68 crores. Gurinderpreet Dhaliwal, 37, and his wife Inderpreet Dhaliwal, 36, were arrested with the accusations of fraud and money laundering. An arrest warrant was also issued against their partner.

couple arrested over scam duping canadians worth millions

Birth Of Corona And COVID

As the pandemic has brought the world to disaster. This could not dissuade a couple in Raipur to name their twins as ‘Corona’ and ‘COVID.’ Preeti Verma, the 27-year-old mother, said, “Due to nationwide lockdown I and my husband had to face challenges in the delivery of the children. Though the virus has been proved dangerous, the two kids were the triumph of our hardships, so I named them Corona and COVID.”

twins corona and covid

Where the world is going through the pandemic, people are fighting together, but on the other hand, there are some scamming couples while somewhere there is social distancing at social events too. I have gathered these colorful stories, which shows versatility.