8 Celebrities That Donned The Most Extreme And Over-The-Top Halloween Costumes

by heatfeed

On Halloween, holidays are parties are on. All the celebs participate in these parties. This article will discuss some celebs looks at Halloween Parties.

The Rock as Popeye:

The rock famous actor of Hollywood got the cartoon character of Popeye at a Halloween costume party in 2015. As we all know Popeye eats spinach and becomes powerful. His muscles become strong. The Rock was perfect for his getup like Popeye. The Rock shares his photo on Instagram with the caption, “Never buy a costume that says ‘One Size Fits Most.'”

His dress was a little short for him but he managed so well for the evening. His expressions make the picture incredible.

Harrison Ford the King of Halloween:

Harrison Ford is a well-known celeb that is very famous for the Halloween party. He told that his favorite holidays are Halloween holidays. He and his wife always costume themself as Halloweens. He always dresses up like a famous movie character. His most famous act was Nun and the 80’s rock star. He is not only the actor but also known as the king of Halloweens.

Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock duet:

Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock are famous for the combine getup they played sea fisherman get up in 2018 and become very famous in Halloweens. Their duo was solid and it was very funny and cute. They wear yellow raincoats and matching hats. They also wear thick beards.  It was fun to see them.

Beyonce dressed up like Barbie:

Beyonce has a perfect figure like Barbie and she is the Barbie girl in the Barbie work. She dressed up like Barbie at the 2018 Halloween party. She gets dressed as the vintage Barbie 1959. She wore a bathing suit in black and white. She wore cat eyes sunglasses.  It was designed by Jay Z limited edition. 

Steph Curry Frightens People As Jigsaw:

Curry is famous for a different look for Halloween 2017. Curry was seen as Jigsaw gets up from the Saw movies, and he got a special surprise when he got on the court. The actor who played the jigsaw character took a picture with him who met him in the court. 

Katy Perry Kills Again As A Mic Drop:

 Can you imagine any human become a mic? Only Katy Perry can do it. He nailed it in Halloween party 2015 when she dressed up like a dropped mic. She is a trendsetter. She always competes herself. She never disappoints her fans. 

Halle Berry became a Skeleton:

At Halloween parties, Halle Berry and her son’s costumes always rocked. They wore matching skeleton costumes for Halloween 2016. Berry added some fierce skeleton makeup to glam up her outfit. They become everyone’s attraction in duo looked bone-chilling for the party they attended. 

Shakira as Magician:

Shakira a well-known singer and dancer entertain people like a magician at Halloween Party. She was looking so simple and seems like a last-minute effort but at least she tried. To become adorable she lifts a real bunny. In my opinion, looks matters. She was looking stunning at that’s matter.