The Fact That Ryan Reynolds Once Wore An ‘A-Hole’

by heatfeed

In 2010 the best and legendary Tv show Sesame Street published its 4225th episode with a very cool guest. He is the  Deadpool star, the maker of moonshine and an uneasy social media platform star and his name is Ryan Reynolds.

On January 25, Ryan got Twitter to reply to a fan. “Watching a little @sesamestreet with the kiddo, and its an episode with @VancityReynolds and the gang doing an A-Team gag. Its a delight, for both me and the kiddo,”

The Deadpool star is notorious for jokes and puns on social media, and this time he’s here with another viral tweet

One fan tweeted about watching a Sesame Street episode from 2010 with Reynolds guest-starring in it

Turns out, Ryan played a letter A in Sesame Street and he hadn’t forgotten about it

Ryan couldn’t miss a chance to share his fond memories of singing in that costume in this viral post

And eyes speak louder than words

Many people joined the thread to comment on Ryan’s rather dirty joke