26 Tattoo Owners Who Posted Pic of New Tattoo Tith a Mistake

by heatfeed

People do weird things to be cool and fashionable. They follow different trends and fashion. 

A tattoo is one of the crazy and funky fashion trends that is followed by many people, especially teenagers.

Many of you may be thinking to get your tattoo – but before that 

Let’s have a look at how major tattoo design fails.

Let’s start

1- Spell hack

There is a spelling mistake in the writing. But after a great struggle, someone has to agree on it. 

2- An unfortunate body tattooing 

The tiger’s tattoo got roasted. A tattoo on the body is the trending fashion but gets ruined in this way prohibited a person to stop tattooing.

3- Oh the Japanese Tattoo!

4- Famous the Mario

5- System Sucks or Tattoo does?

Again like most tattoos, it’s a spelling mistake. In this tattoo, the word system becomes the system. And it is such a blunder that is omitted by the artist.

6- Money Heist or body heist?

The expected photo gets ruined by the artist. But nothing to do with it after a great struggle.

7- Body mess

It feels like a mess on the body. Artists spoiled the body by showing dog tits on it. 

8- He must need “patient”

This type of mistake requires a lot of patience. After hard hours the tattoo got wrong by the addition of single ‘s’. 

9- A perfect lady structure fail

Ruined the lady’s structure. The artist has a lack of creativity. It ruins the face as well as the direction of her legs.

10- A hilarious Flowery skeleton

This beautiful flowery skeleton turns into a hilarious sculpture. Which has a lack of artistry work.

11- One arm show

This man has gotten this tattoo on only one arm and this is one of the best things he has done in his entire life. It shows how better the artist is in his work.

12- spoiled hulk spoiled body

This tattoo is made by two artists. One of the artists has left it incomplete and the other one spoiled the hulk.

13- Fox on the body

Is it a fox or some other animal? Or  a tattoo artist wants to create another creature. The tattoo got mixed.

14- What’s wrong with the quotation?

Grammarly’s incorrect sentences destroy the structure of the sentence.

15- misspelled tattoo

The tattoo is showing a keychain with the tagline “ I refuse to Sink” but the spelling mistake makes it useless to read.

16- Mis-matched tattoos

These matched tattoos are mismatched. Artists can show some creativity but it can be made in a better way than this.

17-  poor dolphin

The artist is his brother-in-law. He designed that tattoo for him and he posted it happily but the reaction of the audience was quite the opposite.

18- formatting error

The quotation on the arm show’s the wrong formatting. So avoid writing these tattoos without proper interpretation.

19- scenic tattoo

The picture on the left is artistic. But the picture on the right wipes out the charm and is drawn by a non creative person.

20- Funky face

It’s a confusing artistry work. Either it’s a face or some mysterious work. The funky face is possibly unrecognized.

21- comment list

This is the list of some honest comments about the cruelty of tattoos.

22- smallest but awful

This man is proud of his tattoo. But sometimes artists create much better than this.

23- artistry work acknowledged

The word ‘omina’ is misspelled by the roommate. But overall it is looking pretty good.

24- Artistic work

Choose the tattoo artist who has better knowledge about the words and spellings. As it changes the meaning of the art.

25- weird tattoo

This is a complex one. The one who got this is proud to have it but the comments are quite the opposite. People are not agreeing with his statement.

26- Grammarly missing tattoo

This tattoo also has grammar mistakes like other tattoos. So, choose your tattoo artist wisely and carefully.