15+ Funny And Surprising TV Mistakes You Never Noticed

by Tashia J. Hansen

Nothing is perfect, even the most perfect-looking thing isn’t perfect at all. It is just our eyes that are sometimes denied to see flaws and mistakes because we love those things. 

Similarly, many of our favorite TV shows have many mistakes that remain unnoticed because we are busy watching our favorite characters that we didn’t notice anything else in the scene.

In this article, some funny and weird mistakes of most-watched TV shows are caught and explained. Let’s dive into this article to enjoy your favorite shows a bit more.

1. Game of Thrones 

Game of Thrones is so famous that it needs no introduction. This series is loved by many, and also included in most-watched Netflix shows. 

Although it is a perfect story and has everything that seems perfect, what is a modern style coffee cup doing on the table if this story belongs to many years back?

A Starbucks cup is found in a scene on the table in front of  Daenerys Targaryen. Strange, an old fantasy tale of the time of dragons and eagle-eyes, has a modern-style coffee cup.


2. Big Bang Theory

The funniest thing in Big bang theory, that Penny forgot her dad’s name. How could someone forget his dad’s name in any situation as Penny did?

In the starting episodes, she mentioned that Bob is the name of her dad. But later when her dad came onto the screen, he introduced himself as Wyatt.

Does her mother marry someone else? Or she actually forgot the name of his dad? This is still unclear. 

3. Friends

In the most loved series of all “Friends’ ‘, Rachels’s magic necklace was actually found magical when it disappears and reappears by itself in a scene at a restaurant. She was wearing a white V-neck line, which might be prominent in the disappearing and reappearing. 

It may be an intentional act to show the time travel ability of that magical necklace.

4. Game of Thrones

Another magical necklace is here to show magic, but this time the necklace belongs to Melisandre in the game of thrones.  

According to Meliseandre, that magical necklace has the power to show her younger than her actual age. But later when she was taking a bath without a necklace she was still looking young and gorgeous as she didn’t need a magical necklace anymore.

5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

There is a characteristic of vampires that is shown at the start of the series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, that vampires can not breathe because they are not alive. But again, that vampire is tortured by being kept underwater to stop his breath.

The funniest thing is that they can not breathe but can blow smoke- how is it possible?

6. Sons of Anarchy 

In the show “Son of Anarchy” when Opie was trying to break a car’s lock that was already open it was looking really weird. 

7. Game of Thrones

Again, The game of thrones, during an important scene in the finale, where the Great Council discusses the fate of Iron Theron. Exactly when an unexpected thing caught on camera, a modern-day water bottle, trying to hide behind Samwell’s shoe.   



8. Pretty Little Liars

Have you ever seen an upside-down mobile phone? Even the biggest cell-making company may also get confused about who launched this phone and when?

Aria, where have you got this phone? Also want to buy one. In Pretty Little Liars, Aria used to pick a phone and use it upside down mistakenly. 

But later the actress troll herself on Instagram to let her fans know, she posted this “Aria, girl your phone be upside down in last night’s episode”.

9. The X-Files

The most famous series of the time, “The X-Files” also has something strange caught on screen. Agent X Mulder was wearing a wedding ring. But he was not married in the series. 

Later he revealed that the ring belongs to his real-life marriage. And he does not want to remove that ring.

10. Firefly

In firefly, the first episode of the cult show when spacecraft serenity successfully escapes from an enemy ship, Wash was grabbing a steering wheel that did not actually exist anymore.   

11. The Good Place

Crew members are so helpful, that sometimes they get caught on camera. Like a nice crew member who was helping Janet, giving some documents in her hand when she needed them most but forgot to collect them from her table.  

She needs to give some documents to Eleanore and Michael when they are leaving. But she forgot to pick them. Then a nice crew member comes like a hero and hands some stack of paper to Janet. 

12. Jane the Virgin

What a miraculous recovery it was when Petra came to see her mom Magda in an episode of last season. She was wearing a breathing mask and suddenly that mask disappeared. 

That was really a blessing on Petra, that her mom recovered only in a minute.

13. Gossip Girl

The funniest combo found on screen for the first time, a long body-hugging dress with a sweatpant. In Gossip Girl’s season 6, Blake is having lunch in a restaurant wearing a coral dress. She was looking so gorgeous.

But suddenly black sweatpants appear like a disaster under that coral dress. Super scene spoiling moment yet so funny. 

14. Supernatural

Many of us always wonder how the movie characters remember their movie name instead of real? 

It is a difficult thing to remember all the time. You have to train your mind to remember your friend’s character name. In the supernatural series, Sam and Dean were investigating a crime and poor Dean forgets his friend Sam’s name. And he called Jared instead of Sam.

The real name of Sam is Jared.  

15. Family Matters

In the first season of family matters, Judy Winslow was one of the main characters but in season 4, when she was 14, she suddenly disappeared. In the episode “Mama’s Wedding”.   

Poor Judy, no one even remembers her after that episode like she never existed. 

16. The Sopranos

In an action scene of The Sopranos, Tony Soprano tried to kill Ralph in his kitchen and he accidentally burnt his hand with a stove in real life. 

But he continues the scenes with the same rhythm. James being a really good actor didn’t disturb the continuity of the scene despite all the pain.

The director decides to leave the burn into the scene because of his good acting.

17. Orange Is the New Black

In the 5th season of Orange Is the New Black, when Flaca and Maritza were filming a beauty tutorial blog.  

Maritazs says that she uses spices instead of ordinary makeup to contour her face because ordinary makeup is not available in the prison.

She mentioned three species named cinnamon, cumin, and sazón goya. But she mistakenly pointed out a sazón adobe, a completely different spice. 

Netflix recreated that scene but this time with the correct spices.

18. Friends

In Friend’s first season they stated that Monica and Rachel lived in apartment no 5, and Joey and Chandler lived in apartment no 4. 

But later on, they thought that no. 4 and 5 are not fitting in the requirements of the description. That apartment should be on the top floor of the building so they changed the room number.

19. The Tudors

In The Tudors, season 2 Mark was playing the violin. That wasn’t even seen in the 16th century in England.

That style of violin did not exist at the time they were showing Mark playing this.

In addition, his finger placement was also wrong.


20. Battlestar Galactica

In the episode Flight of the Phoenix in Battlestar Galactica, during the shooting of a scene where Tyrol and Helo were pretending to be alone, they were not alone at all.

A visible appearance of camera operators found on the screen in the right corner can be seen easily.

21. The Simpsons

When we talk about the most-watched TV show, how can we forget The Simpsons? 

Yes, we have found a mistake in Simpsons too.

The pregnant Marge tells Homer about a new baby, (Maggie). And you will be surprised to see that Maggie’s photo was hanging on the wall behind the Marge. 

And Marge is pregnant with Maggie. Is it magic or something else?

22. The Walking Dead

The walking dead survivors learn gradually that they are also infected. And they can not run from an airborne virus.

They will also become walkers when they die. 

But later, the story turns to another side, in season 8 where the Savior coats their weapon in zombie-guts, in order to infect enemies. 

Who was already infected?

Final Words:

As mentioned above nothing is perfect. No matter how hard someone tries. There are always a few little things that get neglected.

A mistake in your favorite series never means to show your negligence, it is just to entertain you more with your favorite TV shows.

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