Summer Turns Out To Be Nightmare For These People

by heatfeed

If you are not happy with summers, you might have missed going to beaches. But do you know who has the worst summer? Some people had a bad sunburn. In this article; we are going to show some photos that prove that summers can be so unlucky for some people.

1.Never Fall Asleep With A Bowl

This photo shows why it is so necessary to wear sunscreen when you are sitting outside. The girl must have been in so much pain and itching, the body gets so rigid and painful after getting sunburn.

2.Spray Tan Turns Bad

She must have applied tan on her face to have a glow, but it turns out the opposite. In the car, she must have cried and tears can be seen rolling down on the cheeks with the tan. If you are getting sobby, don’t get a spray tan.

3.Happy Tan

She must have forgotten to apply sunscreen on her face before heading out for Color Run. After getting her ankle twisted, she saw that the happy sticker left a tan on her forehead. That’s why it is essential to wear sunscreen on the whole face.

4.Floating Car

They must be checking whether their car can float or not. The sand can not hold the weight of the car for much longer. We are wondering why they are standing calmly and not trying to get help.

5.Strange Dynamics, Photo Seems Weird

Someone decides to capture the photo of a girl relaxing in the pool, the image does not look cool. She looks like mud thrown in a pool due to the refraction mechanism underwater.

6.Car Gets Ruined By Moments Apart

What can be worse after getting a morning coffee? Well, this person takes the coffee from Dunkin Donuts. Moments later, it spilled on the car seat and ruined everything.

7.Painful & Itchy

This photo looks painful even by looking. It looks like the person got caught by bugs and they ruined his back. He must be in so much pain and itchiness.  Anti-itch spray can be helpful for some time in such cases.

8.Seagull’s Toilet

His friends buried this man with his face out and spread chips to attract seagulls. The birds attracted by snacks decided to use his face as a toilet, he must be regretting the moment he came to the beach.

9.The Eater Of Sand

We can’t figure out what this girl actually wanted to do. Her fall was captured by someone and it seems like she is going to eat the sand. The stunt must have not gone as expected for her.

  1. Aftermath Of Being A Beekeeper

The poor boy started the job as a beekeeper, and got stung by the bees on his lip. He posted the picture online and people started to make fun of him. It looks like he got some lip fillers, but it is actually the bee sting.

  1. Drowning Cell Phone

He was enjoying his day on the beach when a big wave flooded the shore. In an attempt to save himself, he runs away. But on the run, his cell phone falls from the pockets and is swept away by the waves. Lesson Learned, do not run with the cell phone in your pocket.

  1. Matching Tan Lines With Pet

This man matched his feet with his dog, he tanned his legs but wore shoes. The tan on his legs looks like the same print as the dog has. Generally, it does not seem like a good idea. He will be walking on the beach with the same print throughout the summer.

  1. No Parking On Beach

They bring their Mercedes SUV to the beach thinking that no one is around. But as the sand can not hold the weight much longer, the car starts to sink. The reason why there are parking lots designed for this purpose.

  1. Wrong Dive

This boy was high-diving and as he left the board, he must have known something was wrong. His friend is watching him, he would strike the water on his stomach. He must have felt embarrassed as everyone was looking at him.

  1. Seagull Stealing The Lunch

The boy was about to eat the sandwich when a seagull came and took his sandwich away. His face is the depiction of pure embarrassment in the end.

  1. Jonah Hill Must Have Felt Bad

Everyone rushes to work everyday, celebrities have a difficult time handling things too. The picture shows the coffee of Jonah Hill falling to the ground. The rest of the day must have gone worse for him without the coffee.

  1. Not A Good Combination

Jeans are the most comfortable in the summers, but sometimes they don’t go well with picnics, etc. White jeans can get stains when you sit on the grass for a long duration.

This stain is hard to go away and these jeans are probably a waste now.

  1. Instagram Vs Reality

In 2010, hair flipping out of water pictures were famous on social media. This girl also tries to recreate the look but turns out to be a mess. Even so, the model looks relaxed in the picture. It is not possible for everyone to stay relaxed while flipping hair back.

  1. When Your Face Got Stinged By Bees

This beekeeper’s day got worse when she was stung by the bees. Her half of the face got swelled up and the swelling must have been painful for her. She must have had a lot of pain, people were surprised to see the amount of swelling.

  1. Recycling & Reuse At The Best

There are many recycling options for Coca-Cola bottles, but no one would have thought about the life jacket idea. It might seem like a cool idea, but they can not stay attached to him for a long time. He must be hesitating to swim without a life jacket on.

  1. Sinking Bodies In The Sand

These two friends stand at the shore with their drinks to see what happened next. After a while, their bodies start to sink in the sand. Strangely, they are enjoying the sight of sinking in the sand.

  1. Babies Must Have Really Scared

This family was having a photoshoot with their kids. They decided to swing their kids, babies are going towards the sand. The fear and shock in the mother’s eye are evident.

  1. Always Wear The Sunscreen

A gentle reminder that it is always important to wear sunscreen during summer days. It is essential to not get tan on sunny days. To protect your skin from diseases, do wear sunscreen when going outside.

  1. Avatar Tan

This guy was standing in the comic con with an arrow drawn on his forehead. Little, he knew that he would get the same tan on his forehead. People must have look at him with surprise who are familiar with the Avatar comics.

  1. Twinning With Popsicle Stick

Such tans are the worst, they are hard to go away. This girl has the same tan as a popsicle stick. Her friends are making fun of her by comparing them with a popsicle sticks.