Sreemukhi All Set To Play Protagonist In It’s Time To Party

by heatfeed

Television actress turned movie star Sreemukhi is all set to star in a major role in Debutant director AWS Goutham’s upcoming project ‘’It’s Time to Party”. Centered around online dating, the movie predominantly revolves around the four main characters in the story whose lives go in for a complete toss once they use a dating application. 

Dating has taken a new leap with several dating sites available where youngsters can meet new people with a simple swipe of the finger. AWS Goutham’s project is based on how one bad decision can completely turn your life around, thus making the project an ambitious crime thriller with a socially relevant premise. With the first look released on Sreemukhi’s birthday, the movie has been successfully generating positive buzz as to its release.

Sreemukhi’s Golden Opportunity

A vital addition to the project has been that of Sreemukhi, who put up stellar performances in movies like Andhra Pori and Manalo Okkadu. The star plays a meaty character in the film and has been the recipient of high praise from the director. This role is unlike any other roles she has played previously, and this has been, as per reports, both challenging as well as exciting for the actress.

Online Release Also A Possibility, Says Director

With the post-production works in progress, director AWS Goutham has stated that while the movie was originally slated for a theatre release, they are open to releasing the movie on Online platforms as well, given the situation currently prevailing in the country. 

Basha Mohiddin Shaik, Maya Nelluri, Krish Sidipalli, and Ditipriya Bhattacharya will be seen playing other pivotal roles in the film. All in all, the project promises a good plot, stellar performances, and, more importantly, a socially relevant premise that will appeal to and educate all the sections of the society.