10 Most Epic and Funniest sports bloopers of all time!

by Helen C. Forrester

World-class players and athletes may look like the toughest people on earth to you, they run fast, jump higher than we can imagine, and hit harder than any other ‘normal’ human being. However, when it comes to hilarious bloopers, epic failures, and humorous fumbles, these top-notch athletes cannot be beaten. Thanks to modern technology and HD cameras, sports goofs and bloopers can be easily captured. Adoring sports fans wait around the whole year for these bloopers so that they can like, share, and laugh over them again n again. 

Many people love sports because it allows them to escape reality and provides them a sense of connection to the wider world. Most sports can very intense and difficult to play in real life, but that doesn’t mean they don’t come with a little amusement too, and by that, we mean the hilarious failure moments we all love dearly. After digging for a while, we found the most epic sports bloopers in the history of sports, and we couldn’t help but share them with all of you. So, check these out and share them with your friends! 

Fly high little birdie

If you can’t seem to understand what is happening in this particular image, then let me clear it out for you. Synchronized swimming is considered a beautiful sport and is truly a form of art. But don’t mix it with just a couple of females swimming in a giant pool, because rumor has it that they do gymnastics there as well. They do look like cute little mermaids, don’t they? 

And that’s a Slam! – wait what? 

First of all, let me just add that this is not a new form of wrestling. This is professional ice skating, but with a little twist. After all, ice skating is all about making weird faces and falling down a million times, right? 

Up above the world so high

I think this is exactly one of those moments when we regret diving in such a manner that our face looks like this. This athletes’ face looks like he just fell down from a plane and doesn’t even have a parachute with him. How sad. 

Getting closer than one would expect: 

I think we can all agree on the fact that figure skaters are always so graceful and are filled with sophistication. But sometimes they can be a little too explicit, and we can certainly see that in this hysterical picture. 

Sucking in all that air: 

We thought that it was true when people said that it can quite difficult to breathe while running for a marathon, but this photograph tells us otherwise. This track runner seems to have sucked all the air possible while aiming for that medal. Let’s be honest, these runners don’t even look like ‘normal’ humans due to their strong lungs and ability to effortlessly run those miles. 

Got a little too close: 

There’s no denying the fact that wrestling is one of the most extreme sports out there, which includes a lot of punching and hitting the opponent. While it is clear in this photograph that the wrestlers are trying their utter best to win the trophy, there is another person that might have gotten a little too close than one would expect. Can you guess that person? Yup, the referee! 

Ah, the beautiful Fabio:  

You may think that this image has been extracted from an emotional rom-com movie, but let me tell you that it is not from a movie scene. This hockey player won the hearts of millions of fans when this picture of him modeling and flexing his impromptu golden locks surfaced on the internet. Many say that this is the hottest moment in the history of hockey games, and needless to say that we totally agree with them! 

I repeat this is not wrestling! 

We all grew up watching WWE and I think we all know how wrestlers perform this move on their opponents, but this is not wrestling! Surprised? We were too. 

Volleyball or professional ballet? 

Volleyball is an incredible sport, native to the Southeast Asian people. To win this game, players need to defy gravity. Some might even say that this part is what makes this game so exciting. While many professional volleyball players play this sport with the strength of their hands, you can see that others play it with their legs too. 

Focus, focus, focus! 

Ever made this face because you want to eat something so badly and just can’t resist the growing temptation? Well, who said people only make this face when it comes to food? Sometimes it can be for tiny balls as well. I mean, who can blame them? This professional sport does require a lot of focus. 

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