Some Movie Roles You Won’t Believe Are Played By The Same Actor

by heatfeed

Actors seem to hop between parallel universes all the time in Hollywood, where there are a lot of parallel universes to choose from. They can easily transform into different personas, and in many cases, they are virtually unrecognizable in their roles. The drastic shifts of these fictitious characters may make you doubt that they are the same person, but Hollywood’s chameleons will have you fooled.

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1. Harry Potter’s Sirius Black, and Fifth Element’s Zorg

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban starred Gary Oldman as Sirius Black, a character we all fell in love with. I can’t imagine this man as a wicked man who is willing to do anything to attain his aims.

2. Harry from Love Actually and Prof. Severus Snape from Harry Potter.

It was Alan Rickman’s character in Love Actually that we wanted to like. Initially, Harry was a loving spouse, but the attractiveness of another woman drew his attention, and he ended up divorcing her. Rickman’s physical appearance may be similar to Snape’s, but his mentality is worlds apart.

3. Captain Hook. Peter Pan and Lucius Malfoy

There is no way Jason Isaacs could have been in both of these films, but take a closer look at the photographs. He played Captain Hook in Peter Pan and his dark hair changed him into a whole new character.

4. X-Men Professor X and Mr. Tumnus (from Narnia)

James McAvoy plays Mr. Tumnus, the faun in The Chronicles of Narnia. We had to make him into this half-human and halfway beast who moved from evil to good for the role of ‘James Bond’. McAvoy is difficult to distinguish because of his elaborate costume, which includes horns, ears, and hooves.

5. Jason Gideon From Criminal Minds And Inigo Montoya From The Princess Bride

Welcome to Inigo Montoya, I’m Inigo Montoya, and you killed my father; prepare to die.” It’s hard to believe that the same actor who plays Indigo Montoya in The Princess Bride now plays Jason Gideon in Criminal Minds, with his fluffy hair and mustache. Both characters were brought to life by Mandy Patinkin, though.

6. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson There is a connection between Harry Potter and Harry Beltik in The Queen’s Gambit

Dursley had an unruly attitude and pink cheeks. He was the epitome of the spoilt brat that Harry Potter had become. Despite playing Harry’s cousin, Harry Melling had a huge impact on the tale. Our curiosity was piqued, though, when the films finished and no one knew what happened to him.

7. Rosie Mulligan from Mamma Mia and Molly Weasley of Harry Potter fame

Harry Potter’s Molly Weasley made us adore Julie Walters. The woman was a good mother and wife, and no matter what happened to her family, she never gave up. With her auburn hair, Walters will always be Mrs. Weasley, so it’s impossible to imagine her in any other position.

8. Emily Blunt in Schitt’s Creek & Home Alone’s Kate McCallister

For many years, Catherine O’Hara was known for her role as Kate McCalister in the film Home Alone. Style and hair during the late ‘80s/early ‘90s were ideal for her. It is impossible to ignore O’Hara despite her modest involvement.

9. The Hunger Games’ Ceasar Flickerman, as well as The Lovely Bones’ George Harvey

“Cesar Flickerman” (Stanley Tucci) is an actual chameleon in his own right. He is noted for frequently changing his hairstyle and makeup, and he hosts the Hunger Games. Many people like Tucci in this role, which is a far cry from Harvey’s persona.

10. Professor Sybil Trelawney From Harry Potter And Nanny Mcphee From Nanny Mcphee

At first glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Emma Thompson never played either of these characters. As the children learn to behave, the ugly nanny transforms into a beautiful one. Thompson had returned to her lovely self by the end of the film.

11. Lisabeth Salander From The Crown And Queen Elizabeth II Adapted from Girl in the Spider’s Web

In the first two seasons of Netflix’s The Crown, Claire Foy portrayed the youthful Queen Elizabeth. However, even though she should have been younger, she dressed a little shabby and conservatively for her age. In a completely different character, Foy looked entirely different.

12. The characters of Hal from Malcolm in the Middle and Walter White from Breaking Bad.

Malcolm in the Middle’s Hal played by Bryan Cranston was a landmark performance for him, but it’s not what he’s best known for. When it comes to lifestyle, Cranston and Walter White are diametrically opposed. Their similarities cease at the fact

13. Apocalypse and Poe Dameron from Star Wars

His character Poe Dameron in the Star Wars saga is one of the most gorgeous actors of all time. With no makeup or prosthetics on, Isaac looks like himself. Apocalypse, on the other hand, saw him take on another look.

14. Princess Margaret and Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter

In Harry Potter, Helena Bonham Carter was a character we loved to loathe. She takes on the role of Bellatrix Lestrange and kills Harry’s only remaining family. She was unkempt, untidy, and evil-looking, which was perfect for the part. A lot of people didn’t realize Carter was the same actress from The Crown because of her incredible talent.

15. Theodore Roosevelt’s daughter Featuring Scooby-Doo & Laura Barton The Avengers

However, despite not being the most popular actress, Linda Cardellini has starred in a number of outstanding roles. Velma, the nerdy mystery solver in Scooby-Doo, was her character. To the untrained eye, she is unrecognizable in comparison to some of her other performances.

16. Patrick Verona The Joker from The Dark Knight and 10 Things I Hate About You

The late Heath Ledger was a great performer. Before his untimely demise, he played a variety of parts, but two of them couldn’t be more different from one other. As Patrick Verona in 10 Things I Hate About You, Ledger was nothing like the Joker.

17. Edna Turnblad and Danny Zuko from Grease.

Because John Travolta has such a distinctive voice and face, it’s easy to tell that this is the same person. It is worth noting that Hairspray took place almost 30 years after Grease. Travolta was only 23 when Grease was filmed. Travolta grew older over that time, but with all of those prosthetics, it didn’t appear on the screen.

18. The Avengers’ Kick-Ass and Quick-Silver

It’s possible that Aaron Taylor-Johnson is the most understated of all the superheroes we’ve encountered. His role in Kick-Ass was that of his favorite comic book character, Kick-Ass, and he became the real-life superhero he admired. His next job could have been an Easter egg if he was reading about Quicksilver is one of the comics he was reading.

19. The Haunting Of Hill House’s Hugh Crain and Elliot from E.T.

A 10-year-old boy and his 50-year-old self share a striking likeness, despite the 40-plus-year age gap. Henry Thomas plays Elliot in E.T., and he was a gifted performer from the very beginning.

20. Angela Weber From Twilight Whenever Selena 

We immediately think of J.Lo’s role in the 1997 film. As a result, many have been confused J.Lo with Christian Serratos, who starred in the Netflix film Selena.

21. Shameless’ Sheila & Addams’ Debbie

Throughout her career, Joan Cusack has played a variety of noteworthy characters, and she has a similar look no matter what she’s doing at the time. In Shameless, she wore her trademark brown bob, but in another role, she had a completely different look.

22. Negan and Denny Duquette from The Walking Dead It comes from Grey’s Anatomy

In the sixth season of The Walking Dead, Jeffrey Dean Morgan brought Negan to life. In part, this is because they were fighting off zombies, but few people realized he had a memorable role in another show.

23. Daisy and Drisella from Downton Abbey

However, Sophie McShera had to completely change her appearance for one of the roles, as she played Daisy in Downton Abbey and Drisella in Cinderella. However, Drisella’s style rendered her practically unrecognizable as Daisy with minimum makeup and a plain hairstyle.

24. Gwen and Allison from The Amazing Spiderman and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Actress Emma Stone is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars today, and she’s played a variety of roles over the course of her career. When it comes to her acting career, she is a chameleon.