Celebration Of Valentine’s Day Following Keeping Social Distance

by Tashia J. Hansen

Social distancing has made us feel touch-starved during pandemics. So, people try another creative way to celebrate their love on Valentine’s Day.

If you haven’t a picture-making heart then you might not be a couple.

His detached hand feels up my leg while gazing lovingly into his eyes.

He tried to express his feelings.

In full elbow boob glory running towards him.

Shadow reflects his true love and nature. I enjoyed collecting his red flags.

Surprise your lover with cheap drugstore chocolates.

He only bought these chocolates because they were in the sale.

Love to enjoy face cuddles.

We are amazing looking rectangular noodle couple.

These arms are not very functional but they are sexy.

Ohh.. what’s that?

One more suitor? 

They never show up expectations to each other.

Stop it…. Boys, boys hold on!!

Contacting a psychiatric hospital.

Ohhh nooo!

This detachment is taking to a whole new level.

Gorgeous set of arms.

Check out the bicep.

The only one hit.

Surprising victory.

Stealing suitor

Move towards the hill.

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