Sleep Well to Learn Well

by heatfeed

Sleep has always been regarded as just a part of life. A part of life that can be neglected to accommodate many other reasons like movie watching, touring, work, etc. However, sleep is supposed to be one of the most important parts of an individual’s day-to-day activities.

Why Is Sleep Important?

Sleep helps increase your concentration. How? You may ask. Let us try to understand.

Sleep has been described as a state of mind where the body and mind are put to rest. This helps the individual rejuvenate himself/herself before starting out his chores and work the next day. When he does not get enough sleep, he essentially becomes a sleep-deprived person.

This will lead to him not being able to concentrate and focus on anything that he has to do the following day. There will be a constant weakness, tiredness, and fatigue felt by the individual. This will greatly reduce his ability to grasp information and understand its nuances.

When the body is under constant work without sleep, it starts heating up, and the organs inside are overworked. This will lead to a situation where the person starts aging internally very soon.

This will cause long term problems like constant fatigue, arthritis, diabetes, etc. Sleep helps respond to stimuli better. It also helps that part of the brain that helps learn new things to function in a better manner. 

To avoid all these problems, proper sleep is a necessity.

Types of sleep

There are two main types of sleep that every person goes through – REM and NREM.

  • REM – Rapid Eye Movement sleep refers to the type of sleep where the brain actually sends signals similar to those that it sends when you are awake. Essentially you are almost awake. This is the kind of sleep that we experience towards mornings, just before we wake up.
  • NREM – Non-Rapid Eye Movement sleep refers to that type of sleep where you are deep into your subconscious. This is when the body starts pumping out growth hormones and sets to repairing any damaged tissue in the body. There two main stages of the NREM sleep, namely the 3rd and 4th stages. In the 3rd stage, it is almost close to impossible to wake up the person. The sleep is very deep and dreamless. The 4th stage happens during hours past midnight right before the person slips into REM sleep.

What is the ideal amount of sleep?

Now that we have understood that sleep is important and one cannot work without sleeping and resting for a considerable amount of time. What is the correct duration for which one can sleep then?

A healthy adult, to remain healthy, must have at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep per day. In cases of young children and teenagers, the sleep duration has to be more. A common misconception and misinterpretation are that as people get older, they need lesser sleep.

Actually, it is the vice-versa. As we get older, we have to start having longer sleep duration to make up for the rapidly tiring body, which is growing old, feeble, and tired with time and age.

So please do get the right amount of sleep and wake up fresh for the next day.