Your Schedule To Relax The Week Before Your Wedding

by Aruba Aftab

The final countdown to your big day has begun, but you don’t want the run up to your wedding to be stressful. Is this possible, to have a stress free final week? Of course it is, if you plan it you can have a happy wedding week. With the aid of cute scheduled bridal boxes and a well curated plan for the week, you can float through the week stress free up until the wedding. 

This is the time for you to relax and believe that everything is going to work out as well as planned. While there is something called wedding planning stress, there are also ways to combat it and come out on top. If you are to look your best on your big day, then you must find a way to chill. Here are some of our favorite tips to help you do just that before your wedding. 

Day 1

Bridal Boxes

A fabulous way to start the final week before you get hitched is with the right wedding subscription box. Pamper yourself with the one gift that keeps giving all through your wedding planning process, even up to the honeymoon. Bridal box subscriptions are a must have for any bride, and the misstomrsbride box can be specially curated and custom ordered to fit any schedule of deliveries that you wish. So, you can get luxury bridal goods from sexy lingerie for the honeymoon, to planning material, wedding décor and spa sets delivered each day. Use a bride subscription box to help you enjoy your week and watch every day fly by easily. As you enjoy each item, the miss to mrs bridal box checklist will ensure that you stay on top of your planning and you don’t miss a thing. You deserve a week of staying stay calm and relaxed, a time void of any stress. 

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Check Your Itinerary 

This first day of the week before the wedding is a good time to double check your itinerary and make any necessary last minute changes. Discuss with your vendors, confirm your finances are in order, and discuss anything extra that needs to be done with your family and your fiancé. It’s also a good time to confirm who is coming into town and make any last minute hotel bookings. 

Day 2


Something necessary that can also settle any nerves before the wedding is getting your nails done. Get a good manicure. Whether you want French tips, gel or powder, they will definitely last up to two weeks, three weeks even most of the time. It’s also a good time to get a facial and do your eyebrows. 

Break In Your Shoes

Most brides wear new shoes for their wedding. This would be a good time to break those shoes in to avoid any discomfort on the big day. So, wear them around the house this week, with and without socks to speed up the process. 

Day 3

Consider a Yoga Class

A great way to relax and generally calm down the week before your wedding is by meditating. Take a yoga class if it will help with that. However, be careful not to overexert yourself. Remember this is only a calming measure, nothing else. 

Get a Massage

Treat yourself to a spa day, you deserve it. If you’re looking for how to stay relaxed, this will definitely do it. Remember, you’ve double checked your itinerary and have everything in hand. So, take some time for yourself and relax those muscles for an instant overall glow. 

Day 4

Movie Night

You can take your mind completely off the wedding planning stress by scheduling a movie night for just you or you and your partner. Yes, on our list of what to do before a wedding is catching up on your favorite TV show or watching a movie. Just have one night in and spend some quality time together; remember you’re in this together. 

Pack Your Bridal Emergency Kit

This can have everything you need from makeup to a sewing kit, to bandages, stain remover, tissues and powder. Also make sure you have everything you need on the accessories end, like jewelry and your tiara or headband. 

Day 5

Confirm Payments

Another important step on our list of things to do the week before your wedding, is to call your vendors and suppliers and confirm all payments. Make sure that there is nothing outstanding and that all contracts have been checked and signed. If you have a wedding planner, make sure that they are up to date on everything. 


This is one of the tips for your wedding day, but can be implemented two days before as well. Since everything could go by in a flurry from now, it might be necessary to customize your voicemail so people know exactly who to contact or where to go if they cannot reach you. 

Day 6

Rehearsal Dinner

It’s now time to kick back, chill and have fun with your friends and family after a refreshing week. Don’t forget to check the weather beforehand so you know if you need a coat or an umbrella. You don’t want to be shivering or wet on such a special occasion. 

Day 7

The big day is finally here. With everything in place, you have nothing to worry about. What’s more, you have people to help such as your family, the bridal party and even your fiancé. Allow everything run as it should, keep calm and enjoy the celebration. 

It’s important during this week to sleep as much as possible. Get eight hours of sleep each night if possible. Waking up from a good sleep each day will ensure that you are refreshed, and you start the day right. The best way to go through a happy wedding week. 

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