Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Got The COVID-19 Vaccine And Still Managed To Crack Up The Internet

by heatfeed

In 2020 in March when the uncontrollable spread of coronavirus happened, it was declared a pandemic. When everyone knows that there is not an easy way to get rid of this coronavirus then the only way to battle it would be to generate a vaccine. Scientists forecast that to develop a vaccine, they required 12 to 18 months. The First coronavirus vaccine is approved in a year.

When more people are eligible to get vaccines in the US then day by day celebrities post their jabs and post about their experience on social media. Along those people are Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively who want to get vaccines together

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds shared photos of them getting vaccines against COVID-19

Ryan Reynolds captioned his photo, “Finally got 5G,” mocking the conspiracy theories that surfaced at the start of the pandemic

Reynolds was mocked for wearing a knit hat so he didn’t miss the opportunity to tease his wife as well

Blake Lively shared a photo with heart stickers on it, calling the nurse giving the shot ‘heroic’ in the caption


Not only was Ryan Reynolds’ caption funny, but his followers don’t lack wit either and these are some of the comments they left under the actor’s photo