Russian Women Rescued A Bear, They Share A Unique Happy Bond Now

by heatfeed

When we talk about bears, which country comes instantly to mind? Even though beer is not an official animal in Russia, it is more common in Russia than in other countries. They even take bears as pets, strange enough.

Bears may appear to be intimidating creatures, but there are places where these creatures are grown under the care of people, who create beautiful bonds with others that radiate unconditional positive regard and friendship. In Russia, this type of fairy tale appears to be a reality.

While Russia’s shield of arms features the double eagle, the bear is the nation’s unofficial mascot, but some could claim that it is much more popular and commonly connected with the country. Although the rest of the world loves cats and dogs as pets, it seems that only Russians love bears.

Veronica Dichka, a Novosibirsk resident, has a unique pet named Archie. He was rescued by Veronica from a circus as a little cub. Previously, Archie lived with other bears in a safari park till the pandemic hit the world.  With the passage of time, it becomes difficult for the management to take care of them. Veronica adopts this cute bear at that time. 

Many individuals enjoy many types of pets. Some people would prefer dogs, whereas others prefer cats. Veronika Dichka of Russia, on the other hand, has an unusual friend in the form of a wild bear. Anybody who sees the Russian woman’s giant companion will be scared. But Veronika cares all for her friend that she never left him alone, no matter what. They eat together, go fishing and boating on Russia’s Novosibirsk lake, and sometimes even sleep together. Archie is the name she has given to the huge brown bear. Veronika Dichka is a young woman who has captivated social networks with calm photographs of herself fishing in the company of an adopted bear in the middle of an ocean in Novosibirsk, Siberia.

Archie is Veronica Dichka’s loyal companion, but she lives in Novosibirsk. Archie, who is also from Novosibirsk, was rescued as just a cub from a zoo by Maya Kirsanova. He stayed in a safari park with just a few other bears until the company was ordered to shut down because of the epidemic. As time passed, it became difficult to keep the refuge running, when the brave Veronica came in and accepted him. It’s important to note because Veronica had worked previously with a bear on a few photoshoots, but Archie was only a passing connection. But they’re now inseparable, and the photos you’ll see below are proof of their special bond.

She knows the bear before as she had photoshoots with the bear. Now, they are totally different, Archie is part of Veronica’s life now. Veronica and Archie were rescued by her from the circus in a time of despair.

Veronika met Archie in 2019 when she changed his life while attending a safari park. After spending some time with the big bear, they formed a relationship, and Veronika started taking Archie fishing just at the lake. A great connection grew between them over time, and they are now nearly together. Veronika claims that she and Archie have formed a strong bond and that they like spending time with her.

Regardless of the fact that some bears are notorious carnivores and that cubs have attacked humans in the past. Nothing can ever go incorrect between them, according to Veronika. Veronika has done countless photoshoots in which they are seen riding out on a fishing boat together to display her love for Archie. Veronika reveals that Archie enjoys riding aboard boats. She also claims that the bear regards her as a mother figure and will hide behind her when he is afraid.

Her photoshoots have gotten a lot more love from her social media fans, who are all applauding her for being strong enough to live with a dangerous wild animal. She adopted Archie then, as the shelter had limited resources to take care of animals. It’s one thing to photograph a group of fishing friends, but quite other when one of them is a huge bear. Veronika Dichka, a Novosibirsk, Russia, woman, tried to adopt Archie, a bear, from a safari park that she had to close due to financial troubles.

Archie was saved from a zoo as a kitten and has remained at the zoo with other animals since at. Eventually, the zoo had to shut down due to numerous issues caused by the outbreak, as it became more difficult to pay the facility’s bills.

Archie can not survive in the wild and relies on humans for survival. Veronica and Archie share a happy and joyous bond. He is a disciplined and smart guy, who is also familiar with many tricks. Veronika jumped into action at that exact moment, knowing that Archie would kill in the forest because he’s such a city slicker.

Veronika, who spoke to the Daily Mail, stated that”We can’t release it into the wild because it’s been in captive its entire life. Both conduct like every couple of mates and enjoy the society they provide one another on a regular basis, so they make the most out of their free time by engaging in a range of activities. Although their connection is unclear, it is nevertheless moving for people aware of their story and moved by the images.

Veronika was familiar with the bear because they had cooperated on several photo sessions, but they were only two coworkers. Veronika and Archie have appeared in several photos shot together, including one in which they have been seen riding a fishing boat. Archie adores swimming, she continues. She also states that the bear considers her a mother figure and hides behind her when he is terrified. Her photoshoots have received a lot of positive feedback from her followers on social media, who praise her bravery in living with that kind of a dangerous wild animal.

They were devoted friends after adopting him, as evidenced by the image archives of their wonderful friendship. Archie is smart, knows different tricks, is well regulated, and is extremely loyal and petted. Veronika, on the other hand, is a model and a professional dancer, yet they share a love for catching fish.

Both react like any other couple of friends and buy the company they provide on a daily basis, so they make the most of their free time by joining in a variety of activities.

Veronica works as a model and a dancer. Archie accompanies her on their fishing trip, he is a happy buddy.

In terms of food, he is well fed too as he does not have any malnourishment, etc. They share a unique bond, Archie sleeps in her arms and hides when gets afraid. They both enjoy each other’s company every day. 

Although their relationship is uncertain, folks who are familiar with their story and captivated by the imagery will find it moving.

Both behave like any other couple of friends and increase the shareholder value they provide on a frequent basis, so they make the most of their free time by participating in a variety of behaviors. This incredible bond between human and bear would appear unreal if it weren’t for all of the images (and some films) the two have taken together. Of course, some of the pictures show the two fishing, while others show them simply posing in the gorgeous Russian snow.

The South African also mentions that, unsurprisingly, Veronika has her own TikTok page where she chronicles her travels with Archie. According to the Epoch Times, Veronika Dichka of Novosibirsk, which is located in southern Siberia, took inside the brown bear after the safari park where he was staying went out of business.

You could be asking why Veronika will not really just let Archie perform his job and send him back into the Siberian nature, as is his destiny. It turns out there’s a good reason for that.

“We saved him from the safari park but didn’t reveal him into the wild because he’s spent his whole life in captivity,” she explains.

Two years later, she as well as the brown bear, now called Archie, retain a strong bond that allows them to not only live side by side but even participate in very humans such as boating onto a lakeside to fish. Veronika states that she and Archie have a special connection and like spending some time together. In spite of the fact that certain bears are deadly carnivores who have attacked humans multiple times, Veronika is convinced that they may never have a problem.

Although their relationship is questionable, folks who are connected with their story and affected by the imagery will find it moving. The bear adores spending quality time with Veronika and sometimes even shares food with her even though she considers her a part of his family. ‘Archie lives with us every day and is absolutely in love with water.’ He enjoys it when I bring him to new areas, so this session was a treat for him!’They also sleep together, she is continuously holding her friend, and Archie hides underneath her whenever he is afraid.