People Are Revealing 50 Things That Are Scams

by heatfeed

There are many seemingly harmless products and services out there that are nothing more than sophisticated ploys to get you to steal your cash. They may not try to dupe you as openly as other spammers and con artists, but they’re still frauds underneath the flash and shine. 


The Catholic Church, to be precise. The Vatican’s assets are currently valued at $30 billion, with a total value of $8 billion. They were revealed to be concealing 1.1 billion dollars off the books in 2014. Why isn’t this money being distributed to the less fortunate? The Vatican was revealed to be significantly involved in unregistered luxury residences in 2019. Then there’s the ugly stuff all this money is financing; The age of consent in Vatican City was 12 until 2014. Yes. The world’s lowest age of consent is twelve. It was only when the pedophilia scandal broke that it was altered. Then there’s the church’s long history of evils: the ivory trade, young boy castration, the Spanish Inquisition, Holocaust denial, budget cuts for the poor with LGBQ connections, and so on…

The Catholic Church presents a thin layer of “good” to its devotees, but it has been feeding corruption beneath the surface for centuries and continues to do so.


Persuade every high school student that going to university is a necessity. In truth, for many people, skilled trades or another specialized school would be the best option, and the money may be quite excellent.


Yeah, we are pretty sure that is as real as vampires and werewolves.

The Church of Scientology was fined over $1 million by a French court for fraud. For the group, this appears to be a first: they have constitutional rights in the US but not anywhere else in the world. After a five-month trial, French judges were on the verge of outlawing the Catholic Church in its entirety, but a legislative change rendered that moot even before the trial began.

Additional fines of up to $45,000 have been suspended for four members of the group’s French branch, while a court in France has penalized the secretive church an additional $900,000, according to reports from the French media (600,000 euros). Its members include stars like Tom Cruise and John Travolta, according to the criminal charges. Most of Scientology’s critics in Belgium are not lawyers but instead hail from the social realm, and their disdain for the religion is frequently passionate. In 2007, the Belgian government explored criminal charges against Scientology’s Belgian branch.


She just continues to scam a lot of people with her products that do nothing, nothing at all. But her no so good products are still very expensive. Paltrow gets a lot of attention these days, though, because of her health company, Goop. People don’t think it’s a good thing that her business seems to be doing well.

It’s not clear if Paltrow is trying to scam people with her business or not, but she is making a lot of money just by selling expensive products that don’t do anything. Because of this, a lot of people on social media have called her a “scam artist” and a “snake-oil salesman.”

Even though Paltrow’s products haven’t been directly linked to any deaths or injuries, people worry that Goop’s pseudoscience could hurt people, especially if they listen to Paltrow’s “health experts” instead of real doctors and scientists. Some people have compared the growth of Goop to the rise of the anti-vaccination movement in the U.S., which gained a lot of popularity after it was backed by a number of famousștiins. Bruce Y. Lee wrote in an article that was published by Forbes, “There is no shortage of people trying to sell you fake health products to make money. Many of these people are willing to pay famous people, athletes, doctors, or anyone else who can help them sell their woo products. That’s why you need to be an informed shopper when looking at health information and considering health products and services.


No external agent detoxifies your body. It’s a hoax. 

Now, it’s common to use foods and drinks to cleanse your body. We can’t get enough of the idea of a “detox.” “Green superfood detox,” “fast liver detox,” “nine natural detoxifying foods,” “detox roti,” and “clean colon drinks” are all part of the “detox industry,” which has taken over the wellness industry and is growing quickly. Detox therapy is based on the idea that certain treatments can rid the body of alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs. But it is not true, according to medical science, that you can cleanse your body after a party, festival, or binge-eating weekend.

It’s a trick that plays on our sense of reason. Every day, we take in toxins from the environment and, as a byproduct of digestion and metabolism, our bodies also make some toxins. The liver, lungs, kidneys, and digestive system all work together to get rid of these toxins without the need for “detoxification agents” from the outside. Most detox products are made to clean the liver. When the liver breaks down protein, it makes ammonia, which can be bad for the body if there is too much of it. By making ammonia into urea, the liver gets rid of it through urine.


The Healthcare system in the US is a lie, for a routine check-up you have to pay up to 15k dollars. 


Funeral services prey, living celebrating the grief of parting away from their loved ones. We realize that it is for the living to commemorate their departed loved ones, but it doesn’t always make sense.  


Humans are just here to work and die. There’s no way people evolved to work five days a week and attempt to have fun on weekends.


During the epidemic, emails and letters from corporations and celebrities stated, “We are all in this together.” 


 The stagnation that has been predicted.


This is the big hoax in today’s world.

Yes, I would say so. Just look at all the religious experts of one religion and you’ll see that they don’t agree on any doctrine you can think of. There is a lot of smoke and mirrors in the religious world. People who are greedy or mistaken make money, and fools pay to follow their plans.

If a good salesman has something to sell in the United States, he will make money. There could be a lot of money. He can start a church and make even more money if he doesn’t have a product. No licenses or permits are needed to run a business. In America, religion is the art of not selling anything.


The entire newborn item business is built on making parents feel useless and irresponsible if they don’t buy items that will be outgrown or obsolete in six months.


If you ever see a drink that guarantees it can burn fat, just run away from there because no drink can do that.


The cost of producing ink cartridges for your printer is quite low, yet the selling price is extremely expensive. 


The wedding business in the United States charges between $20,000 and $30,000 for a single day, high-stress affair. 


Any kind of bottled water is a scam. 

Nothing feels better than a pure, ice-cold drink of water. Some of us get water from the tap for free. The rest of the people pay for it, which costs about $100 billion a year. At that price, you might think it would be worth it to buy the stuff in a bottle. Most of the time, you would be wrong.

The health and nutritional value of a glass of water from the tap and a glass of water from a bottle are almost the same for the vast majority of Americans. In some cases, water from a public tap may be safer because it is usually tested more often.


Meal ideas for Instagram fitness models. I can’t believe they still charge so much for cookie-cutter food planning and exercise coaching. They are essentially just copying and pasting information from Google to make you believe it is tailored for you. Take advantage of oblivious folks who are anxious to shed pounds. On both sides, it’s pathetic.


Any online course that claims to teach you how to generate money should be avoided.


Political systems with two parties. They appear to be in competition with one another, but they really receive “donations” from the same entities to promote their objectives, so the illusion of choice is mainly illusory.


Multi-level marketing firms in general.

They tell you that all you have to do is sign up 5 people, and they will each sign up 5 people, and so on. Except that the people in charge of these businesses aren’t mathematicians. You’ve surpassed the total population of the Earth by the time you’ve gotten around 12 layers deep. It’s a good exponents lesson.

Companies that use multi-level marketing (MLM) sell their goods or services directly from one person to another. A person who puts money into a multi-level marketing program is called a “distributor,” “participant,” “contractor,” or “founder.” You can make money in two ways: (a) as a direct retailer, or (b) by recruiting new members and getting commissions on what they buy and resell directly or through their own new members. Fraudsters tell you they will invest your money and make you a lot of money with no risk. After getting money from the old investors, they give money to new investors and keep most of the shares for themselves.


Companies claim that their workers are important to them and that they care about them. 


Casinos. Video poker and video slot machines are found at every casino in the state. There are only a few remaining table games. No one is content, and no one is having a good time. It’s basically a room full of zombies who lose money by feeding the machines. Everyone I speak with is sure that they know the winning recipe. You are unable to win.


The cost of attending college. I earned a bachelor’s degree in information technology and computer science. Working and earning the same amount as my coworkers who did not attend college and obtained certificates. They have no debt, but I am $40k in debt. 


Reading women’s magazine articles in order to appear nice to guys! Throw those publications out, take care of yourself, make the best of what you have, and don’t let others’ expectations of who you should be define you. 


You will be shocked to know; that less than 15% of plastic is ever gone into recycling. 


Five day work week is a lie.


The data cable by Apple has a very short lifespan; 2-3 weeks.


In America, you have to do your own taxes. Yikes!


Sorry to break your heart but essential oils do not work for mental health at all.


The entire labor market is a trick. You work for at least half of your waking hours, then are told that your job is useless and that you don’t get basic requirements… despite the fact that your wealthy owners make millions from your “worthless” labor?


The market/label “all-natural.” It’s meaningless.


Do not buy that subscription from Adobe.


Textbooks in college are just a scam like a college itself. 

College students have never looked forward to buying pricey textbooks when they go back to school. However, a survey released on August 12 shows that students think textbooks are the “biggest scam” in higher education and one of the biggest ways they waste money.

BookRenter, an online textbook rental company that started in 2008 and serves about 5,000 college campuses with a library of 3 million textbooks, surveyed college students about their money worries. One of the things they said was that they didn’t like how expensive textbooks are. The survey’s results are similar to what many student activists have said in recent years when textbook prices went up and millions of people started using websites that let them rent books for less than half the price.

National surveys from 2008 and 2009 show that college students spend more than $900 a year on textbooks. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the price of textbooks is going up four times faster than the rate of inflation. The National Association of College Stores says that students spend about $667 a year on books and other materials they need for classes.


GMO-free food

GMOs are harmless; we’ve been eating them for thousands of years without realizing it. We just have a more dependable, safe, and quick way to do it now.


Adulthood because kids think it’s cool, but it’s not.

As a child, all I wanted to do was grow up. I thought that when I turned 18, all my problems would be over and I could live my life the way I wanted to. Now that I’m an adult, I just want to scream that being an adult is a scam! Worse, I think that people who lived before us played a part in this lie. I mean, why didn’t you take care of your younger ones? What happened to telling us the truth and keeping us from having to deal with this harsh reality? I say “us” because I know I’m not the only one who feels this way because I’ve talked to other people about it.

But like always, they say, “No one told us to,” right? We already know that tune too well. I, on the other hand, have decided to do the right thing and save lives. I don’t want to be a part of the scam, so I’ll tell you everything you need to know about being an adult, starting from the beginning: “adulthood is a con.”


Almost anything that claims to grow your penis 




Totally a scam, and it usually takes advantage of people with low incomes.

Look at how it’s advertised, with big seminars and a lot of wide-grinned audience members being paraded on stage in front of huge screens to tell you how they made half a million dollars or something. They have ridiculous titles like “wellness coach” or “millionaire team level” or something stupidly similar, but if they’ve made that much money, it’s because they’re very good at getting other people to work for them. A better name for them would be “conmen” or “conwomen.”

I think most of the people at the seminars who said they made a lot of money were paid to say that by the company because almost no one makes enough money from it to live on. In fact, most people lose more than they make, and not just money. They lose friends and family and get ghosted on social media because of their constant promotion and endless “inspiration” videos and messages plugging the products and constant garbage hashtags of “I’m my own boss.”


Getting a call regarding an extended warranty on your automobile.


Diamonds, according to a poll (but also most jewelry)


You cannot drink or eat raw eggs for protein. Because the protein in that form is useless for your body.
There’s not only any point in choking back a raw egg. You’re also absorbing less protein from it than if you were to cook it.


Health insurance is a big scam to get money from people.

It can be hard to find good health insurance coverage and figure out how to pay for it. Policyholders are vulnerable to criminals who find clever ways to make money off of consumers who don’t know how the industry works. This includes buying a good plan, finding a trustworthy in-network doctor, and dealing with medical claims.

Individually and for the country as a whole, healthcare fraud is very expensive. The FBI says that healthcare fraud in the United States alone costs tens of billions of dollars each year. This guide will show you the many sneaky ways that health insurance fraud can happen, how to spot and stop a scam, and what to do if you or a loved one are a victim.


 Tiktok is selling your private information


Realtors are perhaps the most overpaid and underqualified profession in the world. For some sellers, the commission-based compensation is debilitating, and if you try to sell on your own (FSBO), they will turn all of their customers away from you.


 In the modern-day, the royal family is useless and expensive.


Again, the cost of college in the US.

It’s a total scam to feel like you have to go into six-figure debt for a degree that won’t help your career. Unfortunately, in this day and age, unless you want to be a teacher or use a degree as a stepping stone to a graduate degree, a large and growing number of people don’t need a college degree.


Hundreds of dollars in monthly fees are tacked on to the rent by corporate-owned housing complexes. Cable TV packages are required, as are parking costs (on a flat surface lot with no allocated parking), and valet garbage service. It’s all a ruse, and it’s just a method for them to make extra money on top of their rent.


The lottery

It’s a scam because there’s no way for regular people to prove it’s not. If we could take a look at the computers. Hardware and software. Or even the old ball machines to make sure nothing is up. Then we’d be much more likely to believe them than if they just told us to trust them.

It’s a scam as much as you want it to be. I think that we can come up with our own cons. We can either set up the scam ourselves or choose to take part in it.

I sometimes wonder why it’s important to know whether or not something is a scam.

We always fall for it in the end, sometimes even on purpose.

So, to answer the question of whether or not the lottery is a scam, I’ll say the same thing: it can be a scam or something else.

On a regular day, the lottery is just a business that aims to make money and help people.

On another normal day, the lottery is used to raise money for a good cause.

On another normal day that isn’t too different, playing the lottery is like gambling with your money and your life.

For three different people, that’s just one normal, boring day.

One is making money from the lottery through the booth, and for every ticket sold, he makes a 5 percent profit. He probably doesn’t think it’s so bad to make money off of people who play the lottery. After all, it’s just business out here. It’s kind of like how someone who owns a movie theatre doesn’t feel bad about making money off of people who buy tickets to see “Avengers: Endgame” because they probably get their money’s worth. Well, he thinks that they are at least.


 In this age, NFTs don’t have any market.


Chiropractors are just fancy people to crack your muscles. Yoga does the same


And the final hoax is the FIFA games.