Most Popular Animated TV Shows of All Time

by heatfeed

Appraising an animated TV show can be challenging. Not only animation covers a wide spectrum of genres but also viewers recall memories of watching a special episode. Typically it becomes difficult to evaluate an animated show based on logic and cognition factors.

When you want to grade animated TV shows, it is not only analyzing the show but critiquing the early days. Animation is extensive shows with varied themes and styles, often the subjective preference of viewers.

The range covers cartoons, anime; blockbusters turned into anime series, and adult content animation. Like other streams of entertainment, animation has witnessed wax and wane, evolution, and trends.

Often animation is dismissed as a fancy narrative far away from the pragmatic realm, thus not bracketed in the elite shows of TV. But this genus has a powerful impact on child psychology and reflection of a culture and modern society. Here is an endeavor to list the most popular animated TV shows that you can watch on animixplay


Till the annihilation of his family by a Hollow, an evil spirit seeks to demolish human souls. Ichigo Kurosaki was an ordinary high school kid. Eventually, he meets a Soul Reaper named Rukia Kuchiki, who wants to protect Ichigo`s family from the devilish spirit and gets injured in the process.

Ichigo agrees to receive the mystic power from Rukia and transforms himself into a Soul Reaper. As Rukia becomes vulnerable, Ichigo takes the role of her vows to hunt the Hollow and destroy the entire tribe. From solo efforts, the team duo is formed when Orihime, his classmate, joins the journey. 

As the squad takes up the new responsibility of saving humanity, they learn there are many other threats other than the Hollow.

Black Clover

Two kids were abandoned in church, Asta and Yuno, and they grew up together. Wizard King is the designation presented to the strongest mage in the empire, and they decided to fight against each other for the prestigious title.

But they grew up with two distinctive characteristics; Yuno could invoke power and control it with amazing ease, while Asta had no such magical power and wanted to contemplate with physical strength.

When the kids reached the age of fifteen, Yuno was bestowed with an impressive Grimoire with a four leave clover. On the other hand, Asta was left empty-handed.

But soon, a person named Lebuty attacked Yuno to take away the powerful Grimoire. In the combat, Yuno was on the verge of defeat. Asta was enraged watching the scuffle, and his emotions turned into a roaring rage.

He was gifted with a five-leaf Grimoire, “Clack Clover,” giving him the right to conquer Lebuty. After the battle, the two friends ventured out with the same objective to win the title of Wizard King.

Harem in the Labyrinth

Michio Kaga is playing an online game, and all of a sudden, he is transported to a distant village located in the game`s realm armed with special attributes and a powerful sword. 

He starts to combat the crooks but realizes he is captivated by the dream world. He surrenders to fate and starts to take pleasure in the voyage. He squashes the dungeon to loot a construct a harem to satisfy his manly desires.