Pisces Zodiac Sign

by Katie J. Ray
Pisces DatesFebruary 19- March 20
ColorMauve, Purple, Violet, Lilac, Sea Green 
RulerJupiter, Neptune
Pisces CompatibilityTaurus, Virgo
Lucky Number3, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24

Pisces Traits 

Strength of PiscesPisces WeaknessPisces LikesPisces Dislikes
Artistics, Intuitive, Gentle, Compassionate, wise, MusicalDesire to escape reality, Fearful, Overly trusting, Can be a victim or a martyrLove, Music, Romance, Spiritual themes, Sleeping, Swimming, Being aloneCruelty of any kind, the past coming back to haunt, being criticized, know-it-all

Pisces Characteristics

Pisces horoscope is the last of the zodiac calendar. Pisces horoscope is the mixture of all twelve zodiac signs. People born under this water sign are often attracted to a variety of people and are known to be extremely friendly. what is Pisces? This Water sign is represented by two swimming fishes in the opposite direction but struggling to stay close to each other to always have each other’s backs. The circular spiral fishes here tell us thousands of words about reality and imagination, Pisces sign may have all sorts of dreams right at their fingertips since they can see many things in their imagination. These individuals are really effective in helping other people, but Pisces descriptions have to face problems being helpful by taking time out to relax, enjoy or even come up with new ideas.

Pisces zodiac sign

Pisces zodiac sign Personality 

Being water sign zodiacs Pisces horoscope people are very emotional and supposed to have great intuitions they are always trying to escape reality whether it is real or not. Sadly they become a victim of the people who could not understand them. Fortunately, Astrology Pisces astrology will help you in troubleshooting material problems as well as any emotions that trouble your mind beyond measures. These fishes tend to be spiritually motivated, but they have to realize that they can be the best source of inspiration around when they take an hour out of their day to think about what direction they want to go in. Pisces constellation is described on Wikipedia.

What type of Pisces strengths and weaknesses are?

This mutable water star is associated with dreams and spiritual attainment like celestial bodies such as the moon. Horoscope Pisces has the ethereal fish creatures described as creativity, imagination, and illusion, adore seeking their boundless imaginations. February zodiac is ruled by Neptune, it oversees illusion and escapism. Pisces dates lies between February and march and there energy is known as the energy of the ocean (waves can destroy strong mountains)  which is magical, mysterious, and often scary. Pisces sign with mutable quality symbolizes the unconscious mind – mysterious like an abyss but also magical like a fairy. 

What is special about Pisces or Pisces symbol? 

Pisces qualities are notorious as loving fish.  Fishes are loving creatures not just because they are usually good-natured and pleasant in temper. Since zodiac Pisces is symbolized by fish, describing two people in a fishbowl swimming around each other thinking of kissing and hugging, or cuddling. These special lovers are capable to build internal connection which completely removes one person from reality and replace into another world. Mostly fear of loosing their loved ones, drive people apart from their loved ones. But Pisces fish has fear, which pushes them into romance, love is the only strength which keeps them together with people and overcomes the hurdles. They are not just looking for love, they are mutable to find their soulmate or someone who connects with them on another level they will spend time to get to know someone and are ready to move mountains. 

What are Pisces weaknesses? 

  • Pisces is an emotional sign of Water which makes them sensitive and Intuitive. They just want to run from reality symbolically speaking, they don’t care what is right and wrong they have a concern just about their emotions.
  • Due to their immense sensitivity and imagination, Pisces zodiac sign constellation can easily become the victim of their emotions.
  • This water sign is not a confrontational sign they are always in try to deal with problems with an optimistic view or a positive view.
  • Pisces individuals can sense external emotions on top of having a compassionate and empathetic nature. If they maintain the right levels of self-control and don’t let other people’s emotions overwhelm them it would be helpful to make great decisions in business. 
  • Warm, outgoing, and tolerant, they are wonderful at leading a hand to others, often times forgetting about the needs of those closest to them.
  • Pisces birthday comes before 20 march. They are very compassionate and do what’s needed. They act first and think later. Manytimes fish zodiacs ignore the important details which lead to problems.

Who should Pisces avoid?

Pisces are not aggressive they deal everything with positivity and optimistic view. This sign is least compatible with Gemini, sagittarius, and aquarius. T hese signs are aggressive and energetic like fire. Always try to understand Pisces personality because they are wiser then they look. Because they lived in two worlds one in their head which is fantasy huge like mermaids and second is real wold.  Many times their imagination trapped them in troubles. These water sign fishes are crazy to the point of frustration because they want to take lead on anything. Being emotional pisces take everything to heart. Having two fishes in their symbol they hate to be blamed for anything,  on the other hand they feel responsible and guilty to every bad thing which happens in the world.   

Pisces love and sex 

The zodiac sign of pisces is a symbol of fidelity and partnership. People born under the star sign of pisces are very kind and caring towards others. This star is quite tradionalist, with an intense view on intimacy in relationship. In all zodiac sings they are known for their gentle approach to relationships and is a sign of incorrigible romantics. Extremely gentle and generous with their partner. Since this star hs mutable quality thats why, pisces need to feel real connection with their partners to become comfortable enough. By opening up and finding that inner sense of absolute faith in an ideal love which drives them away from any kind of change. 

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