People Share Pictures Of How Just Living Their Normal Lives They Met With Celebrities.

by heatfeed

We cannot expect to meet with celebrities just living our mundane routine. If someone does, they don’t find the courage to go and talk to them. Because celebrities are always clouded by attention. Fans are always requesting them for this and that. But still, nothing stops some people from interacting with them. Most of the time the encounter turns out to be pretty nice.

SUch few courageous people also shared pictures from the encounters and here is a list of the best ones to see.

1. My Grandmother Who Is 99, Today Met Her Favourite Celebrity Denzel Washington.

My Grandmother worked for 50 years in a public library in Mt.Vernon, NY. If you get to meet her she will tell you a story I have listened to 300+ times. 

She will tell you how she gave  Denzel his library card for the first time. Moreover how meeting him was so cute and how he was so wonderful.

Well mont ago it was her 99th birthday and she wanted to make it special. So the nursing home somehow arranged for Denzel to call her. He promised her on call that he will meet her in December when he comes to the city. He was nice enough to drop by. HE was holding her hand and laughing with her as they were old friends. HE teared up seeing her respect for him. She also gave him her hand-knitted three scarves for his wife, mother, and him. I along with my mama was there with them. It was an amazing experience.

2. Tonight I met with Jack Black.

I met my favorite actor tonight. Looking in my eyes he said, I feel like I am looking into a young mirror. My doppelganger departed saying ‘goodnight’. It’s the best night of my whole life.

3. One year ago I get to troll Hugh Jackman:

Yes! Ryan saw this. Moreover, Both Ryan and Hugh posted these photos on their Instagram.

4. Awkward! I met with Jim Carry.

 I would have never imagined he would be so cool to make faces with me. But turn out that he was so in. He was seriously awesome, cool, and wonderful.

5. I get to meet Jeff (Goldblum) the last night.

I met him On a night train going to Prague. We were in the same wagon. We enjoyed softly getting wasted while drinking and talking.

6. On a five-hour plane ride. I met Christian Bale, the coolest guy.

I  remained quite polite. I didn’t disturb him for most of the flight time. But then suddenly I asked him for a photo and told him that I am a big fan. I wish I could talk more but most importantly I didn’t want to disturb him. So I didn’t.

7. My dad sent me a picture of my mum sitting with  Chris Prat last night at a charity dinner.

My mum told me it didn’t felt like she was meeting with a celebrity as he talked so nicely. He was caring about their lives. Moreover, he was very excited for his six-year-old kid was finally going to kindergarten.

8. Yesterday I get to meet with my favorite Dave Grohl and get to take a selfie with the foo fighters. I was nearly killed by the tour manager.

The manager seemed strict. It seemed like he only considers at heart the band’s best interest. But when he noticed they were happy. He was so sweet that he took a photo of me taking a selfie.

9. In 1970, My dad met with Muhammad Ali.

 Try to look up. I hope your dad will e doing fine after this click.

 Lol, Yes he was. But I  hope he would have put some sense in him too.

10. I met with Steve Buscemi.

 He is a Reddit Legend. I told him. Although, he wasn’t sure about the meaning of this. He said it makes me happy.

11. I met Andras Arato.

Although in my time, I have met many interesting people. But this one was just so special.

12. I met Arnold Schwarzenegger.

 I met him at the gym. Being female and doing frontal raises, he gave me props.

13. I met Tom Hanks, explained banana to him. Pretty awkward!

I was at the bar when he walked in. I was lucky enough as 711 sold bananas the next door. I asked him that I have a weird picture request. He was happy to fulfill. He was a nice guy.

14. I get to meet an absolute legend, Richard Karn.

 I requested him to say,” I don’t think that’s such a good idea, Tim. He laughed at this. He was such a nice guy, kept smiling all the time.

15. While shopping, I met Hidetoshi Imura.

I was noticing his shirt and didn’t realize it was him. When I do, my heart stopped beating.

16. This evening, I met Pierce Brosnan.

 He apologized for disturbing my birthday party After he left, a lot of amazing things came to me to say to him.  I even have his initials tattooed on my wrist. Although they symbolize something else but still I could have earned extra points.

17. I met Bruce Campbell.

In 1996, I met him at a  wedding reception. Here we are sharing a strawberry.

18. I met Adam Sandler.

At a food court, I met him. I do it quickly because I don’t want to seem obnoxious. He said to me” “Thanks Bro”.

19. I met John Cena.

 I met him at a restaurant. He is my idol. He is so amazing.

20. I met Guy Fieri, the mayor of Flavortown.

He was very humble. I only got a few minutes to talk. But he was super cool.