Let Me Show You How I Use Photography And Photoshop To Escape Reality (20 Pics)

by heatfeed

Creativity helps you to see through your inner self. It helps you to explore your thoughts. Everyone has a hidden dreamland inside them. The world they want to live in is hidden somewhere inside our minds. 

In fact, it is the only key to reach and explore the unknown places inside you. You can create and show your dreamland to all by doing different creative activities like painting, sketching, picture manipulation through photoshop.

The only way to live in your dreamland is to create it. Hayley Roberts, a daydreamer, used creative photography and stunning photoshop editing to create her dreamland. 

The artist claims that before using photoshop tools she believed that she was not creative enough to do such things. She explored herself while exploring the tools. And create such beautiful fantasies.

Furthermore, In a desire to escape from reality she created some amazing pieces of art by using her dynamic skills of photography and photoshop. Let’s have a look at Hayley’s version of this world, a few selected pictures from her gallery are given below.


"My Neighbor" – Exploring Forced Perspective

It might be possible that every single picture she created was associated with some events or happening or a childhood memory of her life. Or it could be just editing to switch reality into fantasy.

The way she creates the perfect piece of photography is really meritorious.


"Hear Us" – Creating Invisible People

Usually, she used a bunch of raw pictures (not edited) to portray her thoughts about a specific thing. Or to explain her perspective to see the world.


"The Wrong Dress" – Making Miniatures

The after-effects she uses in her editing are exceptional. No one could guess at once that it is photoshopped. The color correction, tones, and shades, hues, and saturation are perfectly applied on every inch of all pictures.


"The Chrysanthemum" – Faking Underwater Scenes


"Back Breaks And Heart Aches" – Learning How To Levitate


"The Stars Are Falling" – Turning Day Into Night

Photo manipulation is a really difficult task, but Hayley is a perfectionist. The way she uses lights and darks to change the sky colors or to create her desired background is amazing.


"Spellbound" – Adding Special Effects


"Metamorphosis" – Trying Out Digital Painting

Hayley Roberts is also a digital artist. She also creates conceptual digital art. Digital art-making is a tough process. You have to pick every small thing carefully. 

In other words, covering reality in order to find the escape point is difficult yet interesting too. 


"The Crossing" – Using Opacity To Call Up The Dead


"Seasons Change" – Dispersing Away Into Nothing

She is a self-taught photographer and photoshop master. Once she said, she first found the concept (idea) of the picture, then started making it using a different medium.

She wrote notes on 100 plus photoshop techniques and shared them with us.


"Farewell, My Lovely" – Using Silhouettes To Tell Stories


"If You Go Down To The Woods Today" – Extending Hair And Dresses


Escaping from reality is one of the biggest benefits of being creative. Creating artwork that lets you escape from reality is important to release stress. It is a psychologically proven fact. 

Creative activities that involve talking with yourself can help you release stress and cure depression.


"Silenced" – Using The Smudge Tool To Turn A Photo Into A Painting


"Vengeance" – Created To Try Out HDR


"Words Escape Me" – Creating Photoshop Brushes


"The Fatal Attraction" – Making Objects Float And Multiplicity


"Storm Clouds Gather" – Using Black And White With Selective Colour


"Deer Petal" – Mirroring An Image


"Invasion" – Messing With Perspective To Make Giants

Final Thoughts:

Creating something imaginary out of real things is really interesting. It could give you a chance to explore the beauty of your own “eye”. The world is what, we want to see it.