Photos Of Famous Celebrities Captured Before Their Death

by heatfeed

We love our favorite celebrities, and never want them to go away. But like all humans, they leave this world too in an unexpected way. People were shocked by their sudden death and their demise keep the fans sad for various years.

For example, Michael Jackson is considered the king of pop. Nobody expected him to leave the world at the height of his career but he died of an overdose one night and people still mourn for him.

Such happy-looking, celebrated people whom no one could doubt could have any problem in their life, are actually the saddest people in the world.

We should love them for they try really hard to bring art into existence. Art is the highest form of expression, so a hint of respect should be shown to the people who bring it forth.

  1. Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy is known for her role as Tai Fraiser in Clueless. Her extraordinary performance makes her get more of Murphy’s roles.  In this picture, she looks weak, Brittany passed away after a week due to pneumonia. She was just 32 years old at the time of her death.

2. Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin, is known for his life with wild animals. He has loved animals since his childhood years, his parents owned a zoo in Australia.

This picture was captured right before he dived into the water for a stingray project. He was stabbed by a stingray and passed away on his way to the hospital. His wife and two children are continuing his legacy to this day.

3. Chadwick Boseman

Chadwick Boseman is known for his role as King T’Challa in Black Panther. Many people got inspired by his role in the movie.

In this picture, it is visible how much weight he has lost. No one was aware of his battle with colon cancer. He lost his life to cancer on 28 August 2020.

4. Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant was one of the most iconic basketball players of all time. He achieved so much throughout his career. Bryant was the father of four beautiful daughters, his daughter Giana was also in the helicopter crash.

On January 26, 2020, Bryant and his daughter with six other members were in the helicopter. Due to weather conditions, the helicopter crashed, leaving him and others dead.

5. David Bowie

David Bowie was one of the most legendary singers of all time. He also influenced the fashion world with his unique style.

At the launch party for his album Blackstar two days before death, he was all energetic and joyous. He lost his life against liver diagnosis, the news came as a shock to his fans.

6. Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley is famous for his iconic Rock and Roll music. He introduced this genre to the world. The fans were wild to see him on stage.

He got into drugs after the split with Priscila Presley. In 1977, he looked so ill in his Indianapolis show. After two months, he was found dead in his home.

Ginger Alden, the singer’s girlfriend, discovered him comatose on the master suite bathroom floor. Elvis was rushed to Baptist Memorial Hospital by ambulance and pronounced dead at 3:30 p.m. after attempts to resuscitate him failed.

7. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson changed the dynamics of music completely. His songs, and exceptional dance moves are still loved by the fans.

Michael Jackson’s Thriller is the best-selling music album of all time. Two days before his death, he was seen rehearsing. He died at the age of 50, leaving millions of his fans sad.

Michael Jackson may have been the greatest recognized music singer in the world, but he was a sad, lonely man who lived for his children and yearned for a more regular life.

So say Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard, his two bodyguards who were with him nearly 24 hours a day for the last two and a half years of his life.

They have published a book on Jackson’s final years in seclusion with his children, his financial troubles, and the weeks leading up to his death on June 25, 2009, almost five years after his death.

Its goal, according to its creators, is to clear the air and create an image of a superstar who, despite his peculiarities, was a decent father to Prince, now 17, Paris, 16, and Blanket, 12, despite his eccentricities.

8. Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa was a singer, songwriter, and music composer. He experiments with his voice to produce a unique and new sound. In the last interview, he was looking sick and weak.

He lost his battle against Prostate cancer in 1993. Zappa was against drugs but consumed a lot of tobacco throughout his life.

Frank Zappa was one of the most original and diverse rock artists of his period, with a massive body of work spanning practically every genre of music – but he wouldn’t have wanted to hear any of it.

In a career spanning more than three decades, the mercurial genius consciously avoided such titles and excessive public adulation, and focused instead on the art itself. After a protracted fight with prostate cancer, he died on Dec. 4, 1993, at the age of 52.

9. Lee Harvey Oswald

Lee Harvey Oswald was the killer of President John F. Kennedy. He was once a marine and shifted back to the United States from Russia. He shot and killed President JFK in 1963.

On the next morning, when he was taken for prosecution, he was killed by Jack Ruby. Jack Ruby was the owner of the nightclub.

The president of the United States was assassinated at midday on Dallas Street. the official broadcast news was something like this he had already died but was barely alive until then. In that interpretation, Lee Harvey Oswald is the sole perpetrator of John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

The bullet which hit Kennedy didn’t match the weapon, and the bullet does not match the holes in his body. The accused did not match the charge: Oswald was a terrible shot with a poor body, yet his actions were those of a champion marksman and Olympic sprinter, according to the official version.

He has shot an antique rifle with unbelievable speed, and his magic bullet has turned and twisted acrobatically to enter Kennedy, while Texas Governor John Connally has miraculously survived. It is feared that in the assassination of F. Kennedy, innocent people were taken down.

  1. Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger moved to the United States from Australia to pursue his dream of being an actor. His extraordinary performance in The Dark Knight, Brokeback Mountain earned him praise and many awards. He could not get out of the Joker character and started to struggle with mental health. Ledger’s last movie was released after his death.

Heath Ledger’s decline had already started months earlier, when Michelle Williams, his partner, and mother of his then-two-year-old daughter, ended their relationship and ejected him from their Brooklyn home. Williams has never given an official reason for their breakup, although most sources claim she was sick up with Ledger’s lifestyle and drug misuse.

Heath Ledger moved into a SoHo apartment in Manhattan after their breakup. He would take the fatal cocktail of medications that resulted in his accidental overdose there. When he moved, Ledger was filming The Joker in The Dark Knight, which would become his most famous role. His physical and emotional commitment to the part and his nearly mad attachment to the character certainly took a toll on him. He desired an unusual performance. Christopher Nolan, who directed The Dark Knight, said of his performance that it’s huge and out of the world.

  1. Princess Diana

Princess Diana is still famous due to her unique style and philanthropy services. Many people from all around the world adore her beauty and style. She was always the center of news, paparazzi used to follow her all the time. In Paris, she died in a car crash along with her friend and driver. Her funeral was watched by 2.5 billion people in the world, and 2.5 million people mourned her death outside Westminster.

Princess Diana’s untimely demise solidified her place in the hearts and imaginations of millions as the People’s Princess. Discover the shocking details about Princess Diana’s vehicle accident.

Xavier Gourmelon, a French firefighter was the first official responder at the accident scene of the accident. He revealed in The Sun in 2017 that he heard Diana, say, “My God, what’s happened,” just before she went into cardiac arrest while Gourmelon administered CPR. Princess Diana’s final words could have been them. However, tales of Diana screaming, “Oh my God, leave me alone,” or constantly crying out in pain continue to this day. She was the most beautiful combination of delicacy and philanthropy. She had various wrongdoers and naysayers but her popularity rocks even today. 

  1. Kelly Preston

Kelly Preston was born in Hawaii, she pursued her career in 1985. She has performed in movies For Love of the Game, Twins, etc.  She shared a loving bond with her husband John Travolta. She passed away from her battle with breast cancer in 2020, leaving her fans sad and in shock. Preston hides her cancer battle from the world, news came out as a shock for many people.

For nearly 29 years, the couple had been married. Preston had roles in Twins, From Dusk Till Dawn, Jerry Maguire, and The Cat in the Hat during his career. She also worked on Battlefield Earth and Old Dogs with her spouse. Travolta thanked the medical personnel who had cared for his wife, “as well as her numerous friends and loved ones who have been by her side,” in his post.

“I’ll be spending some time with my children, who have recently lost their mother, so please bear with us if you don’t hear from us for a bit. But just know that as we heal in the coming weeks and months, I will feel your love. JT, all my love “.

  1. Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston had the most melodious voice. She received a Guinness World Record for the most earned awards by any artist. Houston had a rough life and indulged in drugs too. She was supposed to perform in 2012 at a Pre-Grammy party. Two days before the event, she was captured and looked intoxicated. On the day of the event, she passed away.

Whitney kept a lot of things hidden from her fans during her career, including her decades-long fight with drug addiction and a secret lesbian relationship. She had this huge problem and no one was able to understand it.

Whitney was bisexual and had a hidden lesbian relationship with her secretary Robyn Crawford, according to reports from 2016, but she kept it quiet to avoid hurting her mother, Cissy.

“I truly believe that if Robyn had been let into Whitney’s life, Whitney would still be alive today,” Whitney’s ex-husband Bobby Brown told Us Weekly magazine. She had lost touch with her close friends.”

In her 2013 book Remembering Whitney, Cissy discussed her hate for Robyn. She was questioned if she would have been worried if her daughter had been gay in an interview with Oprah. “Absolutely,” Cissy retorted.

  1. Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Franklin Delano Roosevelt is one of the most famous presidents of the United States. He was the one who pulled America through the economic difficulties and led the nation from the front. When it was his fourth term, he felt bad and went home. He was supposed to address the founding meeting of the United Nations. On April 12, 1945, he told his wife about his headache. He died later that evening.

On March 29, 1945, the President went to Warm Springs, Georgia, on the doctor’s suggestion, to recover from what was thought to be weariness. Roosevelt fainted in a chair while he sat for a portrait painting at 1:15 p.m., complaining of a terrible headache. He was proclaimed dead at the age of 63 after only two hours. His demise saddened the whole of America. He was a man of true ability and blessed America with his confidence and sportsmanship.

  1. Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Phillip Seymour Hoffman attended NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. After graduation, he got the role in Law and Order. Later, he performed in Scent of a Woman and became worldwide famous. In 2014, he attended the Sundance film festival, no one knew that it would be his last appearance. He was always struggling with heroin, just two weeks after the picture was captured, he passed away.

Philip Seymour Hoffman, perhaps the most enterprising and widely marveled American actor of his era, died on Sunday at an apartment in Greenwich Village he was renting as an office. Hoffman gave a three-dimensional contribution to a wide range of sidekicks, villains, and leading men on screen and embraced some of the theater’s most burdensome roles on Broadway. He was 46 when he died. The world mourn his sad demise.