🕴️ Person in Suit Levitating Emoji

Person In Suit Levitating

Emoji Meaning:

This activity shows a person with a suit, levitating on the ground with a shadow seen underneath him. In the image, the man is wearing a headpiece looking like a fedora hat.

The emoji was initially launched into Webdings font (a TrueType dingbat typeface) as an “Exclamation mark” made to represent the expression of a rude boy, the logo found by “The Specials” on the records. The person in levitating suit was originally named and known as ‘Walt Jabsco’.

It was originally approved as a type/part of Unicode 7.0 in the year 2014, under the category of “Man In Business Suit Levitating”. Later on, in 2015 Emoji 1.0 was also added.

Also Known As

🕴️ Hovering Man

🕴️ Rude Boy

🕴️ Walt Jabsco


🕴️ U+1F574

🕴️ U+FE0F


🕴️ : business_suit_levitating: (Github)

🕴️ : man_in_business_suit_levitating: (Slack)

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