15 people who won’t be getting “fooled” anytime soon!

by heatfeed
15 people who won’t be getting “fooled” anytime soon!
15 people who won’t be getting “fooled” anytime soon!

Sometimes I do something so dumb that I start regretting all my life decisions, but then all of a sudden, I see someone do something ever dumber, and then I’m like- ok maybe I’m not the stupidest person around here after all. 

I tend to believe that I’m a smart, collective, and the coolest person you’ll ever meet in your life- that is until I do something so extremely imprudent, it makes me look like a bonehead. To be very honest, this cycle is endless and repeats every single day. But hey, even if I am not Einstein, I am still smarter than some of these people listed in this article. 

Check out these 17 people who did something so foolish, they won’t be getting “fooled” anytime soon. Let us know about your favorite ones in the comment section: 

 1. So courageous: 

So courageous

Did you know that models don’t eat anything before big fashion shows and red carpets? Well, our favorite Victoria’s Secret supermodel, Kendall Jenner made a brave move when she ate a grilled cheeseburger, fries and, crepes before attending the Met Gala 2019. This story truly gave all the people suffering around the world some major strength. 

2. Don’t try this at home: 

2, Don’t try this at home

We all wanted to create a one-of-a-kind penny and this person took that to a whole new level. Microwaving a penny for 2 minutes to see what happens to it? Probably not the best idea, if I am being honest. 

3. Maybe she likes getting a flu: 

3, Maybe she likes getting the flu

People are shaming this nurse for not getting the necessary Flu vaccine, and I’ll be honest, I don’t blame those people for calling her out like this, given her career. Maybe she just likes getting the flu, or maybe she is just afraid of needles. Who knows? 

4. She failed in Math: 

4, She failed in Math

We all know that if someone is half your age at some point in life, they are going to be half your age the rest of their lives as well. I am definite that this person failed badly in Maths in School, or maybe she is just confirming. 

5. A new way to check time: 

5, A new way to check time

Did you know that people are putting up their clocks upside down now? If not, then this Instagram post of this young mom and her baby looking ever so cute is the proof. Can you spot what’s wrong with this photograph? 

6. Wait, you guys have friends? 

6, Wait, you guys have friends

Ideally, people have enough friends to share a big 2lbs birthday cake on their birthdays. Even though it’s great to have a large friend group, one should never have so many friends that it deprives them of having a big portion of their own birthday cake and leftovers. 

7. I love the look: 

7, I love the look

The cops in Barcelona pulled called out this guy out of a line at the airport because he was smuggling drugs under his toupee. In my opinion, this would make a pretty cool hair trend. 

8. What a horrible day: 

8, What a horrible day

This guy spilled something on his crotch earlier, and when people spill something over their clothes, it is usually soda, water, or something like that. However, this guy ruined his day by spilling permanent dye on his crotch area, causing the ‘thing’ under them to discolor. 

9. Hold on: 

9, Hold on

This man was surely using 100 percent of his brain when he cut off his own finger after getting bitten by a snake. It’s important to consult a doctor before jumping to conclusions. 

10. Don’t mess with him: 

10, Don’t mess with him

If someone has a large stock of Googly eyes and putting it all over the office, don’t mess with that person. And, don’t tempt fate trying to call him out publicly. Who knows where you’ll end up? 

11. How is this even possible? 

11, How is this even possible

Don’t worry; the French are not trying to deceive their customers by pulling a fast one. The poor company just wanted to give us some extra mustard people! 

12. So far away: 

12, So far away

It’s always a miserable time when you are playing with your friends and accidentally throw the ball at your neighbor’s yard. However, it is a special kind of torture when you actually see the number of balls you have lost over the years. 

13. Patience is the key: 

13, Patience is the key

I must say that I appreciate the receiver for his patience. If it were me, I would have blocked the guy straight away or would’ve told him to just leave me alone forever. 

14. So a plane right?:

14, So a plane righ

This is actually not a bad idea, I mean, who doesn’t want to see a plane that doesn’t even fly? 

15. I’m dying of laughter

15, m dying of laughter

So this newspaper in Bangladesh thought it might be a good idea to put a photo of Dustin and Lucas from stranger things as childhood pictures of famous footballers Samuel Umtiti and Antoine Griezmann. I can’t even imagine what they were thinking. Maybe their mind went something like “Hey, they look similar, they must be the same dudes right?”