People Shared Their Weirdest And Funniest Family Photos Involving Celebrities

by heatfeed

In this article, people share pictures of their family’s craziest and funny moments and it was liked by many people. It also includes pictures of celebrities and people who look like celebrities.

1 Bill The Babysitter

A person shares the picture of Bill who does babysitting in the early ’80s of him and his brother. 

2 Hail To The Queen

A person shares his uncle’s picture where he falls down in front of the queen.

3 The Dad Identity

A person shares the picture of his parent’s wedding where he compares his dad’s look with Matt Damon.

4 The Other Man

A person shares the picture of his friend’s grandmother where his grandmother has edited the photo of his late husband with the picture of Leonardo DiCaprio cut from the newspaper.

5 Grandpa Johnny

A person shares his grandfather’s picture where he looks like  Johnny Depp.

6 Double Doppelganger

Twin brother’s shared their photo with property brothers.

7 Bill Nye The Party Guy

A guy found a picture of Bill nye dancing at the party which was arranged by his mother.

8 Dad And The King

A person shares his dad’s picture with Elvin and said that he never believed that his father and Elvin hang out together.

9 Nick Fury’s Fury

10 Caddyshack 3

11 This Magic Moment

A persons share a picture of his dad in which his dad was holding magic johnson. He added that his father had a lot of celebrity friends.

12 Baby Devito

A father share’s his son’s picture where he was looking like Danny DeVito.

13 Grandma

14 The Fool, Pitied

A person shares her picture as a baby with his mother capturing with vintage Polaroid of Mr. T.

15 More Harry Than Harry

A person shares his son’s photo where is standing with Harry Potter the star and he himself is looking like harry potter.

16 Dad vs. His Airness

17 The Two Rons

18 Black Swan Boy

A girl shares her friend’s picture where she was looking like  Natalie Portman in her 13.

19 Chappelle’s Show

A picture where Dave Chappelle ruins a couple’s photo.

20 High And Lowe

A husband shares the picture of her life where she is posing with Rob Lowe and smiling while in the next one she is standing with him with constant face expressions.

21 Welcome To My Nightmare

22 Galifanotkis

23 Don’t Sweat It

24 Grandpa Jack

25 Busted By Elton

26 National Treasure

27 Grandpa 007

28 Little Elton

29 Looper

30 Grandpa Matthew

31 Grandma Kimmel

32 Wax On, Wax Off

33 Cock Of The Walk

34 Hands Off

35 Fake Gyllenhaal

36 Grandpa Channing

37 Ted 2

38 Hassled By The Hoff

39 Stranger Things

40 Styling The Magnum

41 Seeing Is Believing

42 Franco-Phile

43 Brains And Brawn

44 Busted By Bey

45 Jessie’s Girl

46 Girl George

47 The Bathroom Goldblum

48 Gold Medal Doppelganger

49 Beyonce Recreation

50 Busted By A Ghostbuster