40 Times People Cheated the System By Acting Like They Belong

by heatfeed

Our sense of identity stems from our sense of belonging. We can’t who we are, and what is our purpose in this world until we determine where we belong. People spend their lifetimes searching for their roots. But then there are some who know how to hack the system. 

Reddit has a 520K-strong subreddit named r/ActLikeYouBelong. You might wonder why there are so many. It features tales, photos, and videos of people who are posing as someone they aren’t.

You’d be amazed how many of these wicked geniuses get away with it, from a man acting as a delivery driver and stealing alcohol to a lady bluffing her way into a music festival as a photographer.

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#1 The boss who was a thief

Wage theft is a significant criminal offense. Employers steal more than $19 billion from their own employees each year, according to the FBI and legal analysts. This is more than the sum of burglary, larceny, and auto theft.

According to the Economic Policy Institute’s detailed investigation, tens of millions of people had their earnings stolen, totaling $50 billion per year.

Worse, most employees are unaware that their superiors are stealing from them. As a result, the majority of employees do nothing.

Examine this website to determine whether your boss is stealing from you by neglecting to pay you appropriate overtime, minimum wage, spread of hours compensation, or any other wage and hour violation.

This narrative is as authentic as the film Catch Me If You Can. Did you know the film is based on true events? It turns out that a lot of scammers use stolen identities like this. When you think about it, it’s a little frightening.

This story is as legit as the movie Catch Me If You Can. Did you know the movie is based on real life?  Turns out there are a lot of scammers who have stolen identities like this. A bit scary if you think about it.

 #2 The best man who acted as if he belonged 

This is the best military strategy ever. Act like a rock so no one can know you are a deadly soldier actually.

Often in life, the guy who is stupid enough to have an idea smashes a home run and saves the day.

This appears to have happened in 1942 on the HNLMS Abraham Crijnssen, the only Dutch cruiser to survive the Battle of the Java Sea.

Originally scheduled to proceed to Australia with three other warships, the stranded minesweeper was forced to make the dangerous journey alone.

The slow-moving cruiser could only attain 15 knots and was armed with a single 3-inch gun and two Oerlikon 20mm cannons, making her a sitting duck for the buzzing Japanese aircraft.

Knowing that making it to Australia was their only hope of survival, the Crijnssen’s 45 crewmen scrambled for strategies to avoid notice. The winning idea? Convert the ship into an island.

“Now folks, just hear me out…”, the crazy-idea guy says, anticipating his shipmates’ skepticism. Fortunately for him, Abraham Crijnessen was limited on time, resources, and alternate escape routes, making the island concept the best option.

#3 In Iran, women are not permitted to attend soccer matches. In order to celebrate the Persepolis Championship in Iran’s Persian Gulf Pro League, five girls sneak into Azadi Stadium in disguise.

Kudos to these women for being the best impersonators in the history of the world. These women deserve trophies as they are the most diehard fans of football.

According to Iranian media, hundreds of Iranian women were denied entry to a stadium in northeast Iran on Tuesday to see their national team’s World Cup qualification match against Lebanon.

Despite holding match tickets, the women were denied access to the Imam Reza Stadium in Mashhad, the holiest Shia city, according to the semi-official Fars news agency.

According to Fars, the women staged a demonstration outside the stadium after they were denied entry.

“They stated ladies can buy tickets and enter the stadium,” one woman said to Fars outside the stadium. We were on the website from 12 p.m. until 8 p.m. yesterday in order to purchase tickets. All of the ladies present have tickets. We took time off work and spent a lot of money, but now they claim ladies are not allowed in.”

“Why did they sell us tickets if ladies aren’t allowed in?” another woman wondered.

Security forces were seen deploying pepper spray at the women outside the stadium, according to a video uploaded on social media.

FIFA said in a statement to Al Arabiya English that it “has received with concern allegations that women were not allowed at the match in Mashhad yesterday and is requesting additional information on this topic from the Iranian Football Federation.

“FIFA’s position on the presence of women at football matches in the Islamic Republic of Iran is clear: historic progress has been made – as exemplified by the landmark in October 2019, when thousands of women were allowed into the stadium for the first time in 40 years, and more recently when some women were allowed again at the FIFA World Cup qualifier match in Tehran in January – and FIFA expects this to continue, as there can be no turning back.”

#4 The best mom ever

This is proof that your mom can do anything for you. Your happiness is your mom’s first priority.

When single mother Yevette Vasquez dropped her kid off at school recently, she noticed there were more automobiles than usual in the parking lot. When she asked her son Elijah what was going on, he explained that the school was hosting a breakfast event called ‘Donuts with Dads.’

Yevette, from Texas, did what any mother would do in such a situation: she drove home, changed into a plaid shirt, a Rangers baseball cap, a chain, a false mustache, and even a dab of cologne, and returned to school incognito so Elijah could enjoy some doughnuts with “dad.”

“I know seeing other dads with their kids is difficult for mine, but that’s life,” Vasquez posted on Facebook. “At the very least, I can do whatever it takes to make that face happy.” And, as you can see, she did exactly that. We salute you, Yevette Vasquez.

#5 The lady who spent hours looking for… herself.

Disguise is the best role to play when searching for yourself. This woman can make a great spy for the secret services.

A woman who went missing in Iceland over the weekend was discovered safe and sound by herself.

According to the Grapevine, the not-so-missing woman – a visitor – even assisted in the weekend police hunt at Eldgja canyon in Iceland’s southern volcanic region.

The mix-up probably occurred when the woman separated from her tourist group and changed clothing on Saturday, according to the Grapevine, quoting an Icelandic news website.

The remainder of her tour group did not recognize her when she returned to the bus in a different dress. When a description of the “lost person” was given – Asian, dressed in dark attire, and fluent in English – the woman apparently did not identify the description as herself, so she began to aid the others in their search.

#6 The imposter who fooled police

This is how you escape when being chased by police. What a brilliant man this one is! Bravo dude.

On Saturday, police detained a man for defrauding people.

For the past eight years, he has assumed the guise of a federal minister. According to a spokeswoman for Lahore’s Federal Investigation Agency, Salamat Ali Chohan had been impersonating the federal commercial and consumer affairs minister and defrauding individuals under the pretense of granting them government loans.

The suspect was believed to have assigned himself an official PTCL landline number during the last eight years. He had also requested an office, personnel, and vehicles at Chamba House, the official dormitory for elected legislators.

Salamat had also written a letter to the police and the provincial administration, according to the FIA spokesperson, asking for official security.

#7  I would do this as well

I lowkey want to try this at my KFC but I am pretty sure there are only 20% chances of it working. However, good for this dude who carried this prank.

In South Africa, a 27-year-old student was arrested for consuming free KFC for a year. He used to tell the employees that he had been sent from KFC headquarters to do a quality check.

The individual, whose identity has not been revealed, was a student at the South Africa’s University of KwaZulu-Natal. He ate for free at different KFC locations every day for a year by telling the same tale every time.

He used to come into KFC with confidence and tell the employees that he was sent from KFC headquarters to ensure the quality of the food supplied in the location.

Teddy Eugene, a Kenyan journalist, announced the news on his official Twitter account. “South African man arrested for dining at KFC for free for a year by saying head office sent him to taste if they are up to quality,” the tweet read. South African man arrested for eating free at KFC for a year by claiming the head office sent him to see if the food was up to quality.

#8 The man who came back

Revenge in its finest form! Give this man an honorary Oscar, please.

#9 A band guitarist pretending to be a random fan to answer media’s questions

Hence it is true, that you are your biggest fan.

The Instagram account @moshermags, which shares notable portions from antique metal magazines, has found a gem: a 1999 issue of Kerrang! in which System of a Down guitarist Daron Malakian, then 23, pretended to be a random fan in order to laud the band’s praises.

Malakian’s ruse was mentioned in an article on the Dynamo Open Air in the Netherlands that year. Fans at the festival were asked which band gave the best performance and which band was the biggest (presumably positive) surprise.

Malakian responded to both queries with SOAD, adding, “If you guys missed System Of A Down, you missed everything.” They completely blew me away.”

#10 Acting Like I Belonged, someone painted This Mural 

illegally During the Day

That is one beautiful and striking mural. 

#11 The classic hack

Glad the guys didn’t report him to the police. But this is one hell of an experience.

#12 People as bus

Russian people always surprise me. They are such innovative individuals.

#13 A guy disguising himself to appear in a yearbook twice

Make sure you do this too so you can brag to your grandchildren about it.

#14 A guy pretending to be TMZ to get this photo

This photo of Tom is such eye candy. Bless the guy who took this.

#15 Dad, who couldn’t get a restaurant reservation, calls back pretending to be Morocco’s Prime Minister. Gets the best seat in the house and gives the chef a plate to sign.

This is some next-level planning. Hope he got the best food there. The chef is going to say when he learns the truth.

A desperate man got a table at a popular restaurant by impersonating Morocco’s prime minister.

The anonymous diner was let down when he was told there wasn’t enough room at the restaurant for him and his family.

But, refusing to be beaten, he called again minutes later, claiming to be Morocco’s 62-year-old leader, Saadeddine Othmani.

The staff instantly booked him in after being duped into believing a VIP from Russia was coming to eat at the restaurant. The wait staff was so certain that the diner was Prime Minister Othmani that they asked him to sign one of their plates.

Online video shows the man shaking hands with a smug-looking chef.

‘My dad attempted to make a reservation at a restaurant and they told him that they were completely booked,’ the Twitter user explained. ‘Minutes later, he called back claiming to be the Prime Minister of Morocco.’

‘We got the nicest table in the house, and the chef responded by asking him to sign a plate and take a picture (with) him.’

The video has received tens of thousands of retweets and over 150,000 likes on Twitter.

#16  The guy who was a fake surgeon 

What matters is that the patient’s survived.

#17 Using Bottles Of Water And A Hi-Vis Vest, guys Sneaked Into A Festival

Now, this is something I want to try for sure.

#18 How to eat for free

I need friends too that will tell me about free food. But let’s be honest, this will not be possible in today’s world.

#19 Comedian Gallagher assumed I was an interpreter for him when he saw me signing to my deaf son in front of the stage at his show in Alaska. On stage, I signed the entire show (Me Far Left)

This dad has to be the best dad in the world.

#20 A Lethal Weapon in Your Army

it could be dangerous to play this in the world but worth a shot for sure.

#21  Drugs addict robs Drug addict

Just a drug addict stealing from another drug addict.

#22 the perfect guy

This guy is a genius for sure. He has cracked the code of being an imposter.

#23 what a real brother would do for you

Nothing better than the beer your best friend gives you on the battlefield. Why don’t we teach this story of true friendship at school?

And that is how you avoid copyright strike kids.

#25 This guy is a living legend.  

Congratulations on your graduation from Montgomery!

#26 Interview hacks

If you ever feel like you are not fit for the job, just look at this guy.

#27 a clever guy

When the imposter becomes a criminal, it isn’t fun anymore. But I do hope this becomes a plot for a movie. I will watch that. 

#28  Teens of corona

Someone gives this guy a medal, please.

#29  have a uniform

Stealing isn’t cool but this method of stealing surely is. 

#30 I Found This While Cleaning The Basement. These were made by my daughter and her boyfriend, and they walked right into a concert. There were no questions asked.

Looks like I will have to make these passes too.

#31 The man who stole 122 million from Google and Facebook by sending them fake bills.

That reminds me of a time when Google neglected to pay for its website hosting and someone just bought the domain name for a few dollars, after which they paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to the man who eventually donated the entire sum.

#32  where is the mannequin 

Spot the real human in this photo and you win

#33 A man arrives at a 2nd Amendment protest with a vacuum cleaner, life jacket, and nerf guns.

Not the best choice but bravo for being creative. 

#34 send your clone to workday

Wish I could send a doppelganger to work one day.

#35 I was tired of standing because it was cold outside. I found a pen and paper, and now I’m sitting in the stats office.

A very important life hack; always keep a pen and paper.

#36 we Snuck Into A Concert’s VIP Section. We noticed that the special wristbands resembled our water bottle wrappers.

These guys have great attention to detail.

#37  The most important thing is the vet

A complete guide on how to be an imposter.

#38 I pretended to be a journalist to get into Bernie Sanders’ press conference for the release of his book a few years ago, got on TV, and then told him what I did afterward.

This guy is the king of all imposters around the world.  

#39  The Imaginary Airport and the Story of Emmanuel Nwude Aren’t as simple as those emails you get every now and then asking for your bank account information, but the key elements – Nigeria and scamming – are there and correct.

Moral: don’t buy a fake ticket guys. 

#40  The famous scientist

Our favorite show is making history guys.