Pakistan Independence Day 2023 – August 14, 1947

by Helen C. Forrester
Pakistan Independence Day 2022

What is Pakistan Independence Day?

Pakistan Independence Day is a civil holiday to mark the anniversary of national independence.

When is Pakistan Independence Day?

On 14 August, Pakistan Independence Day might be seen as a twin day of liberation. Muslim Indians also struggled to liberate British control and later rearmed Pakistan—formerly part of the Indians—to fight for its nation-State. The Crown took full power in the British Raj period after overthrowing the Indian Rebellion in 1857. It lasted till the independence of Pakistan in 1947. Pakistan (Western and Eastern Pakistan) was broken down from India, and an autonomous Muslim nation was created in the Mountbatten Plan. East Pakistan, which became known as Bangladesh, achieved its independence in 1971. West Pakistan today is recognized as Pakistan alone

When is Pakistan Independence Day in 2021?

Pakistan National Day Independence Day is held on 14 August every year Independence Day. The second Saturday of August will be 14 August this year. In 1947, when Pakistan earned independence from British domination, it becomes the world’s first Islamic Republic.

History of Pakistan Independence Day

Pakistan’s creation is fantastic and unique in contemporary history. The Indian Subcontinent once comprised Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. Since the introduction and embrace of the Islamic religion in the subcontinent, peace has been broken by clashes and oppression by the Hindus of Muslims. Philosophical thinking and ideologies were initiated after the Independence War of 1857 to defend the Muslim minority.

The circumstances were not in favor of a Muslim community, yet the underprivileged Muslims in the sub-continent managed to realize their hopes of liberty with courage and faith. It was created in 1906, and the first delegation of 36 Muslim leaders submitted a request for a separate state for the Muslims on October 1, 1906, to the Viceroy of India at Simla.

If it had not been for a man’s overman endeavor and attempted to make it a reality, the concept of Pakistan and liberation for Muslims would still have been a pivotal dream. Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who eventually became the founder of the nation of Pakistan, was an attorney and politician. From 1913 until Pakistan’s independence, Jinnah was head of the All-India Muslim League. Another thinker who pushed for the idea of separating Muslims from India was Allama Muhammad Iqbal. Iqbal introduced the notion in his presidential speech in Allahabad on December 29, 1930.

Revolutionary History

The Address of Allahabad is now history’s revolution. In a 1933 pamphlet entitled “Now Or Never,” the word “Pakistan” was first published. In history, that was a pretty momentous day. Present at the gathering were prominent Muslim leaders from throughout India, and the centuries-old fight by Muslims for sovereignty and freedom was finally resolved legally. The turning moment came on February 20, 1947, when British Premier Clement Attlee announced that by June 1948, India should be granted full self-governance. The last vice-reign of India, Lord Mountbatten, released the “June Plan” after numerous meetings with the UK Government and Congressional leaders.

Mountbatten was hailed by both the Indian Congress and the Muslim League. In July 1947, the Indian Independence Act was enacted by the British parliament. On 20 July for Pakistan and India, separate interim governments were formed. Finally, on 14 August 1947, the large subcontinent of British India was divided into India and Pakistan.

The division was filled with devastation and bloodshed. Since the idea of a separate nation for Muslims began, Hindu aggression has increased. Jinnah and other Muslim leaders have been greatly opposed to creating a sovereign identity for Muslims. Lines and families have been destroyed and now still gather and store the accounts of partitioning. “You are free to go to your temples; you are free to go there. You are free in this state of Pakistan to go to your mosques or other venerations. You can have any faith, caste or creed — which doesn’t have anything to do with state affairs.” — Mahomet Ali Jinnah.

Traditions of the day

Pakistani citizens are fervently celebrating Independence Day. The daily colors of Pakistan’s flag are green and white. The flags of the country are everywhere, and fireworks are shown. The public and private institutions around the country hold flag-hearing ceremonies. Schools and universities organize art shows, national song recitals, declamation competitions,  and sports marathons. 

Also for this day, special programs are planned:

The President and the Prime Minister give particular addresses that recall the sacrifices made to the country by the nation’s ancestors. District and municipal administrations are busy planning and carrying out patriotism festivities and adding color to the day. Citizens participate in face painting, dressing in the country’s color, lighting fireworks, and celebrating Pakistan.

Pakistan Independence Day

Why is Pakistan Independence Day is essential?

Independence means festivities:

Countries around the world struggled hard as independent states to gain freedom and prestige. Not only did the Pakistanis fight for independent statehood, but also freedom of religion. Pakistanis celebrate their many personal, religious, and national liberties on Pakistan Independence Day.

Mohamed Ali Jinnah led the campaign for independence:

Several of Pakistan’s principal founders pushed for independence – among them was Mohammed Ali Jinnah. Born in Karachi and trained in London as a barrister in the early years of this previous century, Jinnah became an organizing independence voice in Pakistan during the Indian National Congress. Later on, Jinnah contributed to building coalitions to become an independent Muslim nation-state in Pakistan. Today, the first General Governor of Pakistan to play a role in setting policies and independence priorities in Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Under the constitution, religious freedom is guaranteed:

Imagine your faith being banned because it is illegal. Pakistan Independence Day is a day of thankfulness to Muslims because Islam is guaranteed in its Constitution to practice freely. But in Pakistan now, various Muslim sects and other religious minorities experience daily violence or death threats and persecution.

Pakistan Independence Day around the World 

FranceBastille Day 
14 July
This Marks The Start Of The French Revolution In the Commemoration Of The Day That The French Army Assaulted And Destroyed The Bastille.
Philippines Independence Day
12 July
Celebrate Against Spain The Philippine Revolution.
Peru Fiestas Patrias
28 July
Memorial of Peru’s Spanish Independence.

Coming year-wise Pakistan Independence Day Dates 

2021August 14Saturday
2022August 14Sunday
2023August 14Monday
2024August 14Wednesday
2025August 14Thursday

How do you celebrate Independence Day?

14 August is not like any other vacation; we should embrace this day in full festivity with our family. We should recall all the events up to independence, the cost of independence, and all the sacrifices made by Pakistan’s ancestors. Yes, there was the loss, and sometimes it becomes dull with major terrorist strikes, but we Pakistanis never give up. This is our nation and our country, and we must celebrate 14 August as vigorously as possible with our families and loved ones.

Here are ten ideas to have your family celebrate on 14 August:

Read and tell your children the history of the Pakistan Resolution and Constitution:

The concept behind our country should be known to children. It’s not enough to buy flags and badges. Incarnate into your children’s brains the real core of independence and freedom, do not simply read historical books to them; grab a copy of the Pakistan Resolution and Constitution and read them to your children.

Watch patriotic films and dramas:

Screen independent films on a projection screen; invite friends, families, and neighbors to enjoy. Films like Jinnah or plays of the same nature are instructional; Alpha Bravo Charlie allows families to transform their relationships and learn simultaneously.

Sit down on your favorite dessert with your family:

Take the topic of Independence Day into account desserts. You may make patriotism in the form of an ice cream flag by using Pista and Kulfi ice cream flavors. Talk to your elders, listen to their past, learn about their fight for freedom, and enjoy a tasty Azadi.

Visit national monuments and museums together with your children:

14 August is a tribute to the people who have dedicated and lost their lives to the free movement in Pakistan. Make sure your kids know the sacrifices they have made to get this country from them. Visit your national monuments and museums so you may connect with Pakistan’s history by watching the past come to life before your eyes.

Take your family and friends on a ride across the city. Make sure you play the “Milli Naghmas”:

Despite our struggle with a constantly interrupted power supply, we certainly know how to illuminate our country for Independencia Day celebrations. Our courts, assemblies, and even apartment complexes, which take Christmas to Pakistan a few months early, are wonderfully enclosed in green and white bulbs. A ride around the town on the eve of Independencia Day is a must-see for a patriot in a crowded car, and everybody enjoying themselves, and with the ‘Milli Naghmas’ blaze of the car, speakers are a sight to keep.

Decorate the green and white of your house to celebrate an independent spirit:

Hang up your roof with the National Flag. Motivate the kids to adorn your house with flags, banners, balloons, stars, badges, doors, candles, and all colors that revive your autonomy. You will feel patriot in your home and enable the younger ones to appreciate this day’s attitude.

Veterans meeting:

Even if Pakistan was not founded as a consequence of conflict, many troops died due to the war to guard the newly created country. To tell the young generation what it takes to gain freedom, take time to roll the tanks, fly F16s and stay on submarines with retired officers. They are guaranteed to clarify what we owe this country and all those who have continued to give their lives for our future today.

Every green dress-up:

The market is all green, flags, T-shirts, hats, bangles, badges, wrist bands. Dress dressed in green, and let everyone in your family, from your grandparents to the smallest in the family, do the same. Anyone patriotic about this country is overwhelmed by the green and white.

Test your families for their knowledge in Pakistan-related tests:

Quiz the history of Pakistan for your family and friends. This can help the elders in the family to refresh themselves quickly and to provide them with insight!

Decorate Pakistan’s colored streets with street kids:

Bring your family to a disadvantaged quarter for Independence Day celebrations. 14 August is not only for flags and cultural events but also for the sun fruit vendor, for the little kid who sells traffic banners, as well as for the domestic staff that clean your house daily. Set up a celebration for all of them on 14 August.

14 August

Independence Day celebration ideas

The 70th Day of Independence of Pakistan is 14 August 2017! This is a day to honor the tremendous lovely Pure Land. Why not create a party to nourish your patriotism and nurture love in your children’s hearts? There are all the details and resources for a Pakistan Independence Day Party planning!

How to plan for an Independence Day Party!


Set the topic in Green and White (of course!). Take the white and green tablecloth, the paper panels, sweets, and balloons. If you live in Pakistan, it’s easy to get several flags, balls, and buntings from the market. You’re going to have to do some DIY if you are outside Pakistan. Not to be worried, we have several ideas on how Pakistan Flags and Balloons should be made here. Set the table with all your furniture. You don’t have to purchase new stuff. Improve theme things in your house for all of Pakistan: vehicles, paintings, rugs, etc. Please bring all of them out and become creative!


Set up a handicraft table to keep the kids busy. Here are some thoughts: Make flags of Pakistan with these five fun projects. Through these sheets, create your gorgeous truck art. Print plenty of paper and give plenty of pencils and paints. Many creative mind Khadija crafts in Pakistan.


  • I was singing a lot of names thousands. Some of my favorites are here.
  • Play a parcel game and place in the box a list of Pakistani popular national songs. Pass the box around and choose a song each time from the box. All sing together! Everyone sings!
  • Have a procession with the children’s flags waving. Either you can get somebody to play Dhol or play some national favorite songs.
  • Play some games like barf panis, kho kho, pithu garam, etc., from your infancy. Play a few. Here is marvelous information about these games on the multicultural children’s blogs.
  • Have a quiz and exciting awards for anyone who knows the answers. Change the level of difficulty up or down by the public. Question example: Example What is Pakistan’s national flora/animal/bird? Who is the poet of the country? What year has Pakistan won the World Cup of Cricket? Who are Pakistan’s Nobel Prize winners? Etc
  • Invite the youngsters to see the map of Pakistan in a conspicuous position, and then hold an open-ended converse on the different cities and the climate they’re known for. Play a game that was in Pakistan’s most cities!
  • Enjoy some enjoyable songs and display dances from different Pakistani regions. This is a pleasant way of learning the dance of Luddi, Makrani, and Kalash.
  • Establish a board of stories and let the kids watch and then wander through the photos. You may put up a history board with a Pakistani timeline, a cultural board with Pakistan’s regional clothing endeavor colors is the colors endeavor, or a trip board with postcards from Pakistan.
  • Make a face-painter and volunteer Pakistani flags on the faces.

Talent Show:

This is a terrific approach to giving Pakistan Independence Day Party buzz and excitement in advance. Each family has a talent linked to Pakistan. It may be a song, a picture, a book that she reads and wants to give, an item she chose for Pakistan Independence Day, and so on, or a tale. Keep it accessible and get the children involved. It takes 2-3 minutes for every family. Make sure beforehand you tell your guests that they’re ready to come!


Without any delicious cuisine, what’s a desi party? Select the menu according to daytime. Pakistani foods such as Biryani, Chicken Kerhai, Chicken Tikka, Nihari, etc., have been so many excellent choices. You can also make it straightforward and offer Pakistan motif to popular munchies like Star and Crescent Sandwiches, Kebabs, etc. The table also gives a joyful Pakistan Independence Day theme by popping a Pakistan Flag on a typical dining plate (like my friend did below).


Here are a few options:

  • Put in a beautiful patriotic song the mood of the gathering. 
  • Please wear green and white, everybody!
  • Keep good bags for the children as party favors to take home!

Pakistan Independence Day Quotes

  • “There is no power on earth that can undo Pakistan. Happy Independence Day!” by Quaid e Azam.
  • “People who have no hold over their process of thinking are likely to be ruined by liberty of thought. Happy 14th August!” by Allama Iqbal.
  • “The story of Pakistan, its struggle and its achievement, is the very story of great human ideals, struggling to survive in the face of great odds and difficulties” by Quaid e Azam.
  • “If we want to make this great State of Pakistan happy and prosperous, we should wholly and solely concentrate on the well-being of the people, especially of the masses and poor” by Quaid e Azam.
  • “Pakistan not only means freedom and independence but the Muslim Ideology which has to be preserved, which has come to us as a precious gift and treasure and which, we hope others will share with us” by Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Best Independence Day Movies

For Pakistanis around the world, 14 August is a memorable day. On this day we celebrate not only our spirit of freedom but also reinforce our determination to make a nation of excellence. In the last decade and a half Pakistani cinema has greatly enhanced its ante. Despite its meager resources, it has massively enlarged its niche, providing its devotees with many grounds to celebrate. It has continuously provided the stuff that raises our national spirits in national matters. Galaxy Lollywood presents the titles of a few films, the perfect means to regenerate our national excitement and ignite patriotism.  The fill industry has succeeded in making such films that highlighted the valor and courage of the freedom fighters of Pakistan through the wonderful cinema that will prove to be a great watch on Pakistan Independence Day 2021! 

Down below are the 4 best Independence Day Movies to Watch: 


Initially published in 1998, the British Pakistani biography about Muhammad Ali Jinnah is the most widely acknown patriotic film from Pakistan. In a high-definition version, the film was released again in 2015. The ensemble, directed by Jamil Dehlavi, Jinnah, contains names such as James Fox, Maria Aitken, Richard Lintern, Shireen Shah, Indira Varma, Shakeel, and Vaneza Ahmad, and Shashi Kapoor. The movie is a delight for its fascinating narrative, dialogue, and authentic representation of the moment of freedom.



Waar is one of the most memorable and major blockbusters of Pakistani cinema that put all of them in awe of their technical ability when it was released. The film was directed by Bilal Lashari in the center of a former army officer who has been driven back by the terrorist fighting in Pakistan and stars Shaan, Shamoon Abbasi, Ayesha Khan Hamza Ali Abbasi, and Meesha Shafi. The screen stylized the depiction of Pakistan’s efforts to fight the war against terror against State-sponsored terrorist groups, leading to war between the tribal units in North-West Pakistan. This screenplay is widely applauded.


Khuda Kay Liye

Khuda Kay Liye is an iconic film because it is one of Pakistan’s most bold movies in history and the first to begin its comeback. At its release, the film generated a tumult at the box office. They also raised criticism from conservative groups in the society as the debate against extremism across the nation questioned their hard-line positions with great efficacy and nuance. The film still has significance as a must-see Pakistani movie and includes names like Fawad Khan, Shaan, and Imaan Ali.

Khuda Kay Liye

Parwaaz Hai Junoon

A romantic 2018 action story led by Haseeb Hassan, this film recently premiered in the realm of television. Ahad Raza Mir, Hania Amir, Kubra Khan, Marina Khan, Shamoon Abbasi, Shaz Khan, and Shafaat Ali, for example, have a collection cast of Hamza Ali Abbasi. The film pays homage to Pakistan Air Force jawans who protect the country against the skies.

Parwaaz Hai Junoon
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