Top 10 Best Glitch Photo Editors For Android

by Tashia J. Hansen

There was a time when one could decide a day, and time and go to the studio to make an image. After a few hours of processing, he got his image. It is all about the fact of how fast this photography field evolved and advanced.

In the early days back 2-3 hundred years ago, there were no smartphones or digital cameras. Life was very simple. Opposite in 21st-century clocks was completely turned. Science and technology evolved in every field of human life. Now it takes a maximum of 5 minutes to get a beautiful image in hand with quality resolutions.

Best Glitch Photo Editors For Android

In current times we have a power hub system called a computer. This is called one of the biggest inventions of science and technology by experts.

Similarly to other fields, this device has vast applications in the photography and editing field. We have several photo editing software on the internet to edit and make our images more aesthetic.

Today on this page we‘ll see about the trend of glitch photo editors online. Which was originally a photo editing effect but it has become a trend now. People loved to put this effect on their images, and videos, it makes pictures more aesthetic and cool.

What is Glitch art? 

To learn about glitch art first we have to understand what a glitch is. Glitch is the distorted, pixel-y error glitch effect photo. Which is one of the famous image editing effects of the present time.

Visually it seemed that distorted VHS tape lines have different colors and parts. These symbols and lines are most usually used to indicate an error in any digital screen device.

Most likely used in old televisions. Now the time has changed trends, and styles have evolved. Old trends also rose again.

Adding effects from Glitch photo editor free online like glitches which are originally an indication of error become a viral trend. 

How to make Glitch Art? 

The main question is how to create glitch art on our images. So this is the very easier way to create glitches on your images. First of all, you people have to select the best software.

Given below is the list of 10 Glitch photo editors to create glitch art. 

1. Open the editor

 If you want to edit your image here, choose the Picsart web version.

Glitch Photo Editing apps

2. Click on the upload button 

It is present on the toolbar on the left and uploads the image of your desire. Before going to add a glitch effect on an image you have to choose the right images.

Choose the image that you think fits perfectly with the glitch aesthetic. Now we have opened our pic editor. The next part is the tool.

Glitch Photo Editors For Android

3. Open the toolkit 

By clicking on the fx option and we’ll open our toolbar. There are several tools present in it. But we have to find our desired glitch filter. Which is present behind scroll down until you get your favorite effect glitch.

Glitch Photo effect

Here the best thing is that not the majority apply. Adjust the opacity and amount of the effect manually, which provides you with extraordinary results. In contrast to the automatically applied effect. Just scroll the slider and get the result of the glitch of your desire.

4. Share and download 

Download the image if you get the desired amount of effect. You people are also here enabled to change the size, type, or name of pic and other editing options.

Glitch Photo effect

10 Best android apps to make glitch photos

This is the best news for filters and effect lovers. Here we have the 10 best Glitch photo apps android through which you people create glitches.

1. Lightroom (Lr)

Glitch Photo editor online

When we talk about or ask someone about photo editing apps. So don’t get bothered by the name Adobe. Adobe has the finest editing apps in the field, lightroom is one of them.

It is the best software in the market to edit images. One can easily create glitches manually or automatically on this app.

Key feature:

  • Best color grading
  • Excellent editing setting
  • Image management
  • Edit pictures in bulk at the same
  • Advance toolbar


  • Easy to use
  • Free of cost
  • Simple interface
  • Best rated

2. Picsart

Glitch Photo editor online

Picsart is also one of the most powerful android image editors. Offers lots of it is one of the largest creative platforms for designers. We can also put glitch effects on our images with this app.

Key features:

  • Offers a lot of effects
  • Best crop tools
  • Brilliant color management
  • Have many aesthetic kinds of filters
  • Advanced drawing tools


  • Easy to use
  • Offers a lot of tools in the free version
  • Free to download on the store
  • Have glitch effects

3. Photoshop Express

Glitch Photo editor free online

Photoshop Express is another very brilliant editor by adobe. Photoshop express is designed for low-end mobile devices with quality features to edit images. Not a bad choice to make glitch images.

Key features:

  • Auto enhance tool
  • Best filters
  • Quality adjustment tool
  • Eye tool
  • Spot removal tool


  • Fully free of cost
  • Very simple interface
  • Easy to understand
  • Available online on all app stores

4. Glitch Lab

online Glitch Photo editor

Glitch lab is also one of the software available on the app store to make glitch images. It is specially designed to create glitch art on images. Going with this app is a perfect choice

Key feature:

  • Color splashes
  • Filters
  • Grain and noise
  • pixelation


  • Free to use
  • Have simple interface
  • Easy to run on any device
  • Take less space

5. Glitch

free Glitch Photo editor online

Glitch is another good option to create glitches on images. Very widely used and well-rated app by users.

Key feature:

  • Manual glitching
  • Paintbrush
  • Scanner and hacker tool
  • Datamosh preset


  • Reliable or low-end device
  • Easy to understand
  • Free of cost available
  • Take less amount of data 

6. EZ Glitch

free online Glitch Photo editor

EZ glitch also works similarly to glitch. Have lots of editing options. Finest app to create glitch art.

Key feature:

  • Good range of filters
  • Brilliant adjustment tool
  • Also, create glitch gifs


  • Simple to control
  • Best for low-end devices
  • Available for free

7. Youcam Perfect

free Glitch Photo editor

Youcam is also one of the best apps to make distorted images. Not often people use this for glitch making but it is a unique app to make glitches.

Key feature

  • Real-time beautifying
  • Object remover tool
  • Multi face detection


  • Available free on app stores
  • Highly rated
  • Have the best glitch filters

8. Glitch art studio

save Glitch Photo effect

The glitch art studio is the coolest app to put glitch effects on; it has multiple glitch filters. Which makes it unique and better than others, take a look at its key features.

Key feature

  • Blur, sharpness, and crop tool
  • 30+ animated filter
  • Best color management
  • Has multiple trippy effects


  • Offer multiple premium features
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Available free of cost

9. Prisma

Glitch Photo editors

Prisma is the one app that gained much popularity in no time, the best in the market. The majority love to create glitches on it.

Key feature:

  • Finest filter
  • Best color control tools
  • 700+ Effects
  • Removes Background


  • First sight loveable interface
  • Provide best effects
  • Free to download on stores

10. Glitchshop

Specially designed to create glitches perfect for glitch art lovers. Gave you a quality glitch effect and filter.

Key feature:

  • 80+ glitch filters and effects
  • Best image adjustment tools
  • Multiple categories filters


  • Free to install
  • Easy to use
  • Run easily on low-end devices


This study is all about image editing filters, and effect lovers. We go through the process of making a glitch. See the 10 Glitch photo editors to put glitch effects on images.  

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