Nyra Banerjee And Her Latest Short Film On Domestic Violence: ‘The Virus Within’

by heatfeed
Nyra Banerjee Latest Short Film 'The Virus Within'

During the period of lockdown, amid this coronavirus pandemic, actress Nyra Banerjee has come up with her tuning short film named ‘The virus within.’

Nyra Banerjee Talks About Her Documentary

While talking about her film, Nyra Banerjee told that her film ‘The virus within,’ is basically about Domestic violence (DV). The ‘Azhar’ actor also added that the scratching problem of domestic violence is worldwide. But this issue has claimed several steps up to its awful condition during this lockdown period. For this film, Nyra Banerjee has used all her experiences, as whatever she has learned from the industry till now. From shooting to acting, she has done it all alone, and the film was ready in 12 days with a lot of hard work and dedication.

The Idea Behind Her Film

The actor mentioned that she got the idea for this documentary ‘The virus within’ from her close female friends. As, they have discussed their personal sufferings of brutal domestic violence, what they have gone through. She also told us that some of her friends got emotionally shattered while narrating all the incidents to her.

So, through her short musical documentary, Nyra Banerjee wants to raise a voice against Domestic violence.

About ‘The Virus Within’

The actor discloses the documentary, which revolves around different phases of women in their lives. & how they tolerate every wrong happening to them just for the sake of so-called image and respect in the society. However, in her film, she played the role of a teenager, bachelor, married woman, housewife, working lady, and an old woman. & undoubtedly all of them are suffering differently, again and again. Not only women but also men are the victim of domestic violence. 

& That is what she showcased in her documentary to encourage and support the victims of domestic violence to fight for their rights.