What to look for when buying a nosepin/nosering

by heatfeed


Nose rings, whether silver or pearl and diamond or gold, are a must-have piece of jewellery for any woman. It can completely alter the appearance of your face in an instant.

A simple diamond nose pin can be your go-to piece of jewellery when you don’t want to look too dressy or wear too much jewellery. It can give you a fashionable look without being overpowering.

Online, you can find diamond nose pins or diamond nose rings in a variety of designs and styles. With the search terms ‘Nath online’ or ‘Silver nose ring online,’ you will be able to see a variety of traditional designs as well as new and modern designs created specifically to fit today’s fashion. You can make a statement with your look by pairing the right designer silver jewellery with the right type of nose ring!

How do you choose Nose Rings for your face type? That is one question that comes to mind when we consider wearing a nose pin or nose ring for the first time. Here are a few things to think about when purchasing one for yourself;


Nose studs go with every face shape. If your nose is wide, you can go for a larger nose stud with a stone in it. If your nose is narrow, a smaller stud is an option. A nose stud looks great with any outfit, Indian or Western.

That is one significant advantage of purchasing nose studs; you can always wear one without worrying about what type of clothing will go with it.


Hoops look better on people with narrow, long noses. They would clash with a broad nose. Hoop nose rings come in a variety of sizes and designs; larger ones with diamonds and pearls look great with traditional outfits and are ideal for special occasions and marriages.

Smaller, simpler hoop nose pins go well with tops, Kurtis and tunics, and depending on the design, t-shirts. Silver nose rings look great with both Western and Indian outfits.

Rings on the septum

Septum nose rings are definitely for women who want to make a statement when they walk into a room. Septum rings look great on any face shape.

All you really need is a sense of style and the confidence to pull it off. They are available in a variety of designs, some bold and some subtle.

You can make your selection based on the occasion for which you are dressing. They can also be worn with piercings, making them convenient and simple to wear.

Size of a Diamond

When selecting a diamond size, consider your personal preferences, work environment, and facial features. Our 1.2mm diamond is perfect for a conservative workplace or if you want a little sparkle.

The 1.6mm Perfect Diamond Nose Stud is appropriately named because it is the ideal size for most people while remaining relatively discreet.

If you enjoy wearing large pieces of jewellery, a larger diamond, such as our bold diamond nose stud, will suit you best. Before buying consider the size of your nose as well. You can create different looks for yourself by wearing different nose rings;

Each nose ring is unique and adds a new vibe to your personality. So, if you’ve been debating purchasing one for yourself, go ahead and show off your amazing new look.

The main advantage of wearing nose rings is that you can wear them without any special occasion; they look trendy, and pretty, and make you stand out without doing much. Whether it’s a hoop ring or a stud, you’ll be glad you did!