New App Turns People Into Disney Characters And I’ve Used It On 20 Celebrities

by heatfeed

Disney characters are famous throughout the world. Everyone knows about it. There is an app on which you can change the picture of your friends and family into the Disney character. The name of the app is Voilà AI Artist.

A person changes the picture of a celebrity into the Disney world. The digital world is growing so fast that it’s a procedure of minutes to convert the picture into a digital photo.

1 Princess Diana

Disney is a fantasy world. And it is full of beautiful and charming characters. A digital artist firstly makes a list of the persons he likes and then changes them into Disney characters by using an app. He bought this app so that he can convert it into a Disney character beautifully and clearly.

2 Rihanna

3 Will Smith

This is handled easily. There are easy steps to follow and to convert into cartoon pictures. Just download an app. Upload the picture and click on change into the old picture. For clear and good results you have to buy some tools. 

4 Michael Jackson

5 Snoop Dogg

Disney is the landmark of everyone’s childhood. Everyone has their favorite Disney character which they want to follow from childhood. The person who wrecked on this project added that this project is based on the inspiration that I have had for the characters since my childhood.

6 Madonna

7 Scarlett Johansson

The researcher of the project is very satisfied with the result of the app. He also suggested some advice to improve the features of the app because sometimes it creates a blurry image of the cartoon.

8 Mariah Carey

9 Selena Gomez

10 RuPaul

11 Angelina Jolie

12 Beyonce

13 Elvis Presley

14 Marylin Monroe

15 Dwayne Johnson

16 Jennifer Lopez

17 Diana Ross

18 Cristiano Ronaldo

19 Justin Bieber

20 Katy Perry