13 Photographs That Men Will Probably Never Understand!

by Tashia J. Hansen

Some say that men and women are not really THAT different from one another, apart from the obvious thing of course. It doesn’t matter what gender one identifies as, or if they don’t identify as any, people are individuals, with their own choices. Some men are into traditional “feminine” things, and vice versa. But, if all honest, men and women do share some distinct differences of likes and dislike in life, whether it’s down to biological factors, or just simple socialization. 

The day in the life of a regular girl is something that most men will never even begin to understand. Even those men who are the closest to you, for example, your best guy friends, brothers, and father. Women go through so many things in just their daily life, such as hair clips that have gone missing again, period cramps, bloating, and much more. Men will look at women confidently marching down the street in a pair of high heels but will never know how much pain she is getting from those blisters popping inside those gorgeous stilettos. If you are also struggling with some “girl” problem, then, trust me when I say that you are not a single sister. We are all in this together! 

We have created this list of 17 photographs that most men will probably never even begin to understand! Check them out and tell us if you agree or not! 

Take a guess, Frank! 

If you are a woman and you see another woman taking her bag to the bathroom, you’ll probably know why she is taking that with her. But, if you are a man, chances are you won’t always get it. There are certain things in a woman’s bag that she might need in the bathroom.

We all know the struggle: 

The Classic bump, and no we are not talking about a baby bump. If a girl has long hair and likes to keep her hair up in a ponytail most of the day, then she’ll probably know what we are talking about. Your hair won’t go back to normal until you shower it? Because, same girl. 

Don’t burn yourself, ladies: 

Do you also have weird flat hair every day like us and just have to curl or straighten them before going to the office? If yes, then chances are you burn yourself quite frequently as well, because we women aren’t capable of NOT burning ourselves when using a hot iron. 

Hair stuck again? 

These cafeteria chairs are literally the worst kind of chairs we girls ever have to sit on. Your hair will get stuck inside these tiny holes every single time! 

Kindly don’t try to talk to us! 

Boys, if you see a girl walking down the street alone and there aren’t many people around her, then please don’t try to talk to her as this will make her super uncomfortable, and most of the time, incredibly scared as well. 

I can feel the pain: 

I bet every woman looking at this picture right now can feel the pain through their screens. This happens mostly when girls are in schools and have nowhere else to put their beloved hair tie. 

Shaving is not easy! 

It doesn’t matter how experienced you are at shaving, there will be times when you cut yourself with its sharp blade accidentally. But, why wouldn’t the bleeding stop? 

Trying out all the colors: 

Do you see women go into makeup stores and literally testing out every product they see on their hands? Girls, if you can’t relate to this picture on a personal level, then chances are that you don’t wear makeup at all. 

Take off your makeup! 

Ever come home late after partying all night with your friends? We understand that you were pretty tired but it is very important to take off your makeup before going to bed! Otherwise, you’ll wake up with smudged eyeliner and a dirty pillow. 

Period cramps: 

It is a fact that every woman goes through period cramps, but the level of intensity is not the same in all. If you suffer from extreme abdominal cramps, then you can probably guess what is going on in this photograph. 

Hurts more than a breakup: 

Every product that we put in our hair is bound to break at some point, especially when you have extra curly thick hair. Some might even say that when they do break, it hurts more than a breakup! Do you agree? 

Obsession with clear skin: 

If I had clear skin, I would never want to wear makeup again. Our obsession with having clear skin is something that might never go away. 

Alas, ruined again! 

We think that our period ended, so we put on our favorite piece of lace undies, but guess what? IT WAS ALL JUST A BIG LIE!