To Keep Teens From Neighbors Out Of Her Pool, The Woman Builds A Fence. Because They Kept Coming And Commenting Unannounced On Her Body.

by heatfeed

A now-deleted Reddit user reported a story about how trusting her new neighbors turned out to be the worst decision. She posted, they seem nice so she allows them 

( two teenage boys and an eleven-year-old girl) to use her pool. But later they started crossing the line not just literally but figuratively as well. Their visits turned so gross and unannounced that she had to build a fence to keep them out.

But her neighbors didn’t support this action and protested against her. This made her share her story online asking if she is the one who is a jerk about all this?  keep reading to read what she wrote. Moreover, read the conversation about disciplining children I had with the Editor-in-chief turned parent.

This is how her story goes:

Talya, who is an authentic, bold, and straightforward female told discipline is necessary. Children need boundaries to grow better and they keep pushing them to find where exactly these lines are.

If we don’t define boundaries for them, they will have a tough time in the future.

 I believe in a positive discipline that means we should teach children between appropriate and inappropriate behavior. After that, they should be put responsible for the consequences.

I am surprised at the said teen’s parents, they neither intervene nor tell their children that it was inappropriate behavior. Instead, the mom said there is a difference between punishment and discipline.

Punishment will encourage them to lie to avoid punishment instead of avoiding bad behavior.

Talya believes we should look at how we are handling the situation. Perhaps talk with teens and define clear limits and rules. Clarify to them what behavior will be acceptable and what will be the consequences if they don’t live up to these behaviors.

She further explains that the Involvement of children in such processes is necessary to make them understand the rules. Moreover, teach them what the consequences could be if they don’t abide by them.

In such situations, it is important to know that discipline is teaching children how they can appropriately carry themselves

These are the basic and important skills that will be useful for them to cope with the world in the future.

Furthermore, She added, it is normal for kids to make mistakes and take risks. However, as parents, it is our responsibility to teach them right and wrong instead of protecting them for their behaviors.  But always remember to always do this in a loving and warm family environment.

The story goes viral which makes OP released more information

Pew Research Center in 2018 surveyed that almost 57% of Americans know only a few of their neighbors. Only 26% say they know most of their neighbors.

People aged 65 and older were most likely to know their neighbors than those aged 18 to 29. It is a big contrast between 23% of people (under 30 who didn’t know any neighbors and 4% (65 and older) who knew almost all of them.

It also depends upon the marital status. 3 in 10 married adults (31%) knows most of the neighbors than unmarried (22%), being with a partner (20%), separated, widowed or divorced (26%), and never been married (19%)

This survey suggests that stronger ties don’t depend upon having children. Parents and non-parents were the same in saying they know most of the neighbors (26% of each group)

Mark and Kaylie’s family should become very popular as the story went viral. However, I don’t believe it will be of any benefit to them. Maybe temporarily. Until their children start going to college.