Navya Naveli Nanda Graduation From Home For Batch Of 2020

by heatfeed
Navya Naveli Nanda

She couldn’t fly to New York to attend her Graduation ceremony at Fordham University on May 6, so her parents made sure Navya Naveli Nanda wouldn’t miss out on the experience of wearing the black robe and hat that marks a very special milestone in any student’s life. What would have taken place in New York eventually took place at Jalsa, Amitabh Bachchan’s residence in Mumbai, where Navya attended her virtual graduation hosted by the Fordham University. Wearing an impromptu robe fashioned by the staff at the mega star’s residence, she experienced virtually what every student graduating this year wished to experience in person.

Wishes for Navya Naveli Nanda

Nonetheless, mother Shweta Bachhan Nanda, Uncle Abhishek Bachhan, and maternal grandfather Amitabh Bachhan took to social media to express pride in her achievement. 

Graduation ceremonies have been a luxury for students all over the globe this year because of the situation prevalent on account of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Parents Leaving No Stone Unturned To Ensure Their Children Have The Perfect Graduation Experience

Graduation ceremonies are a fundamental experience no one should be denied. Parents all over the world have gone to great lengths to ensure their child gets to have an experience that is somewhat close to how actual graduation is like. What has been even more gripping is how celebrities have come out to support these students by doing online concerts to celebrate them graduating during a time when the world is witnessing the utmost chaos. 

These efforts will surely go a long way in making sure that these kids get what the world needs right now – Hope. It will also motivate them to commit to a human cause and offer their best for the betterment of mankind. If they can do that, their education will have achieved its purpose.