6 Music NFT Projects That Can’t Go Unnoticed

by heatfeed

NFTs have entered almost all areas, including movies (and anime), art, gaming, real estate, and music. Non-fungible tokens have become more popular by the day, and we’re on the verge of assuming that their cases are almost limitless.

Indeed, when blockchain technology became known to the world, the most common thing was to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum from an exchange like Binance – and this is still a viable solution if you want to remain only in the crypto sphere.

But if you crave diversifying your portfolio, consider adventuring into the world of NFTs. These tokens have been around for quite a while, that’s true, but the diversity which characterizes them today can’t go unnoticed. From art, video game items, and photography to domain names, collectible items, big sports moments, and music,

NFTs have come in the form of almost anything passing through your mind. And yes, you heard it right – NFTs are providing exclusive rights to music-related images.

That’s quite a revolution in the music industry, and experts predict it could completely change its trajectory. In other words, artists found new ways to ‘make their voice heard’, keep connections with their fanbases, and monetize their work.

As a result, hundreds of music NFT projects have come to see the daylight, and we’re going to discuss some of the most standout ones. And no, this is not to urge you to buy but more to emphasize the most prominent projects from the pack.

B.O.D.R. by Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is no stranger to Web3, and his album, Born on Death Row (B.O.D.R.), is clear proof of this. NFTs of the artist’s B.O.D.R. are backed by Gala Music, where fans can discover items of the sort and also another part of Snoop Dogg that might be unknown.

Who would have thought that the legend Snoop himself would get involved in Web3 projects? Moreover, the rapper knows what he is doing, as B.O.D.R. has quickly achieved success in the marketplace.

A new generation of music that no longer pursues label deals has entered the Web3 space, and Snoop is aware of the transformation.

Not only does he perform on the blockchain platform, but he also partners with other first-rate artists such as Wiz Khalifa, T.I., and Uncle Murda to deliver powerful content to his digital fanbase.

PIXELATED by Sammy Arriaga

Country music lovers are excited about Sammy Arriaga’s Web3 ventures. One of his most notable projects is PIXELATED, which features one of his songs through a truly unconventional medium.

This song is structured into 4,000 pieces, from which PFPs (profile pictures) are quite something. The items have 150 unique characteristics, and as the song is created in 12 distinct versions, each NFT is an exclusive artwork.

You may also want to take a look at other projects related to the country artist, such as THE Airdrops, Pulse Pass, and METAGIRL.

Dream Catcher by Steve Aoki

The famous American DJ has followed the trend and joined the community of NFT enthusiasts. He launched a music NFT project comprising 11 unique pieces developed together with renowned visual artist Antoni Tudisco.

He named it ‘Dream Catcher’, an impressive collection of music tracks alongside eye-catching animations. The success came quite rapidly for the artist, as Dream Catcher sold well in the marketplace – and for a good reason.

Each holder receives exclusive access to AOKIVERSE, a multiverse full of performances, tour tickets, physical and digital collectibles, partner drops, and NFT releases.

Steve himself declared that Web3 gave him a chance to finally combine music, collectible culture, and art in a single place and that he’s really excited about the project. Well, Steve, we are, too, so keep doing what you love because we also love it.

Moonshot by Violetta Zironi

Violetta Zironi’s fans are thrilled to discover her NFT collection on the marketplace. And from all the aforementioned projects, this one somehow manages to win the hearts of enthusiasts not only through an impressive collection of 2,500 tokens but also through their hand-drawn character.

Moreover, the pieces were carefully created by the singer’s father, Giuseppe Zironi, a famous Disney illustrator. He again proves his talent in stunning artwork featuring a mini-Violetta playing her guitar on unique and fun backgrounds.

The Orbs by BT

The music-focused NFT and streaming services Gala Music have funded many exciting projects, and the Orbs by BT is definitely one of them. This time, Gala Music surprises fans with a distinct approach to the content delivered.

They described the project in their OpenSea bio as consisting of 3,333 items of a great variety. In their collection, thus, you’re about to discover everything from stars and skies to terrains and objects, which are not only 3D-based but also with light and surface textures, camera movement, and audio-reactive animation.

The essence of the project – music – is transmitted in real-time, with artists performing on the blockchain.

Although it was released about a year ago, the project is already worth millions of dollars, so experts think big of the Orbs.


This fascinating NFT project distinguishes itself through a Mutant Ape and three Bored Apes. That’s true – this is the first project of the sort with the renowned Bored Apes, and from the excitement, it generated at the moment of its launch, we can assume it’s a real success.

It consists of 5,000 tokens boasting token-gated experiences over time, community, utility, exclusive content, and, last but not least, access to music. You can discover the vivid story of this project on the KINGSHIP web page.

The storyline follows the artists on their path to worldwide success, rooted in their time spent together in Really High School.

Learn also that KINGSHIP partnered with big names such as M&M and included artists like James Fauntleroy and Hit-Boy, which makes the project tantalizing to music lovers.

Many other artists chose to sell their music as NFT collections, including Kings of Leon (When You See Yourself), Justin Lau (Ultraviolet), Grimes (Death of the Old), and Deadmau5. It seems that there’s something for everyone in the world of music NFT items.