We Find The Exact Locations From Movies And Films And Do Our Best To Recreate Scenes From Them (16 Pics)

by heatfeed

After watching a movie, did you ever want to visit the place you’ve just seen in the movie? Or ever wonder about whether the place exists in reality or not? 

Many of us pay close attention to places used in famous movies. Judith and Robin started working on an interesting idea of finding and visiting secret famous places used in movies. 

In 2014 they had started working on their idea and in 2018 they finally the first time posted on Instagram.

The first location they found was a metro station near ICC in Berlin, that place was used in “Hunger Games”. Where Lawrence and Hutcherson were sitting.

The second post was about the movie “Inception” picturized on Leonardo DiCaprio. The location they visited was Paris, France. Where Leonardo DiCaprio and Marion Cotillard standing.

And they keep on doing the same with their other favorite scenes from the famous movies of that time. 

They don’t expect much from it but they get shocked when some movie stars started commenting on their posts.

No. 1 

This scene was from the most famous movie of the decade “Harry Potter” and the location was “Glen Etive, Scotland”. This was the place where Harry and Hermione travel the country to find the Horcrux. Judith and Robin said, “It was a game of an eye blink to find that place.”

No. 2 

This picture was taken from the “Game Of Thrones” and the location was “Gaztelugatxe, Spain”. This location was recorded in Northern Spain, right next to Bilbao. This place was used as Dragonstone. It was such a beautiful view and an amazing location. This scene was filmed on Emilia Clarke as Khalessi.

No. 3 

This scene was from a famous old movie named “Star Trek” and the location used was “San Francisco, USA”. It was the 50th picture on Judith and Robin’s account. In this picture, Judith was playing a male character. This movie was picturized by William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy.

No. 4

This picture was taken from the Netflix series “Dark” and the location was Dreillinden, Brandenburg, Germany. It was an old bridge above old railroads. The persons in the picture are Lisa Vicari and Paul Lux. 

No. 5 

The movie was “Twilight” and the location was “Montepulciano, Italy”. This movie was picturized on Kristin Stewart and Robert Pattinson. In this scene, Bella was running toward Edward to save him the punishment for the vampire’s jury. 

No. 6 

The scene was from a movie named “The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty”. the Location used was too cold, named “Seyðisfjörður, Iceland”. It is a beautiful small city, with an astonishing landscape. This movie was picturized by Ben Stiller.

No. 7 

Another picture from the “Hunger Games” series and the location was “Berlin, Germany”.  The place where Katniss Everdeen and her crew were fighting against Mr. Snow’s troops. 

No. 8 

Once again in “Dark” with another place, but the location was the same “Potsdam, Germany”. 

No. 9 

The movie was “Spiderman” and the location was “Berlin, Germany”. This scene was with Tom Holland. This place was located in front of the Brandenburger Tor at the Pariser Platz. And Peter (Tom Holland) was taking a selfie here. 

No. 10 

The movie was “Tenet” and the place used was “Amalfi/Italy”. This scene was with Elizabeth Debicki and Jhon David Washington. 

No. 11 

“James Bond” does not need any introduction. This movie was shooted in “Venice, Italy”. This movie and star do not need any introduction. Robin said it was so exciting, taking a picture from James Bond and recreate it.

No. 12 

The movie was “Letters To Juliet” and the location was In “Siena/Italy”. This scene was with Amanda Seyfried and Christopher Egan.

No. 13 

A beautiful scene from the movie named “Eat Pray Love”. This movie was shooted in “Rome, Italy”. This scene was with Julia Roberts as Elizabeth Gilbert.

No. 14 

The movie was “Jerks” and the location was “Potsdam, Germany”. This scene was with Nora Tschirner and Christain Ulmen.

No. 15 

Once again “Tenet” and location was also same “Amalfi, Italy”. 

No. 16 

Again the movie was “Eat Pray Love” and the location was “Rome, Italy”.

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No. 18 : D

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