The Most Disappointing Tourist Traps Around The World Shared By Peoples

by heatfeed

When you think of a holiday or tour you are imagining a beautiful place, pleasant weather, and most importantly a peaceful mind. These are three points you must consider when you are planning a holiday.

Then the other factors like hotels, food, and luxuries come later.

But what if the top-rated tourist spot you’re dying to visit is lacking all these three points?

What if after reaching your dream place you realized that it only looks better in your dreams. 

Imagine spending your whole savings just to get into a trap where you can’t even move because the place was overcrowded. It feels so painful. Right?

So read this article before you make such a mistake, that other people who visited your Dreamland before you.

Let’s dive into this article to save both money and time.

The glass bridge over the grand canyon.

Total wastage of time and money type of tourist spot. The glass bridge, you wanted to walk on for so long. 

It also takes so long to reach the bridge. 

And moreover, more than your efforts it took a lot of money. From Vegas, it took almost a day to reach there.

You have to pay around 20 dollars to go to the dessert, then 30 more dollars for each person to get the bus to the place.

Again, they charge you 30 dollars if you want to walk on that bridge. And the worst thing ever, you can’t take pictures of yourself while walking.

They took their pictures (not for free, of course). They charge you for each picture.

Last but not the least, after all this bullshit, you have to pay a lot more dollars to eat at their overpriced restaurants. And if you do not want to eat there, you have to come back to Vagas, spending the same hours.

If you still want to visit this place, then best of luck buddy.

The Dead Sea:

The Dead Sea, God knows who gave that place this name but one thing we are sure about is that the dead sea wants to see you dead. 

It’s too hot. In fact, the temperature is far more than that, like 115°F. In this hot atmosphere the only thing you want to do is to dive into the cool water of the sea, right?

If yes, then read it further, please.

First, they will ask you to use their spa and pay (only a trap to get money).

After that, you have to sit in a wagon to go to the shore. On this burning hot day, there is no air around. 

As you reach the shore, the actual torture began. That salty burning beach burns every part of your body, especially the delicate ones. Then, thanks to the boiling water of the dead sea, you can rinse off the salt but the salty water goes deep in your skin. And a lot more torture after coming out.

Simply, not a good point to visit.

The Taj Mahal (Agra):

Much more costly than all other visiting points in India. Additionally, overcrowded to seek peace and pleasure. If you want to take a few pictures here then you can go there otherwise it is a waste of time to visit.

The Mona Lisa:

Many of us dream of visiting the Louvre and seeing the Mona Lisa once in our lifetime. But, look at the painting, it is too tiny you can barely see her clearly from where you got a place to stand.

This is just an overrated piece of art and nothing.

Disney Parks:

Again an overcrowded and overpriced place, you go there to take rides, but you can hardly enjoy 4 to 5 if you are lucky. Otherwise, better luck next time.

Moreover, it is too costly to eat something.

Sydney Opera House:

It is so expensive to get a tour of the Sydney Opera House. But inside this everything is just normal.

It’s better to visit around it, everything is beautiful and free of cost.

The Liberty Bell:

Another overrated tourist trap, you have to spend many hours in line just to see a bell. Is it worth it to spend hours in a line just to see a simple old bell??

Madame Tussauds in London:

London is so beautiful to see everything, then why would someone waste time standing in a line for hours just to see a standing Justin Bieber (statue)??

The London Eye

Yes, The London Eye, the dream of every visitor to London to ride it once. Seems like such a beautiful experience. But in actuality, it is a nightmare. 

A glass cabin filled with sweaty travelers from all around the world trying to squeeze you to reach the window. The worst thing is you have to pay a lot of money to just bear this thing for 45 minutes.

Pyramids of Giza:

No doubt, the place is beautiful but the residents around there are really aggressive. That can turn your tour into a living nightmare.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa:

The leaning tower, no offense, it is a beautiful place but then what? You only took a few pictures with this and your charm will be over. Nothing else to do except sit and watch the tower.

Romeo and Juliet’s balcony in Verona:

This place belongs to the most romantic love story, Romeo and Juliet. Many people go there only to see this balcony. 

Thousands of people are standing here in a tiny place and staring at the balcony like Juliet came out from her room and will say hi to all.

Takeshita Street in Harajuku (Tokyo):

This is a street in Tokyo, as you can see one can not ever move his/her elbow without the sacrifice of the other. Yes, the other person around you has to shrink their bodies if you want to move.

Another extremely overrated place.

Final words:

Try to save your time and money by believing in the experience of the visitor. But still, if you want to visit any of the above-mentioned places, please share your honest review with others to save their time. Enjoy your tour!