15 Most Absurd Creations You Can’t Imagine!

by Tashia J. Hansen

In this world, there are a lot of inspiring and worth-watching designs that people admire so much. But on the other hand, some have made the worst designs that we can’t even give them a second glance at.

Such people’s point of view regarding designs has been so poor that they are good to be called the most “ugly ones”. Their poor choice of designs has given birth to the most absurd things.

There is an Instagram account that collects all the pictures of ugly and unattractive designs and here are a few chunks of them; 

1. Something’s cooking:

A picture of a restaurant counter that is both unique and traditional has gone viral on social media. On this bill counter, the manager is shown sitting in a pot on what looks like a stove.

If one sees this picture it seems like the man is going to be fried very soon. Indeed, he’s very embarrassed by his job and this counter is a good example of an ugly creation. 

2. Rainbow sock heels:

There are many fashion designs in the world that are so unsightly that we can’t see them even for a few seconds. Here is a good example of an ugly fashion design that women will hate the most. 

3. Nasty slippers:

These sandals are the most disgusting footwear we have ever seen. These slippers look like an ugly frog, a disgusting lizard, or an ugly mouse. Whatever it is, indeed it’s super ugly.

4. Pizza lovers:

Nothing could be grosser than this. This is the most ill-favored dress in the world for sure. I can say without any doubt that pizza lovers are going to hate pizza after seeing this picture.

Pizza is always the answer, no matter what the question is. What do you want to eat for dinner? What should we eat between meals? What should we eat after a few drinks late at night? This year for Halloween, what should we dress up as?

Pizza costumes are available for families, dogs, kids, couples, or just you. On Halloween, you don’t have to walk around with a real pizza, but it’s encouraged. Once you’ve decided on a costume, check out the rest of our Halloween party and food ideas, as well as tips for having a safe party at home.

A pizza wedding dress is the most interesting thing about that package. The dress has a long, elegant train like a bridal gown, but instead of being pure white, it has a print of a pepperoni pizza with a thick crust around the edge.

Nice. The dress comes with a pizza bouquet that matches, and the bride and groom will also get a six-tier pizza cake to eat… It doesn’t get any sweeter or more romantic than that.

If you’re wondering what kind of crazy, in-love people would want such a wedding package, you can bet it would be a couple who eats pizza at least four times a week.

But even people who aren’t vain but are short on cash might want to enter the contest because the wedding package also includes a honeymoon trip to Chicago. Isn’t that dress starting to look a little less awful?

5. Ouch! :

If you want to take an act of revenge on your enemy, this is the perfect thing for your revenge. All you need to do is to invite your enemy to a tea party and pour the tea in this cup!

6. Bag-gator:

If you want your bag to be safe from thieves and snatchers, this is the best hack for that. No one is going to get near your bag for sure! This is indeed an ugly as well as a clever handbag design. But don’t forget to put this bag away from you before going to sleep!

7. DVD Woman:

This lady is surely going to receive a lot of hate after wearing this outfit. All the women outside are going to curse her and her dress design. Maybe, she has utilized all the useless CDs in her house to make this very own dress, but it still seems UGLY! I wish I could -at least- burn that CD crown!

We’re used to seeing strange clothes on runway models, and our usual response is “It’s fashion, baby!” But sometimes even regular shops sell strange clothes that you can wear every day. Are they going way too far with fashion trends?

8. Weirdo sneakers: 

What was the actual reason for inventing this thing?! It seems like they were invented for Tweety or I guess the alien from the other planet is going to wear this for sure. A normal human being cannot wear this in public if he belongs to the planet Earth.

Men’s sneakers, including some that are very out-there, have been one of the fastest-growing categories at Saks Fifth Avenue for the past few years. “Extreme colors are selling just as well as clean white or black sneakers,” said Louis DiGiacomo, a senior vice president at Saks.

He pointed to Christian Louboutin’s $3,195 high-tops with sequins that look like Liberace as an example of a popular style. Jonah Weiner, co-creator of the popular men’s fashion newsletter Blackbird Spyplane, compared this “extravagant sneaker mania” to the “funky tie wave” of the 1980s when businessmen wore wacky neckwear even though they were usually very conservative.

Disorganized sneakers fill the same role in today’s more casual world. “It’s where the craziest and most outlandish designs can sneak in, and a customer who doesn’t think of himself as a fashion risk-taker might let himself get a little crazier.”

9. Barbie couch:

I am pretty sure that this couch has been invented for a Barbie in real life. Is that a table or lipstick? The color contrast and the purse-shaped couch look pretty ugly too!

10. Aquarium table:

I can’t even imagine how they are going to focus on the tasks done over that table. Also, there was no use in putting fish under a table! Indeed it’s an unpleasant and grisly thing to see and have.

11. Cap chair:

It seems quite creative but one must not have invented this because no one is going to use this chair to sit upon. This soda cap chair seems super hurting and absurd. 

Furniture is always made with the person who will be using it in mind and needs to be comfortable, but the Capped Out Chair by BRC Designs is both useful and very different from anything else on the market.

This chair is one of a kind because it is made out of only bottle caps. Standard twist ties are used to keep the bottle caps together. The chair is made almost entirely of recycled steel, so comfort, safety, and security are always at the top of the list for the Capped Out Chair.

The caps have a white powder coating to make them last longer and give the piece a more finished look. This chair looks great and is good for the environment, so buying it is a win-win situation.

12. Lamp in your brain:

These statues are extremely beautiful but the lamps over their heads make them extremely ugly. From where on earth did they get the idea of making these lamps?! I feel empathetic towards those petty statues.

13. Tangled jeans:

If someone is going to give me a million dollars, even then I am not going to take these jeans for sure! That is the most hilarious, grotesque, and sickening thing I have ever seen! People are going to curse the creator of this design.

14. Feet-bed:

If you are thinking of sleeping over this kind of bed, then you are surely going to get nightmares!

15. Cigarette curtains:

The owner of this house surely runs a cigarette factory. Caution! Smoking is injurious to our health. 

The way the eyelets are placed also makes them look like they are making waves. This makes it look like you are looking at ten vertical cylinders instead of a set of curtains.

On Thursday morning, Twitter user Wendy Smith posted a picture of the curtains with the caption, “Why did Argos make curtains that look like JPS super kings?”

The post has gotten a lot of likes and comments, and a lot of people agree with her. One person wrote, “They will definitely light up the room!”

Another said, “Imagine trying to stop smoking and having to look at them all day.” A third person said that the set is actually “cheaper than a pack of Superkings.”