10 Brutally Honest Postpartum Photos of New Moms celebrating their New Bodies

by Helen C. Forrester

When kids go through puberty, people warn them about the changes they’ll have to face. We tell them that their bodies will start to change and that it is totally natural and they are beautiful no matter what. However, when new mothers go through these changes, they are not offered the same comforts or affirmation. We live in a society that tells women to accept their new bodies, stretch marks, and the shift to adulthood, but they often hear that they need to fight these changes and get back to their usual figure as soon as possible. 

Luckily, that is changing with time. Now, these new moms are being brutally honest and opening up about their journey. Yes, motherhood causes great changes in a women’s body, but we need to remember that these changes are beautiful. 

Pregnancy makes people believe that miracles do exist in real life and a women’s ability to nurture and grow an entirely new life inside her body stands as a testament to their tenacity, beauty, power, and strength. 

The Instagram account @takebackpostpartum celebrated the beautiful journey of motherhood and sharing their stories with the public. All of these posts are refreshingly real and exactly what people need to see in 2021! 

Keeping it super real: 

If you thought that having a newborn is all butterflies and rainbows then trust me when I say that you’re wrong. Your body will be going through tremendous changes, which won’t be getting back to normal any time soon, but hey, that’s completely fine- you have created a human being! 

Are babies the new accessory? 

This beautiful mom gave birth to triplets! That also triples the amount of work. Well, it’s clever how she managed to go to the grocery store wearing all of her newborns on her chest. 

Women are so strong: 

We need to remember that post-partum anxiety and sadness are extremely real and they can completely drain a women’s physical and psychological health. Women are very strong, they try to be compassionate to themselves, which is even more powerful. 

The Emotional Toll: 

Giving birth to a child can be very exhausting, not to mention the emotional toll it takes on a mother’s health. This photograph is both heart-wrenching and incredibly powerful. You need to know that you are not alone. 

Being a first-time parent isn’t easy: 

If you are a first-time parent, chances are it is going to involve a lot of tears. Post-partum depression and anxiety are very real and we all need to be supportive to the new moms. In this photograph, you can clearly see all the emotions this new mom is going through.

Turning stretch marks into art! 

This new mom was left with many stretch marks and scars after she gave birth to her baby. But, instead of being ashamed of them or hiding them, she decided to celebrate this beautiful chapter in her life by turning them into a beautiful piece of art i.e. tattoos. 

Parenting can be glamorous! 

Parenting is anything but glamorous, but it sure is rewarding. Acceptance is key to start the new chapter of motherhood. This new mom decided to show how parenting is never sugar and rainbows. Just look at that smile! 

She is a warrior: 

This mother is definitely a superhero. Not only did she give birth to 3 kids but she is also a cancer survivor and amputee. In this photo, you can see her scars that not display the proof of her battle, but also tell the wondrous story of womanhood.  Learning to be compassionate and loving towards one’s own self can be quite difficult at times, but this new mom is surely trying to overcome that. 

Changes are beautiful: 

When women grow an entire human being inside of their bodies, their physic is bound to change and get scars. Those scars and stretch marks not only represent the beauty of motherhood but also show how strong women really are. You need to understand that these “flaws” are perfect and beautiful in so many ways. Why must we always see faults in a vessel that has given us so much? 


Society tells women how their bodies should look like and give us an unrealistic standard of beauty that is merely impossible to achieve. Why did anyone make it okay for someone to tell us how OUR bodies need to look like? When did it become okay to give up on being raw, rare, and unique? This woman grew 10 fetuses in her womb while sadly only 4 were born alive. Despite the tragedy, this mother has an extremely inspiring outlook on life. 

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