Mom on Tiktok went Viral with 4.2M views when she shared the 3 things she never says to her children!

by heatfeed

Some people are readier than others to become parents and some just possess more knowledge on how to raise their kids physically and psychologically in the healthiest way possible. But hey, it’s never too late to learn the right ways to treat your growing kids, and lucky for you, there are plenty of free resources online and other parents who are happy to share what they have learned in parenthood and their experiences over the years. 

One of those happy parents is a single mom named Destini Ann who makes Tiktok Videos on healthy and positive parenting. Her Tiktok videos are becoming quite popular nowadays due to her charismatic personality and soft speaking, but one video particularly received the most views and went viral in which she tells her audience the 3 things she never says to her kids because of their negative impact on a child’s mind. 

A mom on Tiktok who has 1.1M followers went viral once again! 

Destini Ann is a single mother that practices positive parenting in real life and shares her knowledge and experiences with other people on Tiktok. She has covered several topics in her videos that new parents want to hear about. She has over 1.1 Million followers on Tiktok and there, she holds classes, does live sessions, and conducts Q & As that people can easily sign up for via Patreon. 

This is not the first time this single mom has gone viral with her creative videos, however, one of the recent ones that got viral was about the 3 main things she never says to her kids, or at least tries hard not to say them. Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes but growing, learning, and becoming each day is what life is all about! 

Her viral Tiktok video was watched by more than 4.2 million times and has 1.2 likes, so we think that people sound this single mom’s advice pretty valuable. In this regard, we reached out personally to a Clinical Psychologists and they told us that they would fully endorse all; the facts stated in the video. 

Destini stated that she never uses her position as a parent or an adult as the only reason her children should listen to her: 

The first thing which Destini Ann stated in her video was that she tries not to tell her children in an argument that she is an adult or she is bigger so they should always listen to her. 

The single mother explains further that parents should not belittle their kids in order to make them obey. They should not always establish authority by relying on family roles and age differences. Parents need to reassure their children that they have their best interests at heart when asking their kids to do something. They should avoid telling their children that they are right just because they have more experience or they have better decision-making skills. 

She doesn’t order her kids to stop crying and instead focuses on how she can help to remove the reason why her children are crying: 

The second thing which she mentioned in her viral Tiktok video is that how she never tells her children to just “Stop Crying!” Honestly, how does that ever work, even for adults? Usually, there is a reason behind them crying even if the person who is tearing up doesn’t realize it. 

The Tiktoker mom suggests to the people that instead of demanding your kids to just stop crying harshly, try being a little more sensitive and ask them what was it that made them cry, or even better, ask them what you ‘as a parent can do to help them feel better. She further explained that it is far better to focus on how to solve the problem that caused them to cry rather than the problem itself. 

Destini advised other parents to appreciate their kid’s work and show them that they are proud rather than just saying remarks like “Good Job”: 

The last thing that Destini Ann mentioned in the video is how she tries to avoid saying remarks like “Good Job”. It’s just generic and after a while, it is more likely to lose its impact and meaning. 

The better way to compliment and appreciate your child’s efforts in something is to focus on the specifics first, for example, mentioning the precise thing that made you feel proud. According to the single mom, it develops a stronger relationship between the children and their parents because it shows the little ones that their parents are actually paying attention to their little efforts and not just sidelining them. 

What did you think about Destini Ann’s viral Tiktok video and her approach to parenting? Maybe there are a few more things that parents say to their little ones but shouldn’t really say so? If you got some in mind then let us know in the comment section below!