Moguls Of Horology: 6 Of The Most Iconic Luxury Watches In History

by heatfeed

You may have asked yourself before, “Why should I buy it?” However, the real question lies in the reason for asking.

Why wouldn’t you buy a watch in the first place? It’s a piece of artistic genius, and nothing speaks louder about class than a beautiful chronograph strapped to your wrist.

The only constant in this world is time and having the pleasure of owning a piece of art that reminds you of its beauty is a fantastic way to start your day.

The greatest minds in history all share the same respect for time because of how it binds every human being. These are some of the most quintessential creations in the watchmaking industry.

Breguet Classique

Breguet is a company considered one of the progenitors of timekeeping that are meant for nobility or royalty.

There is historical significance in wearing a watch from this household name because Abraham-Louis Breguet has just, quite simply, created watches that participated in significant periods of world history.

If you hear commonly of watches consisting of Breguet hands, a spiral Breguet, and a tourbillon, that is because of the Breguet organization’s legendary efforts.

While there are different models and timelines for these timepieces, the Classique fits the notion that appreciating the company and its history needs to be celebrated with a watch representative of that.

Tag Heuer Monaco

A timepiece that wears many faces but of all the limited-edition releases, the rich, blue denim dial, dual chronograph subdials, and crimson red hands are by far the most favorite iteration. This colorway is meant to achieve that Steve McQueen look and has done it with style.

The actor that wore a Monaco in his character for the 1971 film “Le Mans” transcended the timepiece to legendary fame.

There is little argument as to why, but it is merely because this watch was worth celebrating if you didn’t know. A robust Caliber 11 movement, 40-hour power reserve, and 100-meter water resistance made this piece the envy of everyone.

IWC Portugieser Chronograph

The Portugieser is one of the more minimalistic designs on this list and the most mysteriously enticing piece that has been a Swiss beauty since its creation. It has a silver-plated dial, circled by a clear and functional scale.

The sleek Feuille hands tick seamlessly around a ring of easily recognized Arabic numerals along with the thin bezel, keeping this watch surprisingly compact and breathtaking at the same time.

The heart of the Portugieser Chronograph is run by an IWC-manufactured 69355 Caliber and is flawless for the most part.

As durable and precise as it is, the chronograph comes in at 41mm, a perfect size fitting any wrist, which adds to its reliability and practicality.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

An easily recognizable watch is the Royal Oak from Audemars Piguet; while rich in culture and history, the octagonal design is essentially a monument in its watchmaking industry.

It is cast in stainless steel, is glare-proof, and has a durable screw-locked crown.

The dial is blue with Grande Tapisserrie detailing and markers decorated with white gold but comes second only to the signature luminescent Royal Oak hands.

A one-of-a-kind marvel of horology, you will turn heads for years and years to come with this timepiece.

Patek Philippe Calatrava

Where do you draw the line between refinement and horology? You get a Patek Philippe, of course. The company has been creating masterpieces since 1932, and that’s a clean record of nothing but pure artistry.

No one will argue that the elegance of a round dial, a silver opaline dial, and gold hour markers makes for one outstanding wristwatch. 

Located inside the Calatrava is a mechanically-wound 215 PS movement that is a legend among watch mechanics. The yellow gold enclosure that houses this is machined to perfection and honed for decades.

The brown leather alligator strap gives the wearer a sophisticated color contrast to the metals used—a truly magnificent piece of art.

A. Lange & Söhne Lange 1

It is perhaps the most iconic and visually striking piece on this list, and the Lange 1 hit home runs in watchmaking history when it was created. The combination of traditional elements from Saxon watchmaking and the unique dial make for a perfect heritage example.

The Lange 1 also follows a unique design where the displays come together to form an isosceles triangle.

This is also paired with Lange’s outsized date innovation, making it one of the most decorated watches in the last couple of decades.

A famous iteration of the Lange 1 is the 2015 Platinum model with a pure silver dial partnered with rhodium gold hands.


For enthusiasts, horologists, and fans, there will never be one watch to rule them all. Still, with the determination of watchmakers around the world and in our history books, there might be a small group of timepieces that will stamp its legacy firmly in our memories.

The choice is yours to make if you have the budget and the resources to procure one of these exotics super-watches.