🔬 Microscope Emoji

by Emilia

Emoji  Meaning: 

Microscope emoji🔬 is a silvery-grey microscope with a solid arm and base, fitted with a black eyepiece at the top, which leads into a tube to produce the object lens. On the base is a black stage. “Microbe” is an emoji that denotes the use of a magnifying device for examining small objects and living organisms. Therefore, it could be used to denote expansion or a sensation of blowing things out of/in proportion.


Unicode 6.0 approved the inclusion of the microscope in 2010, and Emoji 1.0 added it in 2015.

Microscope Emoji

Other Names

🔬 Compound Microscope

🔬 Microscopic View

🔬 Magnification

🔬 Blowing Out of Proportion

🔬 Simple Microscope

🔬 Magnify

🔬 Science




:microscope: (Github, Slack)

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