Steps to calibrate and maintain your Smartphone for optimal performance

by heatfeed
maintain your Smartphone for optimal performance

Smartphones in the modern era are embedded with massively fast processors and even jaw-dropping features, which have changed the meaning of our lives.

Due to the highly competitive smartphone segment, phone makers have indulged in virtual combat against rival companies in making the most advanced phones in the market. 

But as the advancements in technology are increasing, simultaneously, the needs of the tech-savvy community are also gradually increasing. This has not only caused wear and tear on smartphones but has drastically affected their optimal performing proficiencies.

This issue has not prevailed in the latest IOS products as Apple management uses the most refined and effective technologies in their composition. 

The lag in performance generally occurs in Android phones, which succumb to the pressure of malicious software, and the overloading of massive apps on the phone.

People may often lead towards enhancing the RAM sizes of their phones, which might help for some time, but eventually, the malicious software and lack of software updates would take a toll on the smooth running of the smartphone.

Thus, it is crucial to make sure that your phone is not bulging up reckless apps and also avoid the use of notorious apps, which are prominently the reason for ingesting viruses in Android phones. 

What are the benefits of calibration and proper maintenance of your phone

Smooth running

Android phones tend to get drastically affected by the overuse of many apps simultaneously, which eventually leads to the downfall of the software embedded in the phone.

Thus, the lag in the system would halt the smooth running of your phone, and if negligence is shown, you may have to pay much more for the repair charges of the phone.

Enhance the performance of your smartphone

There are various revolutionary methods of calibration and even manual precautions that can easily enhance the performance of your phones.

You would certainly experience the rapid functioning of various apps on your smartphone, flawless functioning of various essential elements like a sensor, battery life, and camera proficiencies would receive a massive boost as well.

Save you loads of money

If you are properly analyzing the performance of your smartphone, you will save a lot of maintenance costs during the process. An Android phone may easily cost a massive amount of money if the system gets aborted.

Thus, to save yourself from the financial setback, it is crucial to calibrate and maintain your phone, which would enhance the productivity of your advanced smartphone.

Enhances resale value

keeping your smartphone in ideal conditions both externally as well internally would do wonders in enhancing the resale value of the phone.

Every person, while buying a used phone, generally gets it evaluated by an expert. Thus it would certainly be quite difficult for you to get an adequate amount for your phone.

How to calibrate and maintain your smartphone for optimal performance

Latest software updates

This is the pivotal reason which causes a huge backlash to the functioning of your phone. As highly refined and massively sized apps find it difficult to deal with outdated software functions, it usually results in a drastic collapse in the performance of your smartphones.

Thus, always strive towards the latest software update which would be compatible with the carrier of your smartphone. The latest software update would manage a load of various apps on the smartphone with ease.

Delete unwanted and reckless apps

Your phone might seem to have 64 GB or 128 GB storage, but generally, android phones are not able to sustain the pressure of simultaneously operating many apps at a time.

Thus, it becomes crucial to eliminate the reckless apps which are used quite rarely by you. This would eventually enhance the performance of your phone in other aspects.

The most vital reason why people prefer IOS over Android is that Appstore only possesses highly refined and proactive apps which doesn’t encourage any malicious virus into the system.

But Android doesn’t provide exclusively compatible apps, and therefore the smartphone is not able to maintain its optimal performance.

Use performance-enhancing boosters

There are various apps available on the Google play store, which are embedded with certain specifications and proficiencies enabling optimal performance of your phone in various aspects.

These apps maintain a constant check on the data used while operating distinct apps. Thus it becomes easy for the user to evaluate what is causing the smartphone’s depleted performance.

These apps eventually result in extracting out the unnecessary apps which may ingest bugs in the smartphone’s system.


It is just like enhancing the performance limits of the Smartphone; it can also be claimed as customizing your phone for advanced performance, which in the case of smartphones is known as throttling. OEMs on the phone usually cease the performance of the phone and puts a barrier to the limits.

But overclocking accompanied by the rooting of the phone may significantly assist the phone in churning out the best processor performance.

As most phone function quite differently from each other, a skilled operator may find various queries on the internet and make way for step by step process of rooting and overclocking the phone’s specifications.

But it is also crucial to understand that the “throttling” is causing the phone to heat up quickly as this would also lead to brutal consequences.

Thus, keep a check on the physical conditions of the hardware and use various apps on the phone appropriately.

Removal of bloatware apps

In most carrier-locked devices, the service provider often ingests many unwanted apps on the phone, which may recklessly halt the smooth functioning of the phone.

Rooting also plays a crucial role in this process, rather than only assisting in enhancing the performance through overclocking, rooting may also evaluate the bloatware apps and help the user to uninstall them.

Rooting helps in downloading an app that helps in detecting which bloatware app is malfunctioning and causing hassles in the smooth process of the system.

Rooting gives you the privilege of being the administrator which helps you to decide which bloatware should be deleted from the Smartphone manually.

Factory data reset

This is used in the worst-case scenario as when you use the phone for years it gets loaded with malicious software and lethal files which may possess viruses or other lethal issues.

But factory rest would result in completely revamping the device’s functioning.

But it is crucial to save all your essential data through backup data in the settings. You may also consult advice from a veteran phone operator who would help you in this cause.

You also need to remember the unlocking password, as, after the factory reset, the only password that can open the phone.