Maintain Your PMI PMP Badge with Dumps – Understand Renewal Requirements

by heatfeed

Earning the PMI PMP badge is a big task and it takes a lot to get hold of it. A high fee, a lot of studies, great competency in key concepts, and long study hours are some of the hard work that this credential demands from the aspirant. So, would you like to see it waste away after 3 years? Of, course not. But it’s likely to happen if you don’t pay attention to the credential renewal requirements and take appropriate steps before the validity of the PMP certification ends. This article throws lights on this aspect of the PMI PMP Certification Exam Online no one talks about.

For How Long PMP Is Valid?

Once earned, the PMP badge is valid for three consecutive years. The PMI offers Continuing Certification Requirements or CCR renewal programs for PMP holders using which they can extend the validity of this prestigious credential for another three years. However, it’s important that a Certbolt Training must finish off the renewal procedure before the third anniversary of this badge ends. If it’s ignored, the PMP credential will be suspended for one year and no longer be valid.

How to Find out Validity of Your PMP Badge?

Your PMP certification becomes valid from the day you pass the related assessment. After that, your first CCR cycle begins, which lasts for three years.

What Is All You Need to Do to Maintain Validity of Your Certification?

To maintain the validity of your PMP credential, a candidate must earn 60 PDUs (Professional Development Units) that can be earned through special activities, where a PMP holder spends learning, teaching others, or volunteering for the Certbolt PMI PMP Practice Test Exam Questions . Usually, PDUs are divided into two categories:

  • Education PDUs – Under this category, a candidate can earn a maximum of 35 PDUs by indulging in the below-mentioned activities:
  • Organizing meetings;
  • Attending other classroom or training course;
  • Digital media;
  • Reading project management books/blogs/articles;
  • PMI PMP Certification Practice Test 
  • Giving Back PDUs – This section involves activities that demand to share knowledge with others. The maximum PDUs that a candidate can earn under this category are 25. Thus, to acquire such PDUs, you must:

Along with completing these PDUs, a candidate must as well apply for the certification renewal which is available on the PMI member login portal. But what if you didn’t manage to earn the above-mentioned PDUs under the said timeline? Well, in this case, you will have to reapply for the PMP exam, pay the fee, appear for your test, and hopefully, pass it. In a nutshell, you will have to put all the effort once again to earn the PMP credential.

Pass PMP Exam Easily with Dumps

Whether you’re appearing for the PMP test first or retaking it after its expiry, taking the help of dumps is always suggested. Updated dumps from trusted platforms contain verified and dually-checked questions and answers of the previous PMP assessments. Referring to them enables a candidate to delve deeper into the key concepts of this exam in a short period.

Concluding Words

No one wants to waste his/her time, efforts, and money that earning the PMI PMP badge demands. Hence, knowing the renewal requirements and fulfilling them is necessary to reinstate your Project Management Certification Training Exam . However, it doesn’t matter if you start your PMP journey or try to maintain the existing accreditation, reliable dumps will also help you facilitate either of the processes. Good luck!